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      Mercury/Toxic Metals are documented to be a common cause of  over 30 chronic health conditions , and thousands of people with such conditions have been documented to recover or significantly improve after amalgam replacement.  Mercury is documented by thousands of peer-reviewed studies referenced on this site to be cytotoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic , endocrine disrupting, reproductive toxin, and to block or inhibit most essential enzymatic processes at very low levels of exposure. 

       Mercury is documented to be the most toxic substance people are commonly exposed to at levels known to cause significant adverse health effects. In surveys of people throughout the U.S., over 22% of people tested had dangerous levels of mercury body burden, and over 30% in several states.    Dental amalgam  is documented to be the largest source of mercury in most people who have several amalgam fillings (or metal crowns over amalgam), and also to be the largest source of mercury in  sewers and sewer sludge , thus a major source of mercury in water bodies, fish, and the  environment .


I.  DAMS Organization and Mercury Fact Sheet Page/ with info on tests and treatment

II.  DAMS Amalgam Mercury Connection to Chronic Conditions  Page

III.  Mercury/Toxic Metals Connection to Childrenís Neurological Conditions


IV. The following document the Connection to Chronic Conditions- 

causes, mechanisms of causality, Treatments that help, etc.   (click on link you want to go to) 

Common exposure levels from amalgam dental fillings



ALS (Lou Gerhigís Disease)

Parkinsonís Disease

Prevention and Treatment of Autoimmune Conditions

Immune Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia


Endocrine Conditions

Periodontal/Oral Conditions

Oral Lichen Planus/Amalgam

Eye Conditions

Recovery from Eye Conditions

Conditions caused by  mercury blocking opioid peptides  in milk or grains:  autism , ADHD, MS, etc.

ADHD and Learning Disabilities


Inflammatory and Allergic Conditions

Leaky Gut Related Conditions( Chronís, IBS, Celiac, Colitis, etc.)

Results of over 60,000 cases of Amalgam Replacement

Cases of recovery from mercury toxicity

Percentage recovering from various conditions after amalgam replacement

Violence and Juvenile Delinquency -connection to toxic metal exposures

Dental Professional Exposure and Adverse Effects

Galvanic Effects of Dental Amalgam

Jawbone Cavitations

Root canal and cavitation effects

Oral Infection Focal Systemic Effects

Susceptibility Factors in Mercury Toxicity Effects

Maine Dental Office Amalgam Separator Bill

  The   Sordid, Deceptive History of Dental Amalgam Use


FDA Amalgam Docket

Scientific/Medical Studies submitted to FDA

List of Scientific/Medical Studies submitted by all parties to FDA

Summary of Findings of Articles submitted to FDA

Review of ADA science articles submitted to FDA



Childrenís Neurological Condition Page

Autism and Other Childhood Conditions

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Autism Case Histories

Effects of toxic prenatal and neonatal exposures : vaccines, motherís amalgams, etc.


Endocrine Disruptors Page

EMF Effects




Mercury in Fish: Incidence and Effects

Mercury in Fish:  Florida


  Toxic Metals Other than Mercury

Toxic Effects   

Toxic Metals Exposure & Effects   (& chelators)

Arsenic Toxic Effects

Childrenís Neurological Effects of Arsenic:  Cases



Medical Issues

Adverse Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Doctor Mistakes

Adverse Effects of Prescription Drugs

Review of bad Clarkson/Myers article on amalgam in NEJM

Review of poorly done Seychelles Mercury Study

Review of Childrenís Amalgam Studies

Childrenís Amalgam Trials

Review of Poorly Done Testimony of Robert Baratz  ( Quackwatch&HCAHF )

Review of Robert Barartz testimony  before Florida Dental Board by 2 experienced Chemistry Professors

EDTA Chelation Experience


DAMS organizational page

Childrenís Neurological Condition page



Disclaimer:  The information on this page is based on research evidence and generally cites peer-reviewed 

and   clinical studies supporting statements, as per cite. The supporting evidence should be reviewed for

credibility, and before acting on any treatment option that the evidence might seem to support, an individual

should   seek out competent formal and individual medical advise .