†††††††††† This has some actual documentation/test results on the arsenic problem in Florida and other southeastern states.†† The statements some have been making about the safety of arsenic in soil and treated wood are in error, as as been well documented in clinical experience and the medical literature.†† Arsenic is very neurotoxic and is affecting a lot of kids, including a lot in Florida who get it from soil and treated wood products.Arsenic is a major factor in many thousands of cases of neurological condtions such as ADD, autism, dyslexia, learning disabilties, etc. (along with mercury, lead, nickel, aluminum, etc.) which have been documented by the Federal Govít to be affecting millions of children.††† The following are actual clinical cases of children with major neurological conditions caused by arsenic along with other toxic metals in some cases from a sample of 50 children with austism or other pervasive developmental disorders(PDD) treated by a doctor treating my son for this.††

Documentation on the millions of cases similar to this in the U.S. and thousands in Florida can be found at my web site:††††††††† www.flcv.com//tmlbn.html ††††††

†††††††††††††††††††††††† and†††††††††††††††††† www.ewg.org/reports/poisonedplaygrounds/capr.html


Dr. Amy Holmes and Dr. Cynthia Cave†† Austism Treatment Center -testing and treating over 400kids with autism or similar neurological toxic related developmental disabilities, including ADHD-†††††††††††† Baton Rouge, La.


The bad news is that there is a huge increase in childhood conditions like autism and ADD.††††† the good news is that autism is reallylookinglike a neurotoxic problem, with all the other *** biochemical problems secondary to the presence of the toxins.This is good news because†††† ***

this is something we have a chance of fixing.††† And it appears that, if you can get these toxins out at a reasonably early age, the child can be "indistinguishable from his peers".†††††† Mercury looks like it is usually the biggest problem, but, it doesn't look likemost cases are purely mercury and mercury alone.There are some other heavy metals that play a big part, both by themselves and by (horrors of all horrors) potentiating the toxicity of mercury (synergistic effects) .For example antimony is almostalways extremely high, with arsenic, lead, cadmium sometimes high, and**

we are also finding solvents like hexane or xylene or organochlorines or such as benzene to be sometimes high.



We have a little over 300 autistic kids in the practice.I am at home, so I don't have any of the charts handy, but I will give it a try giving you the most typical picture I see:

1. Hair (Toxic Metals)

very high antimony ‑ almost universal

high aluminum

high arsenic†††††††††††††††† ****************

high‑normal to high cadmium

high‑normal to high lead

slightly high mercury

the others are not consistently high or normal or low.


Here's an example (I have a couple I brought home to go over the

results prior to seeing the parents back)

5 y/o WM

Hair ‑ Doctor's Data(ref range ‑ 68th pctile in parentheses)

aluminum 11 (<8)

antimony 1.506 (<0.066)

arsenic 0.16 (<0.08)†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ******************

beryllium <0.01 (<0.02)

bismuth 0.48 (<0.13)

cadmium 0.077 (<0.15)

lead 1.12 (<1)

mercury 0.43 (<0.4)

titanium 1.3 (<1)


†††††††††††††††††††† another autism case

†† Mother†††††† Cindy(Cary, NC) persistentC@bigfoot.com


Urine Toxic Elements Test Results (Sept. 15, 2000)

(per gram of creatinine)††† Arsenic 71 (0 ‑ 100)†††† down from 120 one month before††††††††††† ***


another case:††††††††† In hair, my son on the spectrum was high for tin, lead, arsenic, silver, aluminum,cadmium, and titanium

Allison†††††† Plant <aplant@gte.net>


I just got my son's hair analysis results and his urine challenge test results back.†††††††††††††† ††

> His hair showed elevated (above 68th %) on aluminum, arsenic and tin, and††††††† ****

> above 95th% on antimony.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Howard D Bogert <howard78@juno.com>


arsenic††††††††† 0.115††††† range 0‑0.1†††††††††††† Mother: Susan K††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ***


Arsenic is at 110 ug/g (slightly down from last time's 240) (and much higher when started ****treatment)††††††† Gaylen†††††††††††††††††† SHAKYES@aol.com


Urine test††††††††††† Arsenic†††† 110†††† 240†††† 130†††† 150(under treatment)††††††††† ***

Hair test††††† Arsenic†††† 0.104†††††† 0.242†††††† 0.418†††††††††††††††† Curtis


My 3 year old soníshair analysis showed very high levels of lead, aluminum, arsenic and††† *** antimony

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† "Maranie Adams" <adams6@c‑gate.net>


His Antimony was quite high at 0.136, normal being

0‑0.03, also high in Arsenic and Lead†††††††††††††††† "Sylvia Pimentel"†††††††††††††††††††† *** <sylviapimentel@hotmail.com>


Evan also has very high levels of tin and some significant amounts of arsenic & lead††††††† ***†††††

Allison Plant†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††aplant@gte.net


he also has a really bad problem with arsenic††††††††††††††††††††††††† ***

††††††††††† : "Ann Lovell" <lovell@icdc.com>


Monthy urines have shown high cadmium,

tin, arsenic, and some lead.††††††† Val††††††††††††††† scromb@aol.com†††††††††††††††††† ***


hair test, which showed high cadmium, arsenic, antimony, and borderline high lead††††††† ***

"Susan Devlin" <smdevlin5@earthlink.net>


"d701" <d701@email.msn.com>

Hi All,†† I was looking at some photographs of my 16 year old son the other day taken at different ages when he was not autistic.I first looked at the coloring of his fingernails when he was 9 years old.I was amazed how clear and pale colored they were.I looked at pictures in my wallet when he was 6 and 7 years old.The fingernails were also clear and pale.I looked at pictures when he was around 13 and having recently been diagnosed as autistic after the MMR vaccine at age l2.. The fingernails appeared to also be clear and pale.I think I remember his fingernails starting to get pink about 2 years ago.At that time, I just thought they looked a little unusual.As his nails got deep rose colored this past year, so has his nasal congestion become chronic.I remember that the boys loved to play in the dirt in the back yard making buildings, garages, etc for their toy cars.Also, we have all these pre‑treated fences around our back yard.Now, I think I know why he tested high in arsenic.The arsenic is probably in the wood fences as has been discussed on this list.†† Also, I believe that is why his fingernails are deep, rose‑colored.And that is why he is being chelated‑‑to take out the arsenic and other heavy metals including mercury.††† Rose



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