Amy Holmes, MD, Autism Treatment Center,Baton Rouge, La   Her clinic treats over 300 autistic kids


Metal-Metabolism and Autism:  Defective Functioning of Metallothionein Protein, Amy Holmes, MD;

 (note: see end of file for a clinic with a chelation protocol that may to be even more successful than Dr. Holmes)

the bad news is that there is a huge increase in childhood conditions like autism and ADD. the good news is that autism is really looking like a neurotoxic problem, with all the other biochemical problems secondary to the presence of the toxins. This is good news because

this is something we have a chance of fixing. And it appears that, if you can get these toxins out at a reasonably early age, the child can be "indistinguishable from his peers". Mercury looks like it is usually the biggest problem, but, it doesn't look like most cases are purely mercury and mercury alone. There are some other heavy metals that play a big part, both by themselves and by (horrors of all horrors) potentiating the toxicity of mercury. For example antimony is almost always extremely high, with arsenic, lead, cadmium sometimes high, and we are also finding solvents like hexane or xylene or organochlorines or such as benzene to be sometimes high.

I think just about all the kids today are getting pretty high exposures to various toxins. The main ones that are having major problems are those with defective or immature detox systems in the

liver, although the exposure to mercury is certainly higher today than it has ever been in infancy before. 6 to 8 vaccines containing thimerosal in the first year alone - the first on the 1st or 2nd day out of the womb. This is a relatively recent development (last 10 years), and I think this fact alone accounts for the epidemic of autism seen in the last 10 years.

So far, I have gotten hair tests from 110 autistic children - all but one fit the counting rule for mercury/metals toxicity- that you diagnose mercury toxicity based on a large number of essential mineral levels being abnormal.. The essential elements are widely scattered all over the place. I also have some hair tests from "normal" people - about 10 total. The most interesting comes from a 25 year-old woman with no amalgams ever. Her essential elements are right around the mean. We got her hair just because of her amalgam- free status. She was not a patient.

Amy Holmes


[protocol: Dr. Holmes stated the following: Step 1: DMSA 1 mg / lb. every 3 to 4 hours

Step 2: DMSA .5 mg / lb and ALA .25 mg / lb both simultaneously every 3 to 4 hours.

As for supplementation, it very important to do.]


We have a little over 300 autistic kids in the practice. I am at home, so I don't have any of the charts handy, but I will give it a try giving you the most typical picture I see:

1. Hair (Toxic Metals)

very high antimony - almost universal

high aluminum

high arsenic

high-normal to high cadmium

high-normal to high lead

slightly high mercury

the others are not consistently high or normal or low.

Here's an example (I have a couple I brought home to go over the

results prior to seeing the parents back)

5 y/o WM

Hair - Doctor's Data (ref range - 68th pctile in parentheses)

aluminum 11 (<8)

antimony 1.506 (<0.066)

arsenic 0.16 (<0.08)

beryllium <0.01 (<0.02)

bismuth 0.48 (<0.13)

cadmium 0.077 (<0.15)

lead 1.12 (<1)

mercury 0.43 (<0.4)

titanium 1.3 (<1)

the others were OK

We have just started testing kids in the beginning of treatment with urine toxic elements (Doctor's Data). We cannot get a 24-hour urine on most, so we get an 8-hour urine, and have to base our decisions on mcg/g creatinine instead of mcg/24-hours. We do a challenge test with DMSA, low-dose for 2 days, collect the urine on day 2. So far, almost all the tests fall into the same ranges - mercury is coming out in large amounts along with other metals.

Here is an example - not the same child, unfortunately.

6 y/o WM

aluminum 10 (0 - 35)

antimony .4 (0 - 5) - DMSA does not pull antimony out well at all

arsenic 154 (0 - 100)

bismuth 3.7 (0 - 30)

cadmium 5 (0 - 2)

lead 31 (0 - 15)

mercury 28 (0 - 3)

nickel 12 (0 - 12)

... the rest are low, so I won't list them

Consistent findings:

1. elevated MCH and MCHC (without anemia)

2. elevated total IgE

3. high intracellular calcium, low zinc, selenium, magnesium

4. other trace minerals either low or on very low side of normal

(except potassium and copper) - this persists even with


5. Inability to fully break down gluten and casein (high casomorphins

and gliadinomorphins on urine test) - ? inhibition of DPP IV

Well, the list goes on and on and on.

And, you are right. Most of us DAN! types think ADHD/ADD are on the same spectrum as autism, just affected to a lesser degree.

That is a good question about the pyrroles, and I don't know much about them. I know they are present in elevated amounts in urine in schizophrenics and people with autism, and those that have elevated values waste B6 and zinc in their urine. Woody McGinnis is the expert on this matter.

I am very aware of the UF report on the effect on peptides being a major factor in autism . BTW, I did my internship and residency at UF, so I have a big fond spot in my heart for anyone who is affiliated with UF. Robert Cade is a pioneer in this area and I have a lot of respect for him and his work.

Bernie, this whole mercury thing has put autism into a new light. I think that, finally, we may be able to offer some good safe treatment to these kids with a reasonable hope of some

normalization if they are treated early. Amy

Bernie Rimland.(ARI director) The conversation (of course) eventually turned to mercury. He asked me if I thought all autistic children with no identifiable syndromes were all mercury-poisoned. I told him that I thought they were, at least based on my testing of about 200 autistic children so far. There was a long silence on the other end, and then he said that he had reviewed a lot of the data himself, and had come to exactly the same conclusion.


>>It appears that there is no difference in children "born" autistic and those who were developing normally and then had a regression. The only real difference may be the timing of the poisoning and maybe some individual susceptibility.


(Amy became interested in treatment of austistic kids when her son became autistic)

I can tell you what I did to my son:

1. had 21 amalgam fillings in my mouth while I was pregnant

2. ate tuna at least 3 times a week while pregnant

3. use thimerosal-containing contact lens solution while pregnant.

4. he got all vaccines "on time", all the ones that could have possibly contained mercury did contain it. >>Amy

my son Mike - DOB 10/18/94

> Unremarkable pregnancy. Born by planned C-section (advanced maternal age and very large baby). Weight 9 pounds, 2 oz. Very healthy.

> Apgars 8/9. Uneventful first year. Got all immunizations on time.

> Sat at 4 months, crawled at 7 months, walked at 10 months. Spoke first word at 9 months.

By 12 months, had 10 to 15 words. Good eye contact, good imitative skills, very social.

> Stopped talking 5 days after MMR plus Hep B at 12 months, gradually lost all imitative skills, all interaction and eye contact.

>By 18 months was in his own world. Would not even respond to his name. We asked everyone why he was acting this way, including several pediatricians - no answers. Finally diagnosed as autistic at 26 months.

> We began an intensive ABA program (Lovaas) at 28 months. We took him to see Dr. Stephanie Cave at 29 months. She ran a number of tests, including hair analysis for heavy metals. He was very high in lead, aluminum, and antimony. Mercury was only slightly

elevated. She gave him DMSA 100 three times a day for 5 days, followed by 100 mg twice a day for 2 weeks (the old treatment).

> By 1 month after this first chelation course, he had improved noticeably - behavior was better, no longer as "zoned out" as before, was no longer pale, looked healthier. Repeated the

> hair analysis several months later. This showed a significant drop in lead, but still high antimony and aluminum, and to our surprise, a high level of mercury. No one knew what this meant at the time -

> this subsequent high level of mercury meant that mercury had been mobilized back into the bloodstream, thus could finally show up in the hair. Looking back, if we had realized the significance of this finding then, Mike would be completely recoved now.


> After this, we pursued other areas like getting rid of yeast and pathogenic bacteria, gluten and casein-free diet, getting rid of multiple food allergies, and did not return to the heavy metal

> issue until he was 4 years old. By this time, I had taken over his case. I repeated a hair analysis for heavy metals when he was 4. Mercury had dropped (of course - it had gone back into its favorite storage areas), but aluminum and antimony were still very, very high, and the lead was back up to elevated range.

> I started him on a kinder, gentler course using DMSA 200 mg TID for 3 days, off for 11 days while repleting minerals. I repeated this 2 week cycle for a total of 4 cycles, then got a toxic urine screen on the last cycle. To my surprise, tons of mercury were coming out.

> That is when I started investigating mercury-autism connection in Mike's case. After a few weeks, I was convinced that mercury was responsible for a lot of his problems, so we continued with the same 2 week cycles of DMSA for several more months, repeated the urine toxic metal screen with almost the same findings. From April of 1999 to the present, I have been doing these 2 week cycles, 4 to 6 at a time, then allowing him a month off now and then to fully recover from the chelation. We got a urine toxic metal screen last month (4/00) which showed mercury at 2.7 ("normal" range 0 - 3). This is the first time he has ever been in the "normal"

range for mercury (provocative urine).


> One year ago, Mike was essentially non-verbal and preferred to engage in meaningless self-stimulatory behaviors. Today (5/00), he speaks in sentences, addresses people by name to get their attention, and no longer "stims" non-stop. His receptive language is excellent, expressive is still 2 years behind his peers (but is catching up fast). His pronunciation, which had been so bad as to make any words completely unintelligible, is now improving to

the point that we can understand almost everything he says.


And as far as my son goes, I have no neurologic or behavioral evidence left in him to suggest that mercury is still a significant problem for him - he is talking, answering questions, carrying on conversations. His strabismus is gone. His bilateral Babinski sign are now gone. He no longer walks on his toes. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that I used DMSA every 8 hours, 3 days "on" and 11 days "off" and he is not the same horribly impaired child that he was even a year ago.

> I intend to continue chelation until no more mercury comes out on provocative urine toxic metal screen.

> Hope this helps,> Amy Holmes <> DAN MD


I have obtained almost 110 hair analyses now on autistic kids. So far,

ALL (amazing) display the highly scattered (all over the place)

essential elements. What I am not finding is elevated hair calcium -

in fact, most have VERY LOW hair calcium. The ones with the lowest hair calcium are the ones with vastly elevated levels of other heavy metals, especially antimony, aluminum, and arsenic.

I have almost 25 hair tests from "normal" people. Most have no amalgams

at all - only one has the "scattered pattern". 20 of the hair tests are

from children who are NT - none of these show the "scattered" pattern.

The one scattered pattern I have from a normal person is from an adult

with a mounthful of amalgams. As far as anyone can tell, he has no overt symptoms or signs of heavy metal toxicity.

Another thing I am finding consistently is evidence of uncoupling

of oxidative phosphorylation from the Krebs cycle - almost 100%

across the board - another mercury effect.


There was a lot of anecdotal evidence presented - for instance, the one that really stuck with me. Four year-old girl with really bad autism. The "before" videotape was hard to watch - she was in therapy (and had been doing a good ABA program for about a year). The only program she had progressed in over the last year was simple imitative skills ("Do This"), and she hadn't progressed very far in this one. She screamed non-stop whenever she was awake, and this was most of the time since she rarely slept. Various and

sundry tests to determine metal loads, toxicity, and levels of other non-metal toxins. Lots of metals, xylene, hexane. Many, many biochemical impairments. She was started on a pretty intensive detox for all the things that were found. The metals were addressed with DMSA mostly. (The aluminum, antimony were handled separately). Plus other things for the xylene and hexane and whatever the other things were (sorry, can't remember exactly what the others were). Two "after" videos were shown. The first was 1 year later. Again

in ABA - but what a different picture. Advanced program this time, reading social stories and asking and answering questions about them, advanced conversation drills, well, you get the picture. The last video was 2 years later - she was in a regular 1st grade (no aide), completely normal in her interactions with others, no impairment in language. Amazing. I think that is what we all want. Amy


I do believe we are looking at a multi-facated problem with autism and yes,

mercury can be a big part, but other parts exists and combine to make the

whole. We have seen big improvement in both of our boys so I know we are on

the right track and I appreciate all the efforts on this list as we travel

down the road together. Sharon Howell Baton Rouge, LA

( mom to Mike AS 12 and Brian ADHD 8 & proud patients of Dr.Amy Holmes)


I believe that my son would have had more severe autistic symptoms if he had not weighed nearly 11 lbs. Instead of that "chicken" look, he had visible fat on his arms as a newborn. Given all the mercury he and I both had churning around our bodies, (Rhogam, root canal, Hepatitis-B) I think his high birthweight diluted the effects somewhat. Looking back, he had behavioral

regressions after each mercury vaccine, and the effects do seem cumulative. BTW, John was the only baby I delivered naturally, without being induced. My others weighed 7 and 9 lbs.

Kathy "Liam E McCarthy" <>


I think your facts are correct regarding rhogam and the connection to autism. I had rhogam shots with all three pregnancies. All of my children are positive and I'm negative. I also had an

extra rhogam with my third child (the one with autism) right after amniocentesis (sp). I believe my youngest child got the full load of mercury from all the shots I was given.

"Joyce MacFarlane" <>


Vaccines kill. The following chiIdren suffered a severe reaction to a routine DPT (diphtheria. pertussis, tetanus), MMR (measles, mumps. rubella), or OPV (oral polio) vaccine. They are only a few of the thousands of children who have died or been left with medication resistant seizure disorders, mental retardation, physical handicaps, learning disabilities or other chronic illnesses after a reaction to a routine vaccination.

Chris - Christopher died 21 hours after receiving his 1st DPT & OPV vaccinations at two months of age.

Ashley - Within 72 hours of her 4th DPT and OPV and HIB Ashley was hospitalized with kidney failure and encephalitis. Because of these vaccinations Ashley is severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Richell - Within 10 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV Richell suffered a grand mal seizure. She is now severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Kimber - Within 3 hours of 1st DPT and OPV Kimberly suffered 103 degree fever, high pitched screaming and convulsions. Kimberlie died 2 years later.

Josh - Within 6 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV, at an age of 6 months, Josh suffered high pitched screaming, a 101 degree fever followed by a one hour grand mal seizure. Josh is moderate to severely mentally retarded and severely language delayed.

Anna - Within 2 days of her 1st MMR at an age of 15 months Anna began limping. Within 6 weeks she was totally paralyzed. At age 3 Anna could not walk independently or talk and was severely handicapped and language delayed.

Matthew - Within 26 hours of 1st DPT and OPV and after projectile vomiting, staring, and behavior change Matthew died.

Sean - Within 3 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV at 8 months old Sean suffered swelling, high pitched screaming, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, and behavior change. Sean has learning disability with severe motor damage.




Hi, My son Daniel recieved the Hep B shot 2 days after he was born( and I know that his immune system had to be weak due to an infection I had right before labor and a severe

reaction I had to pennicilin(sp?)while in labor. Anyway, after that he hit all his mile

stones a little on the late side but still on the charts. And he was connected to us, said a

few words(bye bye, dada, baba)all at 1 year of age.

A few months later he recieved the MMR, 2nd Hep B, Dpt, and Polio. He had a slight fever nothing much, and slept for what I thought was an eternity, always very tierd for about 2

weeks. And then he woke up, boy did he wake up, he SCREAMED every minute of the

day for about another 2 weeks, and he began head banging, he was so angry. And then he stopped, and I mean stopped. No more talking no more connection, no more eating(very picky) and no to very little eye contact. It was at this time he withdrew not only from

me but from the world. Do I believe it had something to do with the vaccines??YES!! Lindy


My son regressed into autism almost immediately after MMR (15-18 months) However, he began improving around age 3...regained some speech ( about 6 words)

At age 4 1/2, he got a TETANUS shot...he regressed horribly, spent the next 6-8 months spinning, running, howling with a repetitive voice pattern almost constantly. I had to get out of the house or lose my mind! He has not spoken a word since then, except for one night when he had a high fever, when he spoke a 5 word sentence. (the only one in his life) He now

"tries" to say words (thanks to ABA). I believe that the Tetanus shot did further damage to

my son. Mary Holcomb <>


From: "Jennifer Rochester" <>

My daughter had MMR, DPT, Hib, Hep b, and Opv, all on the same day ; She had a high fever that night, and regressed over the next two weeks. In these two weeks, she lost all language, screamed a piercing scream constantly, started head banging, started losing weight, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, this is all anecdotal, so it must not have really happened :-) Well, most of my friends have had their kids be vaccinated in the same manner, so it seems to be pretty 'normal'.

For us, I refused to get her vaccinated unless she was in real good health (geez, at least I knew THAT much - too bad it wasn't enough though ) so we were 'a little behind' . They decided to catch her up all at once. I asked many times if they were sure it would be ok. Something in my gut kept screaming 'NO - DON'T DO IT!!!!!' but the doctor kept saying it would be fine, and

then started getting really nasty and threatened calling CPS if we didn't do it all that day.

I gave in to his bullying. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer


I have been stunned to look at my child's medical records from his first year of



and tell me if you think my child stood a chance of surviving this

"onslought" of medical interventions without any harm:

> Born 2/15/96

> Dr. visit about THRUSH 2/20/96

> Dr. visit for Hep B shot 3/19/96

> Dr. Visit for additional vaccines4/16/96

> Dr. visit Ill (not sure if antibiotics were given or not) 5/27/96

> Dr. visit for vaccines 6/25/96

> Dr. visit for ear infection Antibiotic prescribed 7/3/96

> Dr. visit for ear infection Antibiotic prescribed 7/20/96

> Dr. visit Ill (not sure about prescription) 9/23/96

> Dr. visit for vaccines 10/8/96

> Dr. visit Ill(not sure about prescripttion)

>4/10/97 Hospitalized with Rotavirus and RSV

> 4/22/97 still recovering from Rotavirus 8 vaccines in one day









KELLY LEIGH Kelly l Meyer <>


Vaccines were defintely a factor in my children developing autism. I have three children,
ages 7, 4 and 2. My two older ones developed autism somewhere after 18 months after developing typically. My 2 year old has never been vaccinated and is continuing to develop normally. Tina in Barrie, Ontario


I know you have no background on my 4 year old son. He had developed normally. Near his first birthday, he had had an allergic reaction to a sulfomide (sp?) antibiotic (treatment for an ear infection), was put on another antibiotic, developed a high fever, was then hospitalized for rotavirus. We cancelled his MMR the following month, and it was rescheduled for the next month. He was back to his old self playing with his sister, happy, talking, but still had diarrhea. The Doctor assured us that they could still give the needle as he had no fever nor infection (toddler diarrhea??). Well...Within a week of his MMR/Hep B stabbing, he essentially looked like he had a stroke. He could no longer climb stairs, eat with a spoon, talk. He developed persistent, copious diarrhea (which would continue for 18 months until gf/cf diet). He was, however, still social and had eye contact. After his DPT/MMR booster 5 months later, he developed a blistering rash, lost eye contact, developed poor sleeping habits, woke in pain, screamed and jumped incessantly. "Picasso" <>


Regarding the constant ear infections after vaccinations, with the exception of the Rotovirus, my son's history is pretty much the same as yours and most of those being discussed. He had constant ear infections since 4 months of age, three sets of tubes, antibiotics since age 4 months to age 3 - pretty constant - all the vaccines in between - 8 vaccines on one day like yours. It absolutely makes me sick to think of how ignorant I was and we cannot go back in time. What's

worse is how ignorant the doctors are.Cheryl


The history of your child does sound very similar to me. My twins

had over 35 ear infections/antibiotic treatments APIECE between the

ages of 1 and 6. It would be next to impossible to exclude them from

vaccines and antibiotic use at the same time; however, they didn't

even try. So now they are autistic and PDD.



I noticed you listed the shots your daughter received in one day. My grandson received the DPT, Hib, HepB, and OPV at 2 months. He had a severe reaction of high pitch crying, fever, jerking that I believe were convulsions, glazed eyes, the doctor didn't seemed surprised or

concerned, except to say they would give DT, IPV instead of the dpt and opv from then on. That gave us a false sense of security (safety). My daughter has told me he had similar behavior each time. He was late getting his last round of shots (20 months) and at that time received the DPT, Hib, HepB, IPV, MMR, and Variciela! Shortly after this (weeks) his unusual behavior started, and he lost the speech he had acquired, so forth. But I will say there were subtle signs before this that something wasn't right. Squinting in sunlight, stiffening when being held as an infant, that made me think he might be having seizures; diareah that blistered his bottom. The pediatrician was condescending and said he was normal, not to worry. I do believe he was damaged by vaccines and probably the mercury. He was diagnosed with severe autism a year ago, he recently turned four. There is slight improvement in eye contact, answering to his name,

some words come and go, but are few, since we started the GFCF diet. Haven't been able to get to a doctor that can help yet due to the cost of the tests and so forth. I know this is long. What gets me about

the mandatory vaccinations, is that here in Texas you sign a form

saying you are volunarily giving your child the shots, and it even

says you request it! And yet the CPS can get involved if you don't

want them? How can Americans stand for this, and especially when

they are killing some infants, and maiming others. God help us!



That is the same scenario with my son. He received 4 vaccines in one day on

three different occasions! No wonder he's autistic.

Kris "Al and Kris Asker" <>


My son's symptoms developed after vaccinations at 15 months. The killer to me is that we continued to dutifully vaccinate him even after he was clearly symptomatic. What's worse is that although his symptoms (sensory hypersensitivity, vestibular and proprioceptive

dysfunction, lability, GI problems, respiratory problems etc. ) were worst from about 18 months to 3 1/2 years old he began to make enormous progress with GF/CF diet and vitamin and amino acid supplementation. Unfortunately when he turned 4, he had multiple boosters on the same day and we saw an immediate, sharp decline. I could scream for allowing the doctor to give

> him those shots. It kills me that even then she didn't question the wisdom of giving him more shots!! Pat Gallagher <>


Subject: Re: Hep-B poll

I also blame the Hep b shot as an addition to the program, even starting at 2 months. I have 4 kids. Jack received his hep b at 2,4 and 6 months. My 2 girls before Jack did not get hep b until

after 2 yrs old. My youngest Luke received the hep b at 2, 5 and 9 months and he has the mushy stool like Jack. I did not give Luke any other immunizations. Hep b before 6 months is not a good idea. Interesting note: My father-in-law trains and breeds guide dogs for the blind. The owners are not allowed to give the dogs more than one immunization at a time because, in the past the dogs developed health problems. They also get homeopathic immune boosting meds before and after shots. *****

new info: I started my son on ALA alone just to see if it would do any thing, every three hours. I was prepared to stop if I saw any bad reaction. Jack did have some increase in chewing and increase in hyperactivity, I think the chewing may be his stimming. This is his only continuous odd behavior. After the three days he got his "T" sound and "w" sound with some other pluses, truly amazing. After 11 days, we did another round. He got his "j" sound and was happier.

Convinced this was working, I found a doctor to prescribe the DMSA to use with the ALA. There was no real side effect with the two together. He was calmer. With each round I see some type of plus. Alot of gross and fine motor skills are increasing. *************

new info: What I think is so amazing is every cycle of chelation I see improvement in motor planning. Two cycles ago, Jack started putting his plate into the sink when finish eating, w/o being asked. This cycle he started standing on the arm of my couch and doing a slow

front summy onto the couch. I can't wait until the speech motor planning improves. It is, but

not quick enough for me. Marianne


My son received the hep. B vaccine at birth. He screamed and screamed for weeks. We then gave him all vaccines on scedule, each time he would scream for days and days. His recent DPT booster is what had me do research and I personally am allergic to thimerosal and that's when I found out that there was thimerosal in vaccines. He regressed in behavior and communication after the DPT, still not back to where he was but at least he isn't screaming my head my

head my head anymore...poor little guy...makes me angry. Donna


I fully immunized my first two children and they have PDD. I partially
immunized my third child and he had ADHD. I have not immunized my fourth
child and (so far) he is perfectly normal. I realize that this doesn't prove
anything to the scientists out there, but I am not taking the chance when I
see what it can do in my family. "Bergenholtz Family" <>


The reason the question was posed a support group meeting, I just

happened to mention I thought it odd that my autistic son did get Hep B...and my

5 other NT kids didn't. FOUR OTHER MOTHERS all responded by saying that the

same was true for them! I guess that was the first time, in 5 years, I have found 5 parents agree on any one given thing! Victoria


That is our experience as well. Basicly our first 2 kids didn't get Hep B because it wasn't

recommended in 1987 and 1989. They have no symptoms of autism whatsoever. Our third child who has autism received it at her first well baby check up at 9 days old, and then at 1 month and at 6 months, along with the rest of the recommended shots.

Joe Marciano


My NT daughter, who is 18 months older than my son, did not receive HepB.

Her brother, who has autism, did. He received his shots at 1 day, 2 months

(with DPT), and 13 months (with MMR). -- Linda


Yup , My older son didn't get Hep B and he is fine... My younger one did and you know the rest of the story.. Was it the only factor ? Maybe not, but I think he was damaged especially by Hep B.. kelly From:


Isaak was given the Hep B at 12 hours old. He's diagnosed autistic. Lukas was given the Hep B at 15 months and began to regress shortly thereafter. His diagnosis was autism as well. My third child, Ezekiel, is vaccine free and wonderfully typical!

Charlene Charlene Pagac <>


My son got hep-B vaccine at 1 day old. He could barely open his eyes and remained sensitive to sunlight after that. (He also developed a terrible case of chronic eczema and colic which never went away until age 2 and a half when he went GFCF.) I think he regressed a little after every

subsequent vaccine, particularly the chicken pox at age two.

"krs111" <>


I have found out that my son and his twin sister received DTP vaccines that had such a high number of reactions, that they were ordered no longer to be used. (Thank you Linda.)

The lot manufacturer and lot #s were

Connaught OC-21045, Connaught 2A-41127,

Connaught 2E-41060, Connaught 2M-31091

Number of adverse reactions: 228 101 ER visits... 3 life threatening 20 hospitalizations

2 disabled 20 unknown recoveries 8 no recoveries 6 deaths

My children received the 2M-31091

The other 4 DTP's they got had reactions of 37,44,87,60. As Linda commented, and I also wonder, It seems that it may be very important to gather information on the lot #.

Must have had high mercury in that one.

Mary Holcomb <>


I have no insight into the problem of all of the kids who wake up in the morning or from naps screaming or crying uncontrollably or trembling, but when my son was small he would

wake up as a toddler SCREAMING inconsolably also. When my son was an infant he would sometimes wake with his EYE COMPLETELY swollen, not both when we wake that way, only one, and it was huge. Pediatrician always said it was nothing. Just PDD.

Crystal "Crystal Sacco" <>



My name is Victoria. My son, Caleb was dx with autism on May 29,

1996. We began his in-home ABA program by July of 1996 and it continues to

this day. He is now 6 years old. He was progressing beautifully -- with

additional help from AIT in 1998 -- and was to be placed in a regular

Kindergarten with a shadow. He received his boosters for Kindergarten May 5,

1999 and we entered into our second greatest nightmare. He screamed for the

entire summer -- all the way into November. He lost over 1 1/2 years worth

of hard-earned skills (including toileting, reading, etc)

We just got his hair analysis back. He was toxically high in aluminum, cadmium, lead,

nickel, tin and copper. He was dangerously low in magnesium, zinc, sodium,

iodine, phosporous and borderline in calcium and one other element (can't

remember which). The mercury was within reference range (4.0), but of course

IT'S THERE, it just didn't show up through his hair analysis. He has all the

other markers of mercury poisoning...and of course the behavioral symptoms.


Subject: Re: Fw: Poll

My son is 6 years old. He weighs 70 lbs. I am doing every 4 hours - 70mg DMSA only.

Doing night doses using DMSO as a carrier for transdermal application. Schedule 3 on / 4 off

No negative side-effects. Many positives reported from school by 4th round including increased speech, clearer speech, awareness of others, etc. At home, we are noticing increased

awareness and interaction with family. Now on 5th round.

Using minerals (Citramin II - 1X day), zinc and Vit C. No monitoring tests ordered yet.



Since we moved immediately after my son's birth, our pediatrician was a 45-60

min ride and I believed he was trying to spare my wife the repeated long rides

by administering him 4 vaccines at each visit. This occurred 3-4 times. Lets

assume that 3 of the vaccines contained the max amount of thiomersal (25 ug/0.5

ml) and the fourth cotained the lesser amount (12 ug/0.5 ml) according to the

list on your site. Now he is autistic.



My husband has gone oversees quite often, which meant immunizations galore.

I had a booster shot MMR 1 month before marriage, my son was conceived soon

after our marriage. We both have a mouthful of poisin, I was exposed to

malathion which contains mercury salts in my childhood and while carrying my

children with tell me? Then my kids have vaccines, one almost

died 11 days after, acted blind, unconsollable, shaking violentely,

convulsing. The other, classic gastro problems (I thought I was doing the

right thing by not giving her pertussis, the one we thought affected my

oldest). Great heh?

Kathy Blanco


My nephew, age 9, who has (high functioning) autism had an immediate reaction to the (2nd) DPT vaccine. He screamed inconsolably for several days and nights, became aphasic for a year (after having normally developing speech), lost social skills and receptive communication skills, developed hypersensitive hearing and some tactile issues, among other things. A book called A Shot in the Dark talks about the DPT vaccine and children who have had adverse reactions including several who developed autism after having developed normally until the DPT or a booster. I'm convinced my nephew's autism resulted from the DPT.



From: "Gretchen Heinrich" <>

Looking again at Alan's records. On his 6 month visit to the doctor he received the

following: poliovirus #3, DTP #3 , Hib #3 , Hep B #3

He had 9 vaccines containing thimerasol by the time he was 6 months

(counting these)

A month later he had a horrible respiratory virus and then came all

the antibiotics , ear infections, and autism.

I am amazed that doctor's are told to give this many shots at a time!



My son's first adverse reaction was to the Hep B, Hib shots he got at 8 months. Getting

very sick after only 2 shots tells me that one or both of them are trouble.

Hib was also on the list of shots he got at 13.5 months which led to

more catastrophe than I will mention here - autism to be brief.



"Donna Carver" <>

I am a nurse and mommy to 3 children. My 5 yo is Autistic...after a recent DPT booster (until this happened I poo pooed the idea that vaccines and autism had a link) my son started screaming and screaming...(hours later) he regressed terribly. It wasn't until this booster that I investigated and found out that the vaccines had thimerisol. I am allergic to thimerisol.


I had 5 amalgams placed in the first trimester. Breastfed also. Son had sensory issues at birth. He received HepB at birth. Looking back it seems he may have developed more sensory

issues with each vaccination but the MMR threw him into a tail spin. I feel without a doubt that amalgam played a huge role and the vacs just added to the cumulative effect. The gut was damaged by the mercury/yeast and then the MMR somehow affected his brain. He developed full blown lympho nodular hyperplasia within 3-4 months of his MMR. "Darla" <>


I know that the first DPT that Kenny got in Dec. 1993 came from a bad lot.

Another little boy who is two weeks older also got that shot and also suffers

from autism. Here's what happened to Kenny: (This was two weeks after he arrived from Korea)

Dec. 17: Took him to pediatrician for first time (6 1/2 months old) Doctor

remarked on what a big, beautiful, HEALTHY baby he was. (He had been born at 32

weeks gestation in Korea -- he weighed 5 lbs at birth though!) He got the shot

that day.

Dec. 23: He started wheezing. Took him back to doctor, they gave him a

breathing treatment, put him on ventolin, told me it looked like he had croup.

Dec. 23 (midnight): Took him to ER because none of the methods they told us for

helping him breathe were helping. He was gasping for breath, had a temp over 103.

He received a shot of epinephrine, and they sent us home.

Dec. 25: My mom noticed while she was holding him that his heart was racing.

We couldn't even count his pulse rate it was so fast. High fever. (Back to the hospital)

Dec. 27: Small pin-point rash began to appear on his body

Dec. 31: Rash had spread over him from head to toe. Took him back to the doctor. Doctor

had "never seen anything like it". Discovered he also had 2 ear infections.

Then came the MMR/DPaT/OPV the following August... I didn't think the doctor would vaccinate that day because he'd had 13 dirty diapers the day before. When I specifically said, "You're not going to give him his shots today are you?" , the answer was, "It's probably just teething. It will be fine." Of course, we already knew at this point that he was allergic to

eggs, and had been told we'd have to wait for two hours after the shot to make sure he didn't have an adverse reaction, because the MMR is egg-based. On day 6 after the vaccine (notice the similarity in time frames here?) he woke up at 5AM with a blood curdling shriek. We rushed into his room. He had a temp of 104.6 I took him back into the doctor 3 more times in the following week because he was lethargic, crying, not himself. He's not been himself since then... Cindy (Cary, NC)


Urine Toxic Elements Test Results (Sept. 15, 2000)

(per gram of creatinine)

Arsenic 71 (0 - 100) down from 120 one month before

Cadmium 1.4 (0 - 2) down from 2.6

Lead 5.3 (0 - 15) UP from 1.5

Mercury 3.3 (0 - 3) UP from 2

Nickel 3.8 ( 0 - 12) down from 5.1

Tin 1.6 (0 - 6) UP from 1.1

Tungsten .1 (0 - 23) down from .3

We are seeing wonderful progress after just a month of chelation.

We are finishing up a week of chelation with Kenny today. (Our 6th ON

cycle -- 11 weeks into treatment.) Here are some new accomplishments/changes:

1) Kenny will now wear mittens and sunglasses (and by wear, I mean, he

actually KEEPS them on!)

2) He continues to be very happy and focused. He's "tuned in" a much

larger percentage of the time than he has ever been before.

3) Both his speech therapist and occupational therapist remarked this

week on what a sense of pride he is taking in his accomplishments.

4) He is "picking up" skills faster. Seems to finally be making a real effort to imitate.

5) He is progressing nicely with his articulation. Today I asked him during therapy "What do you do with a cookie?" and he said "eat it!" (Pretty good for a kid who was pretty much non-verbal just a few weeks ago!)



My 7 yo son (born 5/26/93) was non-verbal when we began chelating at the beginning of August, 2000. Now he has MANY phrases and even some sentences. He can sing the alphabet song, count to 10, answer all sorts of questions ... His eye contact is better, he is more interested in us,

he is more playful, more affectionate ...

Cindy (Cary, NC)


I wanted to post an update on Kenny's progress...

We are now on our 3rd cycle of phase II. (Protocol information at the bottom of this post.)

I was pretty alarmed at the beginning of phase II, as I was observing a return of behaviors that we hadn't seen since before phase I. However, ONCE AGAIN, on the third cycle, just as we saw in phase I, there has been a significant change for the better. Kenny seems calmer again, and his articulation, which seemed to be deteriorating, has gotten much better. He is attempting lots of new words (remember, this is a child who was non-verbal before chelation) and they are actually understandable when he says them. I just finished doing one of his two daily 30-minute articulation drills with him, and was amazed at some of the sounds that came out.

Motor planning is also improving. He is actually putting his shoulder belt on in the car without help now. This is quite an accomplishment -- dealing with a retractable belt is really quite tough for a child with dyspraxia. Eye contact is still not as good as it had gotten. We are seeing a lot more covering of his eyes as if he is getting some sort of visual stimulation that is overwhelming to him.

We are also seeing a LOT of "rash" (for lack of a better term) on his face and bottom, and more eczema type problems on the rest of his body. His face is quite red on his cheeks and splotchy looking, and there are some well defined pimples that come and go usually in the span of a day.

We have started giving him Kava around 6PM in the evening. This does seem to help with sleep. We had previously tried melatonin, which was a disaster for Kenny -- sleep issues were MUCH worse. He is still having some occasional outbursts of crying, which seem to occur right before the next dosing of ALA/DMSA. It could be that we need to switch to a 3-hour protocol during the day, as it does seem to occur within the last 30 minutes of the 4-hour cycle.


Kenny received time-released DMSA with a 7 On/7 off protocol. He was 7 yrs, 2 months when we started at the beginning of August, 2000, and non-verbal. By Christmas (less than 5 months later), he had stopped stimming, had improved greatly in the area of sociability, and HE WAS

TALKING!! The process of detox was not always fun, but it certainly was effective.

Cindy (Cary, NC)


Background chelation info:

Treating doctor: Dr. Amy Holmes Treatment began: Last week of July 2000

Age at time treatment began: 7 years, 2 months

Protocol Used:

Phase I:DMSA-SR (slow release) 100mg, 3 times a day, with 7 on / 7 off cycle

Phase II: Began January 2001 with 8 hour dosing on first cycle. Switched to 4 hour dosing due to negative side effects. Ratio of DMSA:ALA 4:1 3 days on/ 11 days off

Toxic Metals being excreted (as measured in urine by Doctors Data Inc.)

Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Tin, Tungsten

Cindy (Cary, NC)


A hot lot is a batch of vaccine that has been associated with large numbers of reports including hospitalizations, injuries and deaths.

My son got the chicken pox from his older brother when he was 8 months old..He got his 6 month immunizations just about a week before his brother's chicken pox. So he had Hib (with mercury), DTP (with more mercury), OPV, and chicken pox exposure all at the same time. Actually it was at that point that his immune system went haywire. After that he was allergic to EVERYTHING. All of the foods that he had ever eaten. Everything in the air.

For the next two years he was sick constantly. Other than constant sickness, he

developed normally.

Then he got a hot lot DTaP at 4 years old and his problems started.

After the shot, he regressed and was diagnosed with atypical autism two

months later. The DPT vaccine that he got in August 1995 was listed in


their newsletter in March 1995. My son was given a known (if only to

the NVIC) hot lot vaccine about two weeks after Roseola (HHV6).

In hair, my son on the spectrum was high for tin, lead, arsenic, silver, aluminum,

cadmium, and titanium. The only two toxic elements tested that were not high were

mercury and antimony. His first urine toxic from DD was high for arsenic, mercury,

and tin. It also showed significant amounts of lead, cadmium, and nickel. The

arsenic is now within the reference range, but the tin and mercury at last testing

were still above the rr. My other son's hair analysis showed high aluminum,

antimony, uranium, silver, arsenic, and titanium. He is also borderline for lead and

tin. It also showed overall impaired mineral transport with many highs and lows.

His zinc level is 88 (rr 100-190), his copper level is 38 (rr 8-16), and his Zn/Cu

ratio is 2.34 (rr 4-20). Colin and Evan are high copper low zinc kids.

Evan has/had eye problems, growth problems, muscle weakness, fatigue, social

avoidance, irritability, recurrent infections, giardia, and other problems that are

common in kids with ASDs. All of his problems have gotten better esp. muscle

weakness, irritability, and fatigue. Now most people would never suspect that he has

autism. He is now talkative and friendly, but it will take more time to catch-up on

all of the subtle social skills that the other kids have mastered from the ages of 4

to 9. My son is 9 and he regressed at 4. He was diagnosed with atypical autism.

My son's tin was 180 (0-6). He also has frequent headaches and fatigue

(both are much better after 4 months of chelation). He also has really started

growing--he gained 6 pounds since the end of March. Prior to zinc supplements and

chelation it took him over two and a half years to gain 6 pounds.

Allison Plant <>


I've just looked into my son's medical records from age 1 month to 36 months. I also just received the "Master list of lot numbers" from the DPT vaccine Report by VAERS. Here are the comparisons regarding my son, Adam (DOB: 8/5/1990 & PDD NOS) (currently chelating)

I made a timeline of all of his doctor visits from 1 month to 24 months. Everytime he had vaccinations (sometimes as many as 4 in 1 visit) he would soon thereafter have a terrible ear infection and receive amoxil, - or 1 time, ceclor or pediazole) . By the time he was 18 months, he had received amoxil 8 times.

I also looked up his DPT vaccinations on the charts. WELL, wouldn't you know son's 4 DPT's were from lots that had many many adverse Events reported. His Lederle DPT at 9 months was 293-950 which has 348 events reported and 8 deaths for the general lot 293 (it even was discussed in the "investigative report on the Vaccine adverse events reporting system") . (Is this why at 11 months, he couldn't stand to hear the fireworks - and cried non-stop??? or was that a mercury reaction???)

Also, his DPT at 18 months, by Connaught Labs: had 3 deaths reported and the list goes on to summarize that Connaught Labs has the most deaths and most adverse events connected to their DPT type vaccinations! (Is this why my son regressed into autism at 19 months, stopping speech, throwing terrible tantrums and pulling away from everyone???) I also tried to correlate his symptoms with mercury toxicity symptoms: seeing difficulty with sucking at 3 months (1 month after his DPT of 2 months), an aversion to being held by strangers at 9 months, this sound sensitivity at 11 months and a very bad diaper rash at 18 months. Basically, after 18 months, almost all the symptoms of mercury toxicity (per Bernard's report) came out getting worse from 2-4. For your information, VAERS shows that 4 lots in particular are very bad:

OC-21045 given 1986 to 1992 with 13 deaths

2A-41127 given 1992 - 1993 with 11 deaths

2E-41060 given 1992 - 1994 with 12 deaths

2M-31091 given 92 - 93 with 6 deaths

Of course these lots, too, have many many "events" reported by parents. Just what have the manufactures done to followup on what was wrong with these lots that caused so many adverse effects on kids? Have they checked the autistic and PDD NOS kids of Brick to determine which lots they received????? I'm sure they haven't. Government officials did not even take a blood sample from the Brick children. How about a DDI hair elements test on the Brick children. Just what would they find??? Why aren't the organizations that have brain tissue samples from autistic children testing for Mercury toxicity in these samples????

Linda Aly


I think that the lot numbers of various vaccines may contain different

amounts of thimerisol. My belief has stemmed from the fact that I know two

other boys born at the same hospital during the same week who are also

diagnosed with PDD-NOS. My son and my friends' son (both born July 3, 1996)

share 5 of the same lot numbers. We have been trying to get the FDA's

attention about this but no luck so far.


My son was completely set back by MMR. I will say though that even though he lost his speech and all eye contact with the MMR, he was already in a state of decline from

previous shots . MMR finished the job. I have books on my children from birth which I wrote in and His decline began at 12 months as he started losing some words that he had previously said. As far as his records go he did not have the MMR at that time . He did have the others DPT, Hep b etc. In fact going over this , Hep b was the last one that would have

correlated in the downslide at the 12 month mark.

. kelly


My son and another little boy in our town both received the same hot lot on one of the DPTs. They both suffer from autism. The kids are two weeks apart in age.

Cindy (Cary, NC)


I believe mercury is the source of our son's autism issues. I had 6 amalgam fillings

put in my mouth 1 year prior to getting pregnant with our son, and already had lots. After he was born, I nursed for afew months, then he began getting vaccinations. he received all the

childhood vaccinations. He is not a child who regressed. He developed normally until speech should have appeared, but it did not. He is diagnosed as speech delayed and we are currenly on the gfcf diet, using Dr. Amy's supplements and just started chelating per her protocol. I firmly believe that he was predisposed prior to getting the vaccinations by the mercury he got in utero.



We have an 8 year old son that we are currently chelating, supplementing, and doing the GFCF diet with. We have seen great improvement in his functioning, still a ways to go, but nonetheless improvement! Example--just this weekend, in Boyscouts, at the Pinewood Derby, our son would have sat with his ears covered when the cheers began. (Last year he did just that) This time, he was involved in the cheering, hands held high in the air, yelling at the top of his lungs! We were thrilled!!! We have noticed improvement at school, socially, physically, in every realm! Robbin


. Zack was exposed to mercury before he was born when my wife was exposed at work in a dental office. Neither he nor she has fillings and he didn't have vaccinations. We did not know

about mercury toxicity 5 years ago unfortunately. We were told Zack was

autistic when he was 2. We looked into alot of different treatments but when

I told an old friend of mine who is a doctor he offered to help. His way of

looking at detox is a little different but he says that the mercury is inside

the cell and you have to coax it out slowly or we could hurt Zack. So he

started with electrolytes. we started with that slowly adding it to his food and

then added these trace minerals. After about a month he added this special

fat because he says that the mercury and fats are in the cell together. . The results have been really something. About 2 weeks into the therapy Zack had a big jump in speech and

communication. We are still working with the protocol the doc set up and are

in the second month of treatment. Ben


My daughter's hair test was done by Great Plains when she was 2. We knew we

were looking at delays, but this was pre-PDD Dx and it was the first time we

cut her hair. Result : Mercury 5.6 with a reference range of 0-2.



> I just got Joshua's Hair annalysis back and he's like a walking toxic

> waste dump. I was thinking some pretty violent thoughts. However, I had

> to remind myself that most of my energy should be going into helping

> Joshua to get well. If (and hopefully WHEN) he recovers, you can bet

> ALOT of people in the medical community are going to be eating some

> humble pie. He's already improving and we haven't even started chelation

> yet. Victoria


Maria Carlshamre <>


The vaccines said not to contain thimerosal do have it anyway, even the MMR.

I've just got it confirmed from SmithKline-Beecham, Pasteur-Merieux, Merck, and the rest of them.

ALL VACCINES HAVE THIMEROSAL because it is part of the manufacturing process just like the NIH man said. Traces only, is what they told me.

....they had lied us all in the face... they had been putting this into our children, pretending not to......

.....and I actually just started crying.......

.....and I looked at Erik who's had a rough time again in pain and I just couldn't help it.

Please Oh God what have they done to my boy? To our children? What have they done?

And they have done it again and again and again...... It has been confirmed that Erik is particularly sensitive to thimerosal. And I can only start to imagine the scope of this tragedy - most definitely the largest iatrogenic scandal in the history of mankind...... and all the children getting so much more than traces of mercury.......

The fight has just begun and now I am utterly convinced,

We will prevail. regards Maria


We are in the same boat. I just got back results on my daughter and she is

High for Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Boron and Rubidium. She is deficient in

Calcium and Strontium. I just got back from my Dan Dr. yesterday and he drew

blood for a whole blood(not serum)level for Lead, because the little circle

is only half shaded it could be an external contamination. I will have a phone consult

with him when the results come back and let you know what we will be doing.



I have a 4 year old son with autism. His last round of vaccines was when he was 16 months old. All in one visit he received the MMR, DPT, oral polio, HIB and chicken pox. I don't even want to think about the amount of mercury that was injected into him. He lapsed into autism soon after. We recently found out that he has a yeast overgrowth problem along with an intolerance to gluten and casein. I am thinking it likely my son is mercury toxic as well since I've found out these vaccines have so much mercury. . It seems like these three conditions coinside according to the research.

Kim Murphy


I recently saw a 12 year- old autistic child. His hair test from Great Smokies arrived

> before he did. The mercury was very, very high as were lead and cadmium. I was thinking that this child was in such bad shape that he would probably arrive on a stretcher. Then I looked at the date of collection. His mother had sent in his baby hair. It broke my heart. Amy Holmes


Hello Patricia: Homeopathy and detox are not mutually exclusive. Using

drainage remedies and constitutionals work very well with the gentle detox

of DMSA/natural glutathione precursors/mineral rebalancing/diet

management... These are the tools of a more natural/patient directed

detox...which after 22 years of experience shows me that works..

It doesn't mean by any means that these protocols cannot blend.....

Dr. Deb.

Dr. Deborah Baker


I have had the great privilege of having parents share their

children's medical records with me for the past 2-1/2 years. My files

are filled with lab data on these children, and I have to say with

only one or two exceptions (and those being children that were not

vaccinated) these children have ALL exhibited deficiencies of

cysteine and glutathione. This is also true of my own son, and his

prior physician informed me at the time we got my son's results that

he sees this in 90% of his autistic patients.

"Ricci " <>



Subject: Why would detox be unsuccessful?

I`m new to this list. My 14 year old daughter who has Autism Spectrum

Disorder and seizures was found to have extremely high levels of

mercury through hair analysis from Great Smokies Diagnostic

Laboratory. Despite 12 months of detox comprising of 2 DMPS

injections and 2 courses of DMSA her mercury levels show no change,

in a follow up hair analysis.

Norelle Pearce.


30 mcg thimerosal mercury in RhoGAM vs. 12.5 from hep.B. RhoGAM is given to mother's who are RH negative.


The J&J product called RhoGam contains 60 mcg of thimerosal and 30mcg of ethyl mercury. .

I got 3 of these injections, 2 during my pregnany at 14 and 28 weeks and 1 given 12 hrs after delivery while breast feeding. Then my son got 62.5mcg at 2 months and at routine intervals up to a max total of 237.5 the first 18 months of life from vaccines. Its a wonder he didn't turn into a thermometer. He now has autism.

Lyn ps I have more case histories at:

Thanks Lyn, I think I got two of these shots one before delivery and one after but it may have been three. I will share this info with my friend who also received these

shots and has an autistic child. In the back of her mind she always believed

that the shots may have been a causitive factor. There are just too many

people out there with autistic children who received these shots for it to be

mere coincidence. Gaylen


If you had any episodes of bleeding during the pregnancy or any invasive

procedures like amnio or CVS sampling, you may have received even more. Lyn


Just prior to conception of my third child I received an additional MMR

shot (was informed that I was no longer immune). I then received three

RhoGam shots; one in the first trimester, one in the second trimester and one

after birth. Just prior to delivery I developed Bstrep and my daughter was born with a

103 degree fever. She was given IV antibiotics immediately. While on the

antibiotics she was given her Hib shot.

My youngest has been diagnosed with sever PDD nos, sever language delay

(nonverbal), anxiety disorder, and sever mental retardation. She did not

have a fighting chance. Lisa Smith, Philadlephia



From: "Lyn Redwood" <>

Subject: Re: ADD versis autism

Something I have found interesting is that another parent at my sons school was telling me about her sons ADD to which I told her of my son's PDD and mercury toxicity. She had a sample of her son's baby hair and sent it off for testing. She also got his vaccine history. He is 12 and had not received HIB or HepB vaccines early on, so his exposure

to mercury was 1/3rd my sons exposure. His hair analysis was almost identical to my son's but at 1/3rd the levels of mercury and aluminum. I do believe it is just a continum with ADD being a lesser exposure than PDD in a susceptable infant. Note too that both are more prevalent in boys, just like mercury toxicity.

Lyn "Lyn Redwood" <> Moderator- autism list


Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 09:16:05 -0700

From: Howard D Bogert <>

> I just got my son's hair analysis results and his urine challenge test

> results back.

> His hair showed elevated (above 68th %) on aluminum, arsenic and tin, and

> above 95th% on antimony.

> His essentials were below 16th% on manganese and strontium, above 84% on

> rubidium and zirconium and above 97.5% on sodium and potassium.


> His 24 hr urine was from a 50 mg DMSA, 20 mg ALA challenge. He showed

> low levels of quite a few nasties, the most notable being Nickel 14 ug/gm

> creatinine (ref 0-12). Only a little mercury, .4 ug/gm crea. (ref 0-3)

> and a little lead. 1.1 ug (ref 0-15) showed up.


We are one month into chelating ours (also 6 weeks into TF). Our boy

has been on an 'upswing' for about 3 weeks now.

I can tell you we've been chelating our 3 yr 9 mo. old for 5 cycles now

with 50 mg DMSA/day broken into 4 doses (we dissolve it in distilled

water and mix into his juice) with 3 days on DMSA, and 4 days off. We

have lots of antioxidants going, milk thistle and on off days lots of

minerals. Our son has shown no signs of hardship at all and we believe

we are seeing gains literally with each day of chelation! Our son weighs

42 lbs. Our first round I did at just 25 mg/day to make sure he didn't

have any wierd reactions. I'm probably going to move him up to 60 or 65

mg. The younger you get that 'caca' out of your boy's brain and body, the

better his recovery potential! My suggestion is to just start out at a real

low dose and observe himcarefully!

I've seen discussion from or case studies from close to 20 cases and everyone's reporting

improvement almost immediately.


We've been chelating for about three months now and are seeing little

gains with pretty much each cycle! One non-behavioral area that I think

we're seeing most progress is in his digestion. His stools are firmer, darker

and more seems.


We've been chelating our 43 lb almost-4 yr old for about 7 weeks with

oral DMSA and LA and he's doing fine. Also it looks like we are on a

new, faster developmental curve already! We started out at a very

conservative dose- just 25 mg DMSA/day and when he didn't do anything

weird, we moved up to 50 and are now at about 70 mg/day and about 40

mg/day of LA. We give the DMSA in 5 divided doses and the LA in 2 (I

know Andy...I'm thinking about increasing it...everythings so darn

controversial- it's very scary as a parent ...)

If you start out really conservatively, do the right supportive

supplementation and observe him carefully, you'll probably be just fine!

Howard D Bogert <>


My daughter has been chelating since Nov.'00. We took her off the

diet May the 5th. By direction of DAN doctor, (Alexis stools are

normal now)and she has done Great. Nothing. It has been a month and

no behaviors, No runny nose, no regression. I am excited. Shopping is

actually fun now. We had been on the diet since '99, and she did lots

better on the diet, but with slip=ups she would always get a runny

nose, become giddy and increase behaviors. I believe that her gut is

healed. Nancy


From: "sammm" <>

I just receivedmy child's (male age 3) hair analysis and I have a few questions. But first

here are some figures....

Toxic elements

aluminum 14.8 range 0-9

antimony 0.541 range 0-0.03

arsenic 0.115 range 0-0.1

cadmium 0.154 range 0-0.15

lead 2.44 range 0-0.5

mercury 0.07 range 0-1

thallium 0.0004 range 0-0.001

tin 0.548 range 0-0.28

nutritional elements

molybdenum 0.127 range0.0300.096

boron 5.21 range 0.15-3

rubidium 0.396 range 0.005-0.04

iodine 2.91 range 0.35-2.5

additional elements

sodium 375 range 8-60

potassium 584.8 range 0.4-30

He tested low in calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

Also, his mercury was low, could this be incorrect in a hair analysis? I

worry about this mainly because he received his hepB vaccine a few hours

after he born at 34 weeks and low birthrate(4.4 lbs). To think they told my

husband he needed this vaccine because there is no cure of hepB, and would

prevent a lifelong disease. Well, so is his autism!

His regression started about one month after mmr.

thanks, Susan K


Curty's hair test for mercury wasn't very high and doesn't show as high as the other metals and does not even come close to corresponding with what is coming out of him. We both showed the significantly altered essential nutrients you mentioned on earlier testing and are now waiting on new hair test results.

The first few urine test for my son and I didn't show all that high either but his latest ones have been off the chart for mercury and arsenic. If it shows anything, I think it's worth pursuing.


By the way, we're making progress --

Mercury is down to 17 ug/g (from 29 last time)

Arsenic is at 110 ug/g (slightly down from last time's 140)

Aluminum is at 13 ug/g (down from 27)

Nickel showed up again after several months of nothing -- now at 6.4 ug/g

With a smattering of other stuff not too high.

We're going to do another hair analysis as soon as his hair grows enough so

it will be interesting to see how it will compare to the others.

ince we started DMSA, his overall sensory sensativities have significantly

decreased so that he is no longer tactile-defensive for the most part, can

now handle and enjoy being in crowds, his language has improved greatly, his

visual abilities are more consistent and greatly improved (he used to have

blind spots and tracking problems), his focus has increased by leaps and

bounds and his auditory processing has improved. He also began enjoying trying new

things and experiencing life more fully. Before, it often took weeks or

months and alot of encouragement to get him to try new things. He's also

enjoying getting out of the house and enjoying events and parties. He was

practically agoraphobic before treatment and could not handle even going to

the grocery store.

Chelation has been big help in the gastrointestinal area. Gone from severe cramps, bloody stool

to mostly normal. More well digested output too :).

Since we started the IV DMPS six months ago, his motor function has really

improved -- his writing going from huge scrawls to mostly normal-sized,

readable printing, finally being able to do cross pattern, improved bilateral

skills, much more muscle strength and his finger dexterity is improved. His

visual function also took a huge leap forward last month but still wavers

some. His auditory processing increased two full year levels but is still

inconsistent on some days. He's struggling to keep his convergence right now

but his tracking is great. His conversational skills have grown with him now

bombarding me with questions. His ability to read and discuss paragraphs is

greatly improved and he's now able to solve math story problems very well

(totally unable to do so before).

Provocative Urine Tests


4/00 3/00 2/00 12/99

Aluminum 13 <dl 17 8.4

Antimony <dl .2 .7 .1

Arsenic 110 240 130 150

Cadmium 1.3 1.1 1 .6

Lead .1 1.9 11 1.2

Mercury 17 31 23 27

Nickel 6.4 8.5 6.9 7.2


6/99 5/98 9/97

Aluminum 18.4 19 5

Antimony 0.05 0.235 0.062

Arsenic 0.104 0.242 0.418

Cadmium 0.045 0.388 0.149

Lead 1.81 3.9 1.4

Mercury 0.83 0.59 0.56

Nickel 0.12 0.47 0.19

Tin 0.13 1.0 0.6




Curtis started DMSA when he was 6. At the time, hair tests showed elevations

in all of the toxic metals especially lead, arsenic and mercury. The first

doc (Dr. Gerald Ross from the Dallas Environmental Health Center) gave him

150mg two times a day for 21 days. I was a basket case during that time

(could barely sleep) but he did relatively well with it. We saw an

alternating of amazingly wonderful days with alot of worsening of

autistic-like symptoms, hyperactivity, tantrumming, increased frustration,

cloudy headedness and mild violent behavior (strange for my son but the doc

had said he was amazed that we didn't have more violence before with the

amounts of lead showing in his hair test). About halfway through and

afterwards, he made a huge leap in progress in all areas. After a few months

rest, he did one more 21-day round under Dr. Ross' direction and then we

switched to our current doctor (Dr. Glenn Hansen, in Bedford, TX) who

recommended a more conservative approach -- only 100mg twice a day 3 days on,

11 days off. We did four rounds of that with a month or so between each.

This protocol was much easier on Curtis. He did extraordinarily well when on

the DMSA, then did well for about 5-7 days then would experience a worsening

of symptoms as more metals were dumped into his blood stream. On the last

round, we did it 3 days on, 5 days off for that reason. Even though he'd

have a worsening of symptoms, it has always been better than when we started

so he's been constantly improving. Overall the experience with the DMSA was

positive but the urine tests didn't show all that much coming out. However,

his health has improved greatly as well as his cognitive skills,

hyperactivity, memory, focus, and language. We've also seen a big decrease

in his fearfulness and need for sameness. If we ever decide to go back do

DMSA (he's now doing DMPS), I plan to talk to the doc about doing a lower

dosage, spread out more during the day for longer periods of time and less

break time between medicine. Overall, it's been a very positive experience

and extraordinarily helpful for him.




Without a doubt, the mercury and other toxic metals chelated from my son have

led to an extremely dramatic amount of progress developmentally, socially,

academically, and physically. We have seen gains each time we've done a

round of chelation. His last three evaluations placed him outside the

autistic spectrum however, he does still struggle with alot of autistic-type

challenges most of which are strongly tied to metals toxicity.

He did not have any fillings in his teeth but I did and had what was most

likely several botched filling replacements a few years before getting pregnant.



Just got back from visiting relatives who were overwhelmed at how much Curtis

has grown and progressed over the past year. Amazing how much a body can

catch up when it's not battling poison and digesting food :). He is catching

up radically now -- outgrowing clothes almost daily and getting heavier all the time.



Wed, 3 May 2000 23:16:45 -0500

My 3 year old son's hair analysis showed very high levels of lead, aluminum, arsenic and antimony. His Mercury was high, and his tin and titanium were moderate. Our DAN dr. started us on this chelation process.

My three yr old son is on his second round of the chelation therapy with DMSA.... we are seeing improvements in social interaction! He is seeking his brothers out to jump on the trampoline with him- where as before, he was content to be alone. Also, tonight a children's group from our church came to bring him a 'toy basket' just to let us know we were in their prayers...(very sweet gesture) and there was about 20 kids 8 and under in our living room... normally he would be overstimulated and run out of the room. But tonight, he smiled, looked at several of them and sat on the couch! Yeahhh!!!! He tried to interact with them..a little. Anyway, if we are seeing this so early in his therapy, I can't wait to see him in six months!!! Maranie

. We started Chelation with Dr. Holmes on June 10th, using dmsa 100mg every four hours: 7 days on, and 7 days off. We did this for about three rounds, then she changed us to the three day on, four day off schedule. During both periods my son improved greatly- better eye contact, more appropriate play, less stimming. He seemed to be trying to speak more than ever.( although it was and still is very hard to understand!) After his second urine test revealed that his levels of mercury were less than 20 %, then we added the Lipoic acid. He is on a dosage of 25 mg ala, and 25 mg dmsa every four hours : three days on, and four days off. After his first round with the lipoic acid added, ( and a total of seven dmsa alone rounds) he spontaneously, on his own, Potty trained himself. I had been trying since he turned three - off and on with absolutely no response. He would go and sit on the potty, and if he happened to urinate, then we were lucky. But he never got it... Until that round of chelation. He has only had a few accidents since then, and is totally potty trained and going by himself!! He also is playing with our animals, picking them up and hugging, petting them ( before he never even looked at them.). Whereas before chelation , he ignored them. The changes are small and subtle, but oh , so beautiful!!! His receptive language is ALOT better, his attention to things is MUCH better.. He used to walk around with a hanger or stick in his hand --- Not anymore!! He is getting a little more verbal every day... he doesn't " talk" like you and I , but he is making the effort. Dean turned four on August 5th of this yr.

Yes, the chelation is tough, both with and without the Lipoic Acid. My son actually does better when he's "on" the medicine, than the days he's off!! He gets hyper and does seem to regress a little from time to time, but we always regain . It seems to be a three step forward, two step back kind of process, but knowing Amy Holmes as I do, and knowing that she used this on her own child,( who a year and a half ago was completely non verbal- but who is speaking in sentences now, and can hold a conversation) is all the info I need! Maranie


My son was perfectly 'normal' , met all milestones at age 2, and somewhere between two and two and a half, we lost him. He was diagnosed at age 3. We were lucky/ blessed and

found Dr. Holmes when he was three and a half, and it was the best thing that could have happened. Dean is a different person than he was at this time last year. We have been chelating for 11 months and wow , what a difference!! We still have a ways to go, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I have a friend who's daughter is five and she is doing great with chelation too. I think with the older kids, it just takes longer to get the metals out.

"Maranie Adams" <>


Tue, 2 May 2000 12:26:36 EDT


I am new to this list and have an autistic 3.5 yr old. His lead level was recently measured at 97.7 and he showed up low in zinc and Omega 3 and 6 oils. I appreciate your response on the chelating of lead using DMSA. Our Dr. had us on Vit.C Ascorbate..

Melissa Hooks


My son also has high Antimony in hair and blood as well as other heavy

metals. Beth Mortl


From: "Sylvia Pimentel" <>



I just got the results from my 2 year olds hair analysis from Great Smokies.

Mercury was in normal range, which I'm not surprised since his last

vaccination was 12/18/98. His Antimony was quite high at 0.136, normal being

0-0.03, also high in Arsenic and Lead. He was also very low in calcium, zinc, and strontium, although he gets plenty of calcium and zinc in his diet.

Our house is only 3 years old.


__________ writes:

<< She seems to do very well with high-sulpher foods, such as eggs and

broccoli. She did horrible with MSM. I only gave it to her once. >>

A couple of years ago, to improve her language, we gave her frequent baths

in Epsom salt. We knew she needed a bath when her language started to slur.

Within a couple of minutes in the tub, she was chatting away in a clear

voice. The improved language was permanent.


We are chelating our autistic daughter.

Although it is too early to make any claims, the use of LA & DMSA along with

a Mercury Detox product from Tyler, on the 3 hour schedule is thusfar (3 days

into our second trial) proving useful for our daughter!

we are using LA now on a continuous 3 - 4 hour basis along with DMSA (25

mg of each in a drink mix). We began this protocol on July 2nd. We believe that we

are seeing several noteable things but this is really to early to make many

But she is also showing some generative language. Good performance on

phonics work. At camp they said she was more interactive in playing frisbee

today. Little things may be coming in good. I actually think that she may

be making some jokes, regarding to animal names which she tends to talk alot

about. She mixes animals which may come from watching catdog on television.

We are getting references to things like monkeycow! Again it is too early to

tell, but she may one day usher in the reemergence of vaudeville! This weekend she impressed us with her ability to spell, and was generally quite enjoyable to be around.

Joe Marciano

The doctor (with whom we may do alergy testing and / or bioneurofeedback in

the fall) is our second opinion on chelation. She told us tonight that

given everything she sees and understands regarding our daughter's tests and

clinical picture, she does not consider her autistic, but has listed her

diagnosis as mercury poisoned, and having vaccine induced encephalitis

This doctor had done an eeg for the purpose of generating a brain map to do bioneurofeedback, and feels that the lack of certain patterns which she says are missing, show an overall brain disorder that is consistent with mercury poisoning...

Joe Marciano


________________________________________________________________________ writes:


I will give a little background on my son's history first. Evan was born in August

of 1991. At eight months of age he was exposed to chicken pox less than a week

after vaccinations with Hib, DPT, and OPV. After that he developed severe allergies

and was constantly sick with ear infections and diarrhea. He developed normally

until 4 years of age when he got his booster DTaP and just two weeks after roseola

(HHV6). The lot that he received is on the NVICs hot lot list.

He lost muscle strength and tone, appeared deaf at times, was very sensitive to


and although he never quit talking he rarely used language to communicate. He was

diagnosed with atypical autism two months later. He improved significantly

with a gf/cf diet. He has high titers to HHV6 and varicella. He has low

B-lymphocytes and low suppressor Tcells.

His growth dropped off and gradually over the next two years he developed muscle

and eye issues. His handwriting deteriorated to the point that it was barely


His EEG showed generalized generalized epileptiform abnormality. It was beginning

to look like he might have mitochondrial dysfunction.

High doses of zinc helped him to grow again and tons of antioxidants and

B-vitamins helped to restore a more normal energy level. Evan has finished five

rounds of chelation. His urine testing during the therapeutic trial of DMSA

yielded several interesting tidbits: in addition to elevated mercury Evan also

has very high levels of tin and some significant amounts of arsenic & lead.

His urine creatinine was low both pre and post and his urine pH was 8.0.

Overall I am seeing great improvements esp. in apparent mito function.

He has more energy and more stamina. He is actually choosing to play

outside even in the Texas heat.

School started 2 1/2 weeks ago and we have gotten tons of

positive feedback. Evan is much more social and happy. He also is

using figures of speech with much more ease. His conversations seem

much more typical. He has outgrown all of his clothes and his muscle tone

is greatly improved. He can now kneeboard like a real pro (an amazing feat for

an 8 year old who just "graduated" from PT in the Spring). His formal strength

testing has shown good gains in hand strength. He no longer has trouble

maintaining his blood sugar and energy level. He is not eating such huge amounts

of food, and he is gaining weight.

Allison Plant


It is very true that many autistics feature low zinc levels when measured in

RBCs or hair, while serum or plasma zinc may not show the zinc deficiency.

However, do not supplement zinc with meals in autistics that are of the

DPPIV (high casomorphin) type. Do supplement zinc, if it is measured to be low,

in the evening or away from meals. DPPIV is different from aminopeptidases and

carboxypeptidase. DPPIV is strongly inhibited by zinc. Puschel et al. also

studied this and measured the % remaining activity as a function of zinc

chloride concentration: 1.0 mM (0%), 0.1 mM (12%), 0.01 mM (42%), 0.001 mM

(89%). So, while zinc helps digestive peptidase function in general, and is

beneficial for many autistics, you should get much better results if it is

given away from meals."

Jon Pangborn >> Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab


Test-wise, I haven't done a whole lot - just allergy testing, blood work, the fatty acids blood test, Great Smokies CDSA (parasites,bacteria, little good bacteria), Hair analysis (many toxic metals) and post-challenge urinalysis. She had a sleep EEG (OK). She gets individual minerals based on a taste test. I can't think of anything else right now. I probably need to do more. I just

sent her hair off to a woman with a bioenergetic machine, so we'll see what that yields.

I think if you address allergies and leaky gut, and metals, you're on the right track. The better shape they are in, the more therapy helps.

Mary K.


We're also just about 5 weeks into chelation with DMSA. I have not seen

any signs of fever. We are giving 50 mg/day, 3 days on, 4 days off

divided into 4 doses. My boy weighs about 42 lbs. We also give a little

lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, anti-oxidants and milk thistle. I think

I'm going to increase my amount of DMSA a little



The antimony is something we are seeing alot of in children with autism. As

you know its a flame retardant in PJ's and mattresses. I had a conversation

today with Bob Smith at Great Smokies who called to report on an elevated

antimony level in one of my studies. He recommended Methionine and reduced

glutathione for treatment of antimony. Dr Quig suggest magnesium and Malic

acid for aluminum. Any suggestions from yhe Drs on the list?



> > Another abnormality has surfaced that may be related to all the gut problems

> > our children suffer. My son's B12 levels last fall were sky high, 1928.2

> > with a reference of 157 to 1059 as normal. He also had elevated folate 15.3

> > with ref 5.3 to 14.2. Cholesterol 117 with norm 140 to 200. Macrocytic

> > platelets on CBC. I spoke with a gastroenterologist who said "not to worry,

> > only concern is with low levels". But, this is too unusual to find in 3 of

> > our children. Could this be from oversupplementation or what?



From: "Lyn Redwood" <>

Subject: Re: re: tests for solvents, etc.

AAL Labs

They can test for about any environmental toxin you want. Their panels are

the best bet. They have ones for organophosphates, pesticides, solvents,

PCB's, etc.

If you have a health care provider who is interested, have them call

972-234-5412 and ask for a directory of services.



Our son (not quite 2.5) came up very high (1.28 with a normal range

of 0-.5)for lead by hair elemental analysis and high normal (.78 out

of a max of .9) from blood (Doctor's data). Mercury was within limits on both. Other significantly "high" were antimony,aluminum, molybedenum and tin.


We just got our first urine toxic elements test results back (after 12 rounds

of stage I chelation):

tin 1100 (reference range 0 - 6)!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is the highest level of

tin Dr. Holmes said she's ever seen!)

aluminum 60 (ref range 0 - 35)

nickel 20 (ref range 0 - 12)

mercury 3 (ref range 0 - 3)

I'm sooooo excited!!! We haven't seen much progress yet, so having a "hard

report" that says something is coming out reenergizes us. Per Dr. Holmes,

we're going to do a couple more rounds on stage I, retest, then see if the

mercury has come down. As an aside, our daughter Jensen (just turned 3,

autistic, hypotonic) has been GFCF since May 2000.

Jolene in KC Jim Jolene & Jensen HALLAM <>


We are currently going through chelation therapy on our 3.7 yr old son. He just finished his third round of 3days 'on' and 11 days 'off' using DMSA. The first round produced hyperactivity and more stimming.. after which he had seemingly better social skills, and better eye contact. The second round, he was totally out of it! He acted stoned or something.. it was pretty funny, actually.. looking back. But he still showed improvements afterward. This third round he did basically the same things as with the first... more stimming, and HYPER! The improvements he has made have been small, but definitely detectable. Good luck!



"Prokofiew" <>

I obtained my son's vaccinations records, along with manufacture and lot number. Anyone can order the list off of the site My son was given three DPT shots and the office did not record the number of one of them. Two were on the Vaccine Adverse Response "HOT" list. I was surprised that such lots were not recalled. If so many children had a reaction/died from a certain lot number ...shouldn't it be recalled? I was quite stunned to find that there is no amount of reports/reactions/deaths that constitutes a recall.

Lederle #366949 DTPH(DPT HIB combo) - 3/14/94

32 reports of reactions

12 emergency room visits

3 Life threating

2 hopitalized

1 no recov(don't know what that means,autism?)

2 died

Lederle #372932 DTPH(DPT HIB combo) - 5/16/94

37 reports of reactions

16 emergency room visits

2 Life threatening

7 hopitalized

1 no recov(don't know what that means)

1 died


After these when my sweet son got the MMR shot my son screamed for two weeks. his ears were red and his eyes dilated. He was constantly spinning and banging his head " And he hasn't been the same since. When I asked my doctor whether this wasn't clearly due to a reaction to the vaccine, he just asked " Has he been eating his vegetable?" Its clear why not many vaccine reactions are not reported by doctors.

"Prokofiew" <>


. This is what our doctor ordered: DMSA caps. 300mg. He takes 1 cap. three times aday for 5 days. During the last 24 hours we collect a 24 hour urine. I then give him 11-14 days off and we start again. We've done this 3 times so far. The first and third times with huge gains on my sons part. We are finding gobs of stuff coming out. Mercury most of all. Does mercury chelation help??? I can say without any doubt what so ever that chelation is helping my 12 y.o. son. we are seeing improvements each time we chelate. we have chelated about 6 times now. What we are seeing: better attention, more speech (more willing to talk and using short sentences and opposed to one word), hyperactivity definately has decreased.

Hope this helps. Carole



I saw no change in my son (except on paper, test results) until I started chelating. I

was crazy to put it off as long as I did. My son is very far from normal, but the changes continue to amaze all of us. He is older and there is by now permanent damage, but the chelating is making a big difference for him. now with DMSA we are seeing another terrific spurt!!!!!!!

Pretty cool isn't it? We have just completed 7 rounds of DMSA on my 12 y.o.

son. the change in him is dramatic.........another happy Mommy. Carole




We have been attempting to remove mercury from our daughter Brianna who is 7 years old (and has no fillings) for about 1 year now, and we have had very significant results. Including our school district's recognition of her improvements!

Let me give you some background, as I would encourage anyone who suspects

mercury poisoning to seek professional help, and get as involved as possible,

because our experience has been that you will not get help unless you seek it out forcefully!

Recently, during her annual school testing, which was also her tri-annual

evaluation she tested well in most areas except for math. Also, the school

psychologist was the most impressed by her ability to draw pictures of

answers even when she didn't comply with the testing guidelines, and was

therefore scored low. Most of these areas she was considered untestable in

the year before. Because of this she will be in a somewhat higher

functioning (more verbal) but still self contained 3rd grade classroom next year.

We haven't fully compiled her improvements which we note daily, but she is

much more communicative now, and we have great hope for continued success.

Off the top opf my head, here are a few noted improvements during the past

year. She will answer yes / no questions, such as do you need to go to the

bathroom accurately (although she will still have accidents if she is not

asked and taken to the toilet). Typically, she no longer runs away when

outdoors. Tantrums have greatly been reduced as well. We think that this is

largely due to her ability to express herself, and we may now hear her say

things like "Radio off " when we are driving. She also has taken to singing.

when tested, Brianna did not show high mercury in her urine, blood or hair which was a recent sample. We were fortunate enough to have found a Doctor to do chelation who did not let the

test results diminish his support for the treatments. Instead he interpreted the results correctly to mean that she did not have a recent or ongoing exposure to mercury, which was a good thing. In retrospect, she did show the characteristic imbalance of several substances very high and very low in the hair test.

Brianna received the now considered unfortunate pattern of infant and toddler

vaccinations, beginning with Hep B acontinuing up to 8 mercury

containing doses at 6 months. At about the 6 month point (197 days of age) ,

she was caught up by receiving 2 (Hep b # 3 & Hib # 3) while on amoxicillin

treatment for an ear infection. She had developed sever constipation which

persisted for over 6 years, which was never dealt with properly. She went on

to complete the required vaccinations which totaled 15 by age 2, 11 with

Thimerosal (3 Hep B, 4 Hib, & 4 DPT). Her lack of speech is noted on her

pediatric records (language watch) at 13 months of age which is

coincidentally (in my opinion) 1 month after her MMR shot which did not

contain mercury. She was diagnosed as having a speech delay and a lack of

relatedness when she was 2 years old. She was not considered autistic at

that time because she had a close relationship with her mother, which the

person from our county health department noted, but eventually we began to

hear the terms PDD, autistic spectrum, and then at age 4. Dr. Isabel Rapin

who is often considered the guru of autism, gave us the diagnosis Autistic -

not high functioning, which we took to be fighting words. Although she

didn't support the Dan Protocol, chiropractic treatments, auditory

intervention therapy, casein / gluten removal or many other programs which we

began. She did refer us for genetic testing, an EEG and an MRI, which we

eventually did. The 3 day EEG was my first real clue. They found no

epilepsy, which we were afraid of due to her shaking and staring spells.

They did note a slowing of wave patterns, diffuse encephalopathy, and spikes

in the occipital lobes. They did not have anything to add, except that they

didn't know why and that medication was not advised at that time. In my

searching on line, in bookstores and libraries, I found references to the EEG

results of people from Minimata bay, which led me to look further into

mercury, but we had no known exposure at that time. In July 1999, when the

news broke about thimerosal, we sought to do chelation. First, with an over

the counter detox product which amazingly improved her bowel function from 6

days to 2!, and about a month later with the doctor I mentioned above, who

used DMSA and other homeopathic treatments for heavy metals, aluminum,

hepatitis, .... We have chartered a slow and steady course, having found

other problems such as pinworms to clear up along the way. It was only this

year in February when we found Lyn, and she started the one-list that things

began to get moving. We began the DMSA and alpha Lipoic Acid every 3 hour

treatment this month, and are in our second round (3 days on, 3 days off, and

are now in our 4th day on again). This seems to be the most promising

approach that I have found, and we aim to prove it successful!

Joe Marciano


. My son had tin that was more than three times the top of the reference range. He was also toxic for mercury and arsenic. He has shown good improvements with each round of

chelation. He is in the middle of his seventh round now.

Allison Plant <>


From: "Lorilyn Teasdale" <>

Subject: Re: Chelation results for ASD kids

I have heard from Amy Holmes, M.D., and a few parents (all new to chelation) of major improvement that seem to be greater with younger children, and good improvements with ones as old as late teens. In all cases, the improvement was more than just a halt to

further regression. But this is a very small sampling so far.

I did hear third hand about a local child who outgrew his autism at least to the point that he is in regular classes. He is Hispanic, and the mom who told me the story, said the child's mom, when asked, said oh yes they did eat a lot of cilantro.



From: Ann Lovell <>

we have gone through 4 cycles now (3 on, 11 off).

1)GI-yes....GOD yes.....We haven't seen a loose stool in a long time. BUT, we are also using bethanechol and that had definitely been helping a lot on the GI department.

We see the improvements in many of the "soft areas" like eye contact, spontaneous speech, and peer interaction. It is extremely difficult to say if the chelation is responsible, the bethanechol or perhaps a synergistic effect. I did take him of the bethanechol for one

month straight and noted a definite decline. I have no plans to take him off either in the near future. We are planning to add LA on the next cycle; he has been DMSA only thus far.


I use 600 mg/day of chemet,as 100 mg q 4. I have also increased to dose of ALA to 25 mg during the "daytime doses" and 50 mg during the midnight and 4 am dose. Thus,

his total ALA has increased significantly, but he also has a really bad problem with arsenic.

On his last psych eval, this is parapharsing what the psychologist wrote:

He is doing much better that could be expected. He is prognostically on the upper edge of a very favorable outcome. That was about 1 month ago. Christian is 3 year, 2 months old now. Every week he seems to be doing something new. He communicates, HE HAS NORMAL BM's, and we have gone back to using casein, and putting back other foods he could not

tolorate before with no ill effects. As a child he tested positive via blood work for celiac; I declined the biopsy as he was already GF (and CF due to SEVERE ASHTHMA). I gave him a real McDOnalds Cheeseburger the other day and he was FINE! No GI problems, no behavioral problems. Until I can repeat the bloodwork for celiac, I will not make gluten a routine "food item", but I am optimistic. : "Ann Lovell" <>


Well, we have been doing the LA detox for 4 cycles here now, and things are

looking good. There has been a little bit of regression, nothing serious,

just being frustrated a little easier, and being upset when I am holding

one of the other kids, and having to know exactly where I am 24/7 (which

means leaving the bathroom door open, oh joy :-) ) The gains, however, are

quite significant already. Today at the park, Rachel ran right to the slide and

went up and down on her own for over a half hour. Normally she just tries

to climb it, and screams because she can't. She has NEVER used it

appropriately before. Then she came and grabbed me, and made me play WITH

her for the next half hour. She would look back to make sure I was coming,

and was laughing while looking directly into my eyes, etc. This is all

VERY new with her. I don't know how to explain it, but she is just more

'there'. Then today, an acquaintence from church stopped by. Her and my

children played together for about 2 hours. After she had been here

awhile, she asked what I was doing different with Rachel. I asked why she

wanted to know. She said that she had seen Rachel progress so much in the

last month, and that I had to be doing something different. I asked her

what she thought Rachel was doing differently. She said that Rachel had

NEVER looked her in the eye before (she works with Rachel directly in

Sunday School at church), but just today, she was looking her in the eyes

constantly and laughing and playing, and trying to engage her and her

children in play the whole time. She said that Rachel is almost a

completely a different child from 1 month ago!!!!! This all was totally

unprovoked from me. She said that the biggest thing was that Rachel is

definately more 'there' now. She isn't as content to just be off in her

own little world now, and wants to be engaged with others in this one. I,

of course, am overjoyed.

Jennifer rochester@clarinda.heartlan


The time arrived for my sons 2 month old visit to the pediatrician for what they called a well baby appointment. The only problem was that he wasn't well. He had a constant loose gurgle in his chest and I could always hear it if I put my ear up to his back. He had this ever since receiving the HepB vaccines. The doctor said that the chest congestion wasn't a good enough reason to delay giving him his shots.I trusted her.He received an oral polio vaccine(which they no longer give the oral because it caused too many cases of polio)a HIB and a DPT(which they also no longer give due to the many babies that had encephalopthic responses).

He had a fever,his thigh looked like someone stuck a red baseball on it,and he screamed for hours.When I tried to calm him down he flung himself back in my arms and I had all I could do to hold onto him.I called the doctor.She said he had an allergic response to the pertussis portion of the vaccine.She did not say an adverse response.You see, the adverse response places the burden on the vaccine,an allergic response places the burden on the childs body. I said"Now what do we do?Doesn't he have to have these to get into school?"Oh,yes!Next time we will just give him the vaccines without the pertussis."If I had known it was the vaccines themselves I never would have given him another.I noticed after that he was floppy.Also, I could not put him on his stomach without him crying hysterically. "Maria & Jack Rawlings" <>


We have been using 100 mg captomer (DMSA from Thorne) mixed with 100 mg Alpha

Lipoic Acid (Twin Labs) dissolved in 2 Oz of water, and divided into 4 equal

doses (1/2 oz of liquid with roughly 25 mg of each product). To this we add

either tang or Gatorade, and typically have to give her a wash out drink

afterwards as not all of the substances fully dissolve. We have been doing

weekend chelation every three hours, from Friday after school to Sunday

evening. The last dose is DMSA only. Early results are promising, we just

finished our 8th round, and feel that there are some deep level changes of

awareness and interactivity occurring.


We went to an environemental doctor for testing and a holistic MD for the Chemet and DMPS shots. >.We since stoped using our ped and use him our family practice holistic md for everything. He is a family doctor with a open mind to non mainstream and progressive approaches We used DMSA but with all this talk of redepositing "mobilized" mercury into the brain during chelation, I decided to use a little of melatonin every nite. Melatonin is considered very sake and it is cheap. You can buy it at your local health food store without a perscription. So I did. My kids have recovered and are in school. Now, I am not sure they are fully chelated, but they are recovered. We retest them in a week, and I am just finnishing their last cycle of DMSA. They have been on melatonin since April and DMSA 3 days a week since mid June. I have used secretin for 1 &1/2 years. I continue it. It helped, but after 6 mo or so the kids leveled off and still had a severe auditory processing disorder. I use it as I think it helped

and continue it as it may still be helping. Secretin increases seratonin. Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter in the brain. The same research showing melatonin chelates brain metals also tested seratonin. Both chelated mercury and other metals. So we are doing great and I marvel at the progress. People who know my kids are truly surprised at their progress. . Our twins are now recovered since chelation.

Sincerely, Beverly "Beverly harris" <>


I wanted to share our son's chelation progress, which we're really excited about!,

We're on our third round of DMSA only (50mg.for our 40lb son, every 4 hours). We're in awe at how much better he seems to feel (he's SO happy, smiling, laughing at people's jokes). We didn't expect to see progress right away the way we have.

When we started the first round of chelation Gavin could only say Hi, Bye, Yeah, and some letters of the alphabet. (He can read words, but up til now hasn't been able to say them, apraxia has been a big problem) Now it's as if he suddenly has the motivation to learn to talk, (he's trying to say whole sentences, and while we're mostly hearing the vowels yet, if he continues at this rate he will be expressing himself in sentences pretty soon!)

The only side effect we've seen so far was a sort of twitch in one eye during the first round. (we started with 25mg.) He had never had that before, and it hasn't come back. Oh, and he does smell a little funny. And his eyes are changing color, when he was little they were very dark brown, closer to black (in retrospect I wonder if that was actually dilated pupils...), now they're green/brown. We haven't ruled out the possibility that we will see some side effects yet, in fact expect that to be part of the process, but sofar it's been going great!

Karen W.


We just started using the DMSA/ALA combo last round. I think my son has been much more verbal and more aware and his teachers and home therapist noticed this also. We do our 2nd round with it (5th overall) this weekend and I can't wait to see what happens.



My son is on the protocol of taking 200 mg of Chemet every 8 hours for three days along with ALA, 1 1/2 capsules every 8 hours for three days. Then off the medication for 4 days. We just started this protocol this past Saturday and we saw great results in my son. We saw more personality, more playfullness, better eye contact, just an overall improvement. I don't

really understand about the dosages that are written here. My doctor changed the protocol for Sal after the San Diego DAN conference. Christine


Jen was autistic and OCD and we have had a hard time with her. Jen is now taking ALA/DMSA after starting with just DMSA. She is also misbehaving when we go shopping and she is much hard to control, but I believe it because she is so very interested in everything she see. She keeps touching and picking things up and handing items to me as we shop. She is now doing great in school and the speech teacher is very pleased. The OCD behavior seems to be gone. We were lately using ALA alone 800 mg per day... 7 days on and 7 days off. Jen became very aggressive.. We have completed DMSA, DMSA and ALA combination months ago. We gave Jen a three weeks off of ALA and came back at only 300 mg per day... All the aggression is gone and she is doing great in school.

Beverly Weakley "Beverly Weakley" <>

As for my other ADD daughter (Kim) who is taking only cilantro leaves, she is have the best year in school ever. She has been getting mostly A's in her class work. Last year the school told me they believed Kim to have a processing problem and she was in Title 1 reading. I am still waiting to hear from the Title 1 reading teacher, but Kim teacher for once is not calling the house after the first week of school to tell me about Kim's behavior. The few times that I talked to her teacher since school started were extremely different from other years and other teachers. She told me how wonderful Kim is doing and she even asked me to be the "Room Mom". I

have never been even considered for "Room Mom". I think Kim's other teachers took one look at Kim's behavior and I was sent to the black list of moms. I was even asked to go on the field trip with Kim's class. I know there has been a big change in Kim's behavior, because she arrives home after school and is concern about getting her homework completed. Last year I had to just

about glue Kim in her seat to do any homework! This year ... she is interested and she is able to stay on task. It has to be the cilantro! Kim tried out for Music lessons at her school and she was approved for three different instruments. She selected the flute and is very proud of herself.

I could not believe she was able to blow a trumpet, clarinet, and the flute. The Music teacher was very impressed. It was if I was with a new child and I was totally amazed. Our family doctor at one point referred to her as maybe being similar to ADD in the past. The doctor told me that because I was treating her with diet (GF/CF), Vitamins and so forth that I was keeping her

from being labeled ADD.Bev "Beverly Weakley" <>


We have completed 12 rounds of ALA with our 3-yr old son who is non-verbal and autistic. Each round was 3days on/4off, with ALA given every 3 hours around the clock. While on the ALA he is a little hyper and definitely more stimmy, but we have seen small, steady gains with each round. Between rounds the stimming fades, but the gains remain(better eye contact, happier, handling transitions better, seems brighter and more connected, sleeping better at night, and just beginning to babble).Unfortunately, it takes a lot more time to get the mercury out of one's body than it took to get into one's body. Wendy M


Our boys are well into chelation are now able to go a longer period of time on the

longer- time DMSA instead of just weekends. Josh is no longer hyperactive, more calm and cooperative. Connor has lost most of his anxiety, not biting his fingernails. Hope this lasts. We also notice great improvement in upper body strength in Connor like getting upon the

trampoline and tubes in swimming. In the past, he has acted like his right arm and hand and left leg bothered him, like holding or shaking his arm or slightly limping. Of course this is what some people call a stim, but I noticed when I gave him a dose of motrin he would quit

holding arm or shaking his hand.



Kelsey turned 6 in August (so that's good news, right?)...after 2 rounds of chelation therapy (200 mgs 3 times/day for 3 days, then 4 days off) we noticed the following:

1) Started going in her own bed at night; yes I mean climbed in bed, got a story read, kissed goodnight and went to sleep within 15 mins..all this after 4 years of unexplainable hell. As a baby and up until 13 months, she would fall into her routine quite well, and I remember with great warmth how she would grab her blanket and walk over to the stairs. We would bring her up to her crib, put her in, give her the blanket, kiss her goodnite, turn off the light and shut the door (a real dream baby)...At 13 months (she had her MMR at 12 months...why I don't know), she got the worst liquid diarrhea for a month which gave her blistering diaperrash..with literal blisters. No diaper rash creme gave was awful! At that point, she stopped her pleasant behaviour during her nighttime routine and screamed so badly until she threw up, not once but for over 2 months. We didn't give up easily, suspecting that this was just "a stage". We rocked her in her room, patted her bottom, and basically stayed with her till she fell asleep with exhaustion. Keep in mind that she never took a nap after 13 months of age. If she did fall asleep, and she sensed that you moved (I'm talking 30-45 mins here), her eyes would open and you would have to go through it again. Many nights I just ended up sleeping on the floor in her room. When we could no longer take that, she would fall asleep on the couch in the living room, and we would carry her (ever so gently up and pray that she wouldn't awaken). By that time, she had graduated to a "big girl bed" and began waking in the middle of the night. I would be sleeping in my bed, when I could just "sense" something, and there she was, standing there, just looking at me, usually dragging her pillow. I would take her back to her bed, and pat her again on the bottom til she would fall asleep. I would slink out of the room like some Army guy going under barbed wire, trying to avoid any possible "creaks" of the floor. I made it out 2 times out of 3, but an hour later, there she was, standing by my bed again, with her pillow. :-( It seemed like she just needed me, and I needed sleep, so eventually, I just started pulling her into bed with me. I swore I would never do this with my kids! There wasn't one night where I didn't put her back into her bed, and she didn't awake to come to my room, but this Tuesday, she walked in her room and said, "I want to sleep in my room tonite". I'm still in shock on this one...every night I expect her to fall apart and beg to go to my room for the bedtime story, but 3 days in a row is too much of a change to not be documented properly. Last night, she said to Dan, "Could you turn off the light please". Too incredible! She's wanted the light on for 4 years....

It's almost like she went back to the way she was prior to this...

2) She stopped picking her nails...and this was horrible. She's been doing it since she was 2 or so...til they bled; we've tried everything, including just holding her hands and lovingly

repeating "no picking" for years. Tried motivators, everything. All of a sudden, she stopped last week and I had to file the edges last night! -My husband was in shock on this....

3) Her general behavior has picked up a lot. Our morning routine has not changed in the last 3 years, and yet since we began chelation, the mornings have gone smoothly; she is very aware of the times and what needed to be done when. I still am amazed that for the last 3 years (she was in an early essential education program), the transition to go from the breakfast counter to the bathroom, for brushing teeth, potty, etc. and then out the door consisted of us mostly picking her up while she fell apart and physically moving her to where she needed to be, and then trying to find the motivating factor to get her to complete the task. Even going out the door was hard; more times than not she was screaming/crying out the door...granted the diet (gfcf) helped a lot but now, she clicks the TV (Arthur) off at 7:30, hops down, fills her backpack (by herself), and goes into the bathroom for teeth/potty. She then grabs her backpack and goes out to the mudroom to put on coat and shoes. Then if there's time, which there usually is now, Dad and Kelsey will shoot hoops in the yard waiting for the bus...

4) The pervasiveness is decreased, no matter what the focus. yeah!!-

5) Teeth grinding is down too! She doesn't have much of her teeth left to lose as she's ground most down to within 1/8 inch of her gums, but I'm hoping that she'll stop before the new ones all come in! Tracy


I started my daughter out low (1/2 mg per pound of bodyweight - approximately 25 mg of DMSA every 4 hours) because it had been recommended but gosh! you parents that are using higher doses are sure seeing a whole lot more improvement and fast!

My daughter became non-verbal at the age of 2. Is 7, almost 8 years old still considered a young enough age that the metals would chelate rather quickly? After 2 rounds, my daughter has regained some of her strength and agility (she's been hypotonic) and is more interactive though, as yet, no clear verbal attempts.

My daughter, who turned 8 on Dec. 30th, has also been showing subtle yet

startling progress. Subtle because she's still not speaking, but startling because she

has improved in so many other ways and is a happier little girl all around.

"lisa edmond" <>


Just finishing round 5 of dmsa 7/7 and Finn is making good progress, we really are seeing some positive changes and on this round we think the start of some words :)

ear plugs help his sound sensitivity but for the moment his sensitivity doesnt seem too bad. What I've noticed is during on days he occassionally covers his ears and not just when I'm singing :) so I assume magnessium could be getting depleted.

Paul O'Neill <>


Subject: Re: My son, mercury, finally!!!

Just wanted to let you know about Alex. We have been doing

chelation since the middle of Sept. Monthy urines have shown high cadmium,

tin, arsenic, and some lead. The urine before last showed decreased levels of

everything except tin, still elevated. I got back his last urine this week

and his mercury levels are "off the charts". We added the ALA I think end of

October and it did take until the other toxins were removed for the mercury

to appear. Just thought I would let everyone know that it can take sometime

for the mercury to come out, so don't get discouraged. ( like I was becoming)

It also may have finally started to come out after we increased his DMSA to

the new protocol doses, I don't know. Alex is five and a half and I know the

older the child, the more tightly bound the mercury can be. So far he is more

stimmy, which I hope will decrease in subsequent rounds. He is more with it,

responds immed. to his name being called, increased rec. language, better

fine motor, and a few new words, and is watching our mouths and trying to

imitate, which he has never done, will keep you posted as time goes on, just

wanted to let you know that it can take awhile for the mercury to show, so

don't give up the ship!! Val


our son Adam, age 10 and verbal prior to chelation (at about a 7 yr. old level of speech) has become more willing to speak more with chelation. He is not so silent and comes forward to tell us what's on his mind, becomes more sharing of what he enjoys or shares what he

is seeing that is interesting. He yelled out hi to friends passing by in a

car (on the way home from school) - something he would never do before. He

also has done more singing and early on in chelation, showed rhythm to the

music by blowing a little whistle to the beat of the music. (never done

before chelation). A friend of mine whose son has much less language than

my son also showed these music and rhythm signs upon beginning chelation, too.

(after more chelation)

Adam, our 10 year old son is on his 12th cycle of DMSA & ALA. I have seen some interesting steps toward developing shared attention and concern for others that he did not have before chelation. Aside from developments we have seen in becoming more aware of things and people around him (he has opened every box, drawer, and cabinet in the home discovering things and putting some stuff together, again...) he has also done the following:

He calls out to me many times asking me to come & see something that's really good on tv. About 1 week ago, he called me up to his room to see how he had decorated his room (he tacked up all the video booklets to the wall and cut up Nicolodian Magazine pictures to hang up. In going through one cabinet, he found 3 Mighty Mouse figures and called out to me from the 2nd floor as he tossed them to me (They are my favorite and he knew how important they were to me). It seems he now cares more about me. Yesterday, a neighbor invited him to the LA zoo. I told the mom "no" on the phone because I didn't want them to have a difficult time. Adam ran home and begged me to go. (this is so unusual). I let him go and they spent the whole day - a great day.

Today, I took the same neighbor out shopping with us at the mall. As we were finished with shopping and ready to leave, Adam asked the boy if he wanted to eat lunch . (in the past, Adam has never asked if another person was hungry or invited someone to lunch - it was always his needs only). I'm really jazzed about this sharing of things he likes and caring more about other people. These aren't consistent with his autistic behaviors for the past

8 years. I sure hope this develops further.

Linda Aly <>


My child was 9 when we started biomedical interventions. He received some improvement from the usual supplements. He improved greatly on the gfcf diet (50% drop in ATEC in a few months). He started chelation in late August '00 and cognitive leaps, behavioral changes

and the development of true empathy have been occuring ever since. He just turned 10 last week. Linda


I have two daughters just turned five and seven both with autism.

Both my daughters began to lose apraxia ( inability to produce

recognizable speech) sometime during their fourth year. My second

daughter late in that fourth year. I think the older kids who have

accomplished this before chelation will show speech improvements

sooner. We are on our fourth round this weekend. My older daughter

is talking about twice as much. She barely pauses to breath before

her next sentence. She is choosing much more natural speech than

before chelation began. But what I am seeing most in my younger child

is increased affection albeit very inappropriate. She hurt my back

she has wanted to be picked up so much. More like a two or three year

old. But she is hearing what is going on around her and

understanding. She is not so vacant. I don't have to repeat every

thing six times before she responds albeit nonverbally. And she is

expressing her needs (again alot nonverbally) instead of tantrumming.

Are you seeing these types of changes? I think clearing that speech

pathway may take longer in kids who do not have it at least partially

cleared. What do you think? Paula


> > Working with Jane El-Dahr, we began with 100 mg. of DMSA-SR three times per day for five days on and five off. During the six rounds of phase I, I tested urine every other round. There were never any significant results. All elements detected were at the low end

of the reference range. Mercury was always non-detected, except for round six when it was .08 (reference range 0-3).

> > We moved to Phase II. Recently I got the results of my son's urine test from the first round of Phase II. Mercury was 5.4 (reference range of 0-3) and nickel was 62 (reference range was 0-12). Dr. El- Dahr called this a "horrendous amount of mercury." The only unfortunate thing is that I can not say for sure whether it was the addition of lipoic acid or merely the fact that we had a few rounds under our belt that made these levels rise. I strongly suspect the ALA, however.

> > We have seen many positives from chelation, although we had a rough time last week during an "off" cycle (lots of anxiety and non- compliance as well as some increased fixations and some toileting accidents--all of these behaviors subside when he is "on"). He has

> > always been verbal and considered high-functioning, but since beginning DMSA he has become more talkative in general. His receptive language has also improved to the point where I can reason with him (...if you do this then this will happen....and he totally gets it.). His play with other children has also greatly improved, though still far from typical and age-appropriate. Those have been the biggest changes.

> > I believe that this is a slow process and that you can't give up after the first couple of rounds if you aren't seeing positive urine tests. I've been ready to throw in the towel many times, but now plan to keep going as long as this junk comes out of him.



My son's behavior was not as extreme as some but he was considered "developmentally delayed" in February, at age 4. He was not fully potty trained (would regularly pee in his

pants and not even seem to notice), I had trouble keeping clothes on him, and he hated for me to even touch his hair. He was noise sensitive, avoided all moving or riding toys and would not join in groups of children. All of these problems have resolved. He has developed a sense of what other kids think of him, and he has a few "buddies" at school. The only difference I still see is a mild language delay--he has trouble with word retreival, and his language

doesn't really "flow", but he can answer questions, which he couldn't do in February.

He was GFCF for a while, but isn't now, and I've seen no regression. The only testing we have had is a hair test, which showed high cadmium, arsenic, antimony, and borderline high lead. I have used ALA alone, Captomer (DMSA) alone, and Captomer+ALA. I've also periodically given him melatonin, SAMe, Reduced L-glutathione and have pretty regularly used Brainchild Nutritionals supplements (Spectrum I).

>From my daughter's hair test we found that she had high copper, which explained her extreme anxiety and frequent classroom outbursts. (She has no delays or other autistic symptoms except hand flapping) She also had high cadmium. She has been taking Spectrum I and a lot

of other supplements, including zinc and molybednum. She is doing extremely well and her teachers this year report no outbursts. She has done a few rounds of chelation, mostly with Captomer only since she has high copper, but I hope to do more with ALA soon.

We just had a wonderful Christmas, with both children very calm, happy and well behaved, despite lots of excitement, lots of chocolate, and a two-week period without the Spectrum I because of a shipping delay. I consider myself very blessed.

"Susan Devlin" <>


We just started our third round on DMSA (130 mg/8 hrs, 7/7) yesterday.

Z's hair test had lots of essential mineral imbalances which usually indicates Mercury. I

read and read and read, and finally decided just to jump in, that Amy Holmes' protocol sounded

safe enough to me, regardless of whether he really has a mercury problem. Now the exciting news: We're actually seeing really good results already. Z is using more advanced language, much less brain fog, much less stim, seems much more normal-acting, more conversational. If he keeps progressing at this rate, he'll be normal by Summer, and it's so scary to hope for that!

Terri Mykland <>


The chelation has been good for my daughter other than the first month where there were a few issues like bad days after chelation (More hyper than usual) increased urine accidents, even though she had some issue she was still performing well, increased vocalization, more with it,

Now after 3 months she has greatly increased vocalizations, more actual words and can say a few on command (which she could never do before) she is so much calmer,no more urine accidents,her eyes look clearer, I am awaiting lab report now and am hoping to add ALA soon.



I just wanted to let you all know, my son (7 yo) has made more improvement in the past 8 weeks on chelation, than ANY other therapy thus far! His teachers are overwhelmed by his progress, My PARENTS are amazed...He has been mainstreaming 1/2 day, and I have been told that by June he will be in a full day NT setting in school (possibly with speech)...I am THRILLED. My son lost all of his words at 15-16 months (thanks MMR), and he slowly regained his language because of MANY therapies, and HOURS of work on my part...a secretin/ anti fungal regimen brought his expressive speech back, AND now the chelation has made him "whole"...his eye contact, his imagination, and his "soul" have returned. ( I think the "soul" is what we have been missing) He was able to follow commands, and understand, but now he wants to be "here" again...I am VERY happy with this, and I felt like sharing Shari

CurePDD <>


I would highly recommend chelation as my son's life has changed so very much since he started it.Nothing we have done has prepared us for how much this chelation would mean to us. It has made our son learn so quickly that we have had to have an IEP chnage ( this WED ) as his tecaher said he has met all his goals ....but just since jan 1 (which coincidentally was

when we started ).Jeannie


We did six rounds of DMSA and saw progress after the first four rounds. We did not see progress in rounds five and six so we added ALA last weekend (round 7 weekend of 12/30/00). On Monday, day three of that cycle, Aislinn was all smiles but what was better than that

was what we saw the next couple days.

I put Aislinn to bed as usual Tuesday nightn (1/2/01) and Wednesday morning when I went to wake her I found her clutching her Madeline doll (it's a soft doll with red yarn for hair). We have had this doll since Aislinn was a baby. It was given to us by a dear friend of mine

either when Aislinn was born or for her first birthday. Aislinn used to drag it around the house till she was about a year and a half and she lost interest in it. Once we got the autism diagnosis I assumed that she had only been interested in it because of the texture of the hair.

Here she was, at almost eight years old, obviously having gotten out of bed to go get the doll so she could cuddle with it. I was so moved by this that I made the bed and tucked little Madeline

under the covers with her head on the pillow. When Aislinn went to bed Wednesday night (1/3/01), she was happy to find her there and slept with her again. Thursday also held some magical moments for us. We got a note from school that Aislinn actually swam that day "everything clicked" said the note. Aislinn has been swimming once a week for about three

years now and although she loves the water, she never actually swam. My mother also heard her say "grandma" but that is less significant because words have periodically crept out over the past few years but it's always sporadic and I've learned to get less excited about that.

What I am excited about is this awareness, this interest in "normal" childhood stuff and what I think looks like improvement in her apraxia. I believe her biggest obstacle to speech (and maybe writing and reading) is the apraxia and I think that the chelation is helping to get the metal out of the nervous system so that her brain is better able to process input.

I had started to lose hope again but these past few days have re-energized me.

Tali "Tali Wendrow" <>


I have many friends with children like mine with Autism. All are doing

chelation now, some 8 hour and a few 4 hr dosing. My son who is 11 started chelation recently and is progressing slowly. He is trying to talk, saying words here and there, and seems to be aware of things, like his baby pictures, etc.. that he never seemed to notice before.

One child, Rachael(5 1/2), in > particular I have watched almost normalize since starting chelation in July, (8 hour dosing). She was fairly seriously involved with major social, language, and phobic behaviors. She is not the same child today, she improves daily.

Melissa Harris <>


I have been chelating my non-verbal son every weekend for about a month now. Today, my oldest daughter asked her non-verbal brother if he understands what she is saying to him...he

nodded, and tried to say something. He also has been displaying behavior that indicates that he is understanding more, such as tonight, he brought me the Disney movie Oliver...His twin sister complained that she wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland, he promptly got the Alice in Wonderland video! These are small steps, but they are definately steps in the right

direction! Lindy <>


In the 5 rounds of ALA chelation that we have completed we have seen the following:

WONDERFUL eye contact, minor interaction with other children

Lots of hugs and kisses with her cousins, chasing the kids at the playground

played at the discovery zone type place, swinging on the swings

less "stimming" , minor spontanious verbalizations, will attempt any words requested

trying new foods, fighting her suppliments ;-)

played on the computer actualy trying to manupulate the mouse

Sat quietly and helped while getting her hair cut yesterday

this was a silent, non verbal, apaxic child before chelation who has lately had to be told to

be quiet in restraunts. Got loud yesterday trying to wake her cousin up,

While Grinning! She knew what she was doing! I had just told Grandma in her

hearing that you know Grace she's so quiet she won't wake her up! ;-)

laurie Mom to Grace 3.11 Laurie Hunter <>


My son Daniel was 3 on March 22nd. We have been doing speech therapy twice a week and OT for twice a week for a year and a half. Daniel regressed following his DTP from which he almost died. 10 days in the hospital, constant IV antibiotic, fever over 106, convulsions. He got better, but was never the same. Along with the therapies, we have done GFCF diet, ABA, supplements, etc. Nothing has helped the way chelation has. We just finished round 1 of DMSA only, and he has taken off. He is finally talking, and very clearly. He has lost his apraxia diagnosis. He knows all letters, numbers, 9 colors, 10 shapes, and speaks appropriatly, although not in long sentences-1 or 2 words. My husband was skeptical, but now knows that we could have done everything under the sun therapy wise, but it was not going to get through to him. He is indistinguishable, looks like a language delay. Can't wait to start round II. This is what did it for us. Best wishes to you. "Wendi Dupuy" <>


Jared is autistic, 7 1/2, 55lbs.- we go to Dr. Amy Holmes. We have been chelating since Sept. 00- we give 50 mg DMSA 25 ALA every 4 hours- 4 days off- 3 days on. We chelated in 99 for 3 months to lower tin and lead levels (we did not know about the mercury at this time) Jared is GFCF for two years now. He is doing great- we could not be happier.

kenneth kersmanc <>


My son was dx'd at age 2-1/2. At that time he

had no eye contact, no language (just sounds and babble), was sensory

defensive- didn't want to be touched or held, and had no relationship with

people. He would have pushed Brio trains on a floor all day long, if we let

him, and never noticed who in the family came or went.

Today, at age 4.8 yrs, thanks to biomed. interventions AND lots of

intensive 1:1 ABA, both in a school setting, and in a Home-based program, my

son is largely recovered. He is flourishing in a mainstream preschool class

with 22 kids and a shadow, who does VERY little prompting, except for social

stuff. My son talks non-stop (although he has a residual speech delay), he is

one of the most social kids in the class, he spontaneously hugs and kisses

us, his academics are all age-appropriate.

Definitely try to get your child started ASAP with an intensive 1:1 home

program for as many hours as you can, in conjunction with the biomed.

Interventions. This combination will afford your child the best opportunity

to maximize his progress in the shortest amount of time.



We started when my son was 6 and are almost done. His last two provocative

urine tests and fecal tests showed no mercury -- just arsenic and nickel.

The previous three urine tests showed mercury within or under reference

ranges. This has taken over three years for him but most of his problem was

living on a golf course where they sprayed large amounts of arsenic and I'm

sure there was loads of nickel in the fertilizers. He was extremely high in

almost all the toxic metals.

At this point, I think we're done with getting the bad stuff out (except for

the last of the arsenic) but will probably need to do a round of chelation

every six months or so and sauna a few times a week just to make sure his

body stays healthy. I think there is something that makes them hold onto

metals and toxins more and even after you get the metals out, it's wise to do

preventative things to keep their bodies from becoming toxic again.


We started the diet last

summer and started chelating mid February. After five cycles we are

definitely seeing progress. More conversation, less keeping to herself,

paying attention to the conversation of others and chiming in. Her memory

seems to be improving and she is starting to think ahead. Today we went to

Six Flags and she packed her backpack with stuff to do while we were

waiting in the long lines. This is amazing for her. And in the car with the

radio on she actually turned the music down so she could tell me something



I have a 7 year old daughter who is being chelated with 50mg of DMSA every 4 hours/ 3 days on/11 off. A year and a half ago she was considered aspergers. Now she has fully recovered and is in a regular class with no supports. She is on a strict gfcf diet. Her DD hair test showed elevated aluminum (11 with ref. range <8) and arsenic (0.14 with ref. range <0.06), with all the other items being within the ref. range. By the counting rules she is mercury toxic as well.


Here's something measured for you. Pre-chelation, my 9yo (asp)

couldn't pass a timed math test. Pregfcf his scores were 9 to 16%.

Once into gfcf, scores hit the upper 30th percentile. After the

first round of DMSA, 89%. Currently in the 90th percentile. Pre-

chelation, he struggled through the school year with accomodations

and an EA. Currently no EA, on the honor roll 2nd & 3rd term, only

accomodation is to answer essay questions orally.

Pregfcf, stressed to the max, mood swings, rages, sleep disorder, often sick. Gfcf - healthier, less stressed, fewer mood swings but occasional rages. Currently, 10 yo, no chronic

health problems, no mood swings, low stress, no sleep disorder, no rages since 8/00.

While his ASD was not as severe as some kids, he lived in constant

confusion, frequent terror and chronic poor health & pain. His life

has positively, not subtlely, improved on chelation.



We are using sustained release DMSA (100mg) every 8 hrs. for 3 days on/11 days off and having wonderful results. Maureen Jonathan E Fuller <>


most of us using ALA only are getting good results. Grace's ATEC scores have gone down 21 points in 17 days!!! On ALA only!!!

Laurie Mom to Grace 3.11


My son was put on ALA for it's antioxidant effects and since taking it in low doses has improved dramatically - I am investigating chelation as the reason his strongly

positive response to ALA (2mg/kg). I see that Andy says that ALA is a good chelator.


Our son recently completed his 7th round of chelation with DMSA every 4 hours, and I wanted to share his progress! He's 4 yrs old, and his dose has been 80 mg.. Here's the positive things we've seen during and (mostly) after the last 3-4 rounds: Our son started writing! the alphabet, short words, and numbers 1-10. This floored us as he'd never written anything by himself before. He writes equally well with both hands. He's started responding to smiles from us, returning a smile, and his facial expressions are just more "there". He's started eating several new fruits and vegetables (including lettuce!). We thought we'd never see the day, since he's been mostly a (GF) toast and water boy for quite a while. He's working so hard at processing what we say to him, and mostly succeeding at 2 step requests. And, finally, he's trying to

imitate speech! (Imitating on request and spontaneously) He's had terrible problems with apraxia, and we're going to have a long road to help him catch up his expressive language, but we think he's going to be OK.


The Fog is Lifting!!! We just finished round 3 yesterday with 3 on 4 off every 4 hours at 25

mg. + 250 mg. of Glycine every other dose. ABA is going awesome! We've never been able to get him to do any imitating "Gross Motor" and we've been trying since the beginning of January. Since the start of chelation 3 weeks ago he can now tap table, clap hands, wave, and place arms up. He is now "touching" head, feet, stomach, nose, mouth, and eyes. He got this in the last 2

sessions. At the rate we're going it won't be long before we're through with the Beginning Curriculum for ABA. I have a feeling we're going to have to redo his IEP for this school year. I'm so excited I can't stand it!!! The only side effects we've seen so far is he's really loud and more hyper. Jo (South Carolina)


My 11.5yo son, Richard, became autistic within hours of a DPT vaccination in

1991. We started DMSA Chelation in October 2000 by giving 150mg DMSA + 500mcg

Melatonin every four hours from Friday at 6pm to Sunday at 10pm. We did not

miss a single weekend of chelation. I give a long list of supplements on

Monday through Friday in the mornings. Richard's symptoms like chronic constipation, hands over ears (Mg deficiency) and recurring yeast infections cleared up within a month to six weeks of starting chelation.

In January, I started giving 50mg Alpha Lipoic Acid + 150mg DMSA + 500mcg Melatonin every four hours from Friday at 6pm to Sunday at 2pm. I also gave 150mg DMSA + 500mcg Melatonin at 6pm and 10pm on Sunday to clean out any free floating Mercury released by the ALA. In March, I increased the dose of ALA to 100mg every four hours. Richard continued to improve. He lost that chronically ill look and started to talk a little more often. His listening

skills improved substantially and he could answer simple questions.

Bob Fisher, Kalamazoo, Michigan "Bob Fisher" <>


We are seeing Improvement with chelation. Austin has never been able to stand on one foot for longer than 2 or 3 seconds. He came to me last night and said, "Watch this mom" He stood on

one leg for a full 10 seconds!!! I was astounded. We are in the middle of round 4 of chelation. I am just thrilled. Also, he told me the medicine makes him "feel better"



My son was a DTP vaccine reactor which ended him up in the ER at just 8 weeks of age .

MMR at 12 months or so ended him with encephalitis. One bad thing after another ensued. Total loss of what little language he had gained, know the routine and have

seen it or lived it all yourself before. Diarrhea . Vomiting. Bone thin . Couldn't stand the sunlight. Heat was a killer . Couldn't stand loud noises . Hated reading a book or even me reading to him. After we stopped his diarrhea at about age 3 or 4 his weight rectified itself and then suddenly sprung up at age 5 as his thyroid shut down. One disappointment after another.

We have literally tried it all ( except IVIG which I found terribely invasive ). And with every therapy came a small success. Everything we did helped some and some things helped quite a bit in some areas.Bethanechol, secretin, SI therapy, GFCF Diet, AIT, etc etc etc.

But nothing could have prepared me for what chelation was going to do for us.

He is now about to start his first round of Phase Two on 75 mg DMSA with 25 mg ALA every 3 hours ... his Round 18. Hope he likes and thrives with the ALA as much as I have !

After 14 months GFCF he is now able to eat pretty much whatever. His yeast issues are gone. Of course we still add enzymes to heavy gluten meals but I don't even do that for Casein anymore as he has proven to have gone thru a total cure on that one. A new CDSA will reveal what we have yet to work on or set our sights for. A fatty acid test proved that he is not too terribley off kilter there either any longer !! He is eating a variety of foods now as well as drinking many new liquids all of a sudden. From 5 foods to this ! He no longer wets the bed at night as I believe I have mentioned once before in a post.

At 3 he weighed about the same as a mosquito. Then as he grew he changed and became 4'3" and weighed a whopping 102 pounds as his thyroid shut down. Now with GFCF and chelation,

in about one year has grown to 4'8" and is now 93 pounds. His hypothyroidism is stalled and hopefully he will be able to produce it all properly from here on out. He now plays with children very well with apporpriate eye contact. He is even initiating play with children ! He responds well to questions about his age and name although it is very shyly. He has even started imaginary play on his own and as recently as today joined in with others in their pretend play and played appropriately much to my shock and great pleasure.

His language, both receptive and expressive, has improved a great deal ( although this is where he is still far below average ) .But considering from where we started, this too is a remarkable achievement. His eyesight has gone from 2.25 down to 1.5 of normal - meaning that

his eyes are improving ! He can play outside without shading those eyes. He can climb and hang onto monkey bars - even though he would be considered far from coordinated, LOL. But it doesn't have to look pretty to be okay ! He can hit a baseball without a T .

He can sink baskets in a basketball game and has learned to bounce/dribble the ball ( not great, but hey ... it's a start ).His taste in movies isn't between Blues Clues and Barney anymore. He

enjoys Dr Dolittle, Small Soldiers and Indian in the Cupboard , Spy Kids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .... you know ... regular kid movies. He just attended the symphony with us; was IN the 4th of July parade; entered a race with me after the parade in the swimming pool in a mom and kid race . And as much of a slug as I thought I was we didn't come in last either !

This is almost .... okay almost, but not quite.... what I expect moms of truly "typical" kids to do with their children. This is what chelation has done for us.

Jeannie G.


. Rachael used DMSA for 3 months and after a testing we had pulled out all the mercury from the body. We then added the ala with DMSA and tested after about the third round. We were

pulling out more mercury and that was the mercury that had crossed the blood brain barrier. My child is basically recovered from autism, so I can't say enough good things about

chelation. If you met her you would see a normal child.

Mary Jane (Rachael's mom)


Improvements began with the first round and have continued. On the third day of the first round, Joe began to complain when I would help him with taking off his pajamas. Before, I could pretty much do whatever with him without any complaints. He also began to ask a lot of questions, particularly about books we were reading. He used to like me to read the same book over and over. The first round of chelation he began to ask what words in the book meant, even though he had heard them numerous times before. It was like he was suddenly hearing the story for the first time. His teachers report the same changes, although we never told them we were chelating. In addition, his handwriting improved drastically. Joe is seldom "spacey" anymore. Receptive language is still low, but improving. His expressive language skills have definitely improved and continue to do so. He is much better able to talk about family issues.

Some things, however, have not improved. When Joe gets sick, his OCD tendencies greatly heighten. He is still frequently congested and sick sometimes. His eating is very self-limited, and he is underweight. He still reacts strongly to foods such as soy, casein, and gluten.

We are seeing mercury and lead in numbers above the reference range when we test. We are still on DMSA alone, without ALA. We will continue to do this as long as we see improvements and see the metals coming out in the urine. We are very encouraged by the results thus far.



We have been chelating our son Aaron for a year now, I have to say it was one of the best things we have ever done, besides dietary changes and ABA. Honestly, we have seen bumpy roads along the way. But over all the good out ways the bad and I must say our son is a
different child then even a year ago. Melt downs are down to a minimum, and basically almost gone, he has become more patient and does not have to have his way on the spot, he understands life better over all, and asks lots of appropriate questions concering emotions and everything in general about life. His language has grown in leaps and bounds, his sense of humor is wonderful, kidding and joking, he has personality that is shining through, and you see both his fathers traits and mine. He understands being good and bad, even when others are not being honest
versus dishonest. He enjoys life more, he is happier, and I do not wake up anymore wondering what the day will hold. The bipolar behavior has subsided tremendously. His independance has grown almost over night. He is quick to make right responses in different situations.
Although he is still in a regular ed class, not much has changed in that area, he still needs to be kept on task, but he has gotten nicer to the children and more tolerant of his aides, and understands why they are there. He will tell me at times that someone talked to him and he did not
want to talk back, or he wanted to tell them to shut up, or they are stupid (these are things he has

picked up from children that are mean to him) but he tells me even though he felt like it he didn't, so he is able to make more appropriate decisions for himself. We have not done all the testing involved, we spend so much on supplements and dietary things, that the tests because some could be not done at the right time, such as urine and stool, I hate to pay for hit and miss, in other words you may go out of your way to do a urine or a stool, and what was going to come out may have come out the day before, so they are not exactly reliable, but parents who have gotten good test results are so pleased to know that metals are coming out. We do have regular CBC's done to keep an eye on the blood count and liver and kidneys to make sure the immune system is still doing what it is suppose to. I make occasional doctor appointments and our doctor can see the differance although he himself does not understand it all.I have to say our son has also been so healthy, his colds last a few days, antibiotics our almost a thing of the past for us. We have seen behaviors that are most likely caused by yeast and parasites, which are aggrevated by the movement of metals as they move out of the body, but with all the help there is on the internet on different groups we seem to get through it all with positive rewards. Aaron is older so he is not going as fast as some of the younger ones that have almost been recovered. All children are going at a different pace, almost no 2 alike through the chelation process, but it
is easier to do then people think. I have to say though, when we first started to do it I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life, we saw every old behavior that we had seen
through the years, but now with langauge, I went out in the garage and sobbed thinking I had done the worst thing in the world, but I now realize that as the metals were moving that this is normal, and it is OK, if it is making our little ones well. We did have a hair test when he was 3, that showed lots of mercury and other toxic things high, then we had a hair test almost a year ago that showed different, but all that showed us was that the metals had gone deeper into the tissue of the body organs and brain. For us there was no option, we have to get the poison toxic metals out of our son, and we are glad we have made the decision, and I think just to give you
some comfort, the good has outwayed the bad for most of the children, lots of positives and lots of parents to cheer you on in good times and bad. I have to say again, our son is a
different person, just more normal over all. And no he is not fully recovered but
well on his way to a better life then I would have imagined even a year ago, I'll give you a perfect
example, just now he was outside in the front playing with a remote control car, we have the third part of our garage converted into a room for our cats, he had let the cats out so they could go outside for a while also, he just came in he let me know he had closed the garage, and he had put the cats back in thier room before he closed the garage door so they would not get hurt. Now if you look back at my original post this past year on the site, I like to remember back to when Aaron was 4 and very severe, the only thing he didn't do was smear fecal matter
and eat dirt. He was non verbal, still in diapers, ate baby food, drank a bottle tantrumed all day and was horrified!!!!!!! of the whole world, literally everyone and everything,
self injurious, and stimmed all day. He looked retarded with his little crossed eye, and I never thought I would be able to look back years from now and be relieved that those years have passed, but they have Lisa, and he has come far. I will continue to chelate until I feel with
have gotten everything out of the body that was never ment to be their. My
sister has a boyfriend that is a doctor, I love to talk to him, he seems to think that if we get the

metals out he sees not reason why recovery would not be possible, he says the body and brain have the ability to regenerate, and children bounce back wonderfully. Almost like some stroke patients, the ony differance is a stroke patient has something to go back to, most of these children did not have much before the original insult to their system, so they have to make up for lost time and have alot to learn because they missed so many development stages,Leah
"Valadez" <


I am so glad you posted this, my son had the EXACT same reaction. We started in December, and he regressed TERRIBLY. I was also going to stop, but stuck with it, and my son has come out of his horrible phase. His awareness level is at an all time high, he is seeking out other

children his age to play (7.5) I am ecstatic, and would reccomend to anyone to hang in there, and press on :)-Shari CurePDD <>


Rachael was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She had lost 99% of what vocabulary she did have, very poor eye contact, acted deaf - just tuned out from the world. She played repetitively like taking all the blocks out of a box and then putting them back in the box over and over and over.....she would line her toys up, but not play with them, unless you consider watching her see and say spin around and around and around! She had major auditory
problems very very sensitive to sound. She could not be in public because sound just hurt her too much, she was very very phobic of people and just had lots of fears and phobias.. We started her on the GFCF diet, did Digital Auditory Aerobics (AIT) , occupational therapy, speech therapy,and she takes paxil for the obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. The paxil helped reduce her anxiety so that she was more receptive and able to do the other therapies. We also did cranial sacral therapy for a few months just this past year. She had really come a long way and was doing better than some people ever hoped for her. Then there was chealation!!!! Rachael is six years old and has been chealating for over a year now. We are about to do another test to see if she is still pulling out metal. She is going to kindergarden this year and loving it! She no longer requires speech therapy, she has friends, and a very lively imagination. She plays baby dolls and barbies and dress up like any other little girl her age. She has great eye contact, and no stims whatsoever! She has been off the GFCF diet for a few months and doing beautifully, though we were really afraid to take her off! She is a normal little girl. The one area where Rachael still does have problems is fine motor with writing. She does still see her occupational
therapist and now that she is writing every day in kindergarden she is catching up fast!
Mary Jane

James will become age 5 tomorrow. James was diagnosed with autism after a total regression about
3-3.5; it took us awhile to notice how severe it was, We believe James ate some lead paint chips at about age 3 that fell from the ceiling during a severe rain storm while living in Kazakstan. He has many toxic metals in his body. Developmentally James is about 3.5-4 but his language
skills are extremely weak, primarily naming and asking. He began taking a "Mitocondrial Cocktail" of 5 ingredients and soon was walking again. He has been GFCF for 10 months. He takes many supplements. He has had ABA for 6 months about 3-4 hours a day. He had some rare parasites that I hope have been eliminated, I have not retested. We are extremely encouraged by lack of side effects following Andy's 3-4 hour chelating protocol and delighted by the improvements we are noticing in James at this early stage after 2 rounds of chelation.
August 25-26-27 Second weekend DMSA/ALA Campaign Began Friday at 2:00 end ended Monday 4:00AM. Last two doses were DMSA only. No side effects or bad behavior. Much more speech, clearer and more focused eyes. James is becoming delightful again. Sang himself to sleep several nights and often talks to himself. When he wants to have a conversation he
points out colors or shapes of objects. Still no conversation. He's saying "Look" and watches to see if I look! He is smiling and laughing while playing and riding his bike. Today he delighted in an Epsom salt bath and repeatedly asked me to pour water over his head while he
giggled. James is noticing his wet or dirty diaper and asking for a new diaper. He will sometimes say he is going to pee and go himself to the toilet. He hums or talks to himself while he does most things. You have all helped me to get my son to the point he is now when the AMA doctors offered no more hope for us. Our family doctor is amazed at James' progress.
James begins Kindergaten on Tuesday. Sharon in Virginia


We are finished with chelation ! After 16 months of chelation therapy my son's metals are all in range. Chelation was a big success for us and has improved him immeasurabley. If I was to tell anyone anything that they should positively do it would be this. Not totally cured, of course, he is nonetheless light years from where he was when we first started it. Each month still brings us new achievements which we had never conceived as possible. No longer GFCF ( although I still cook recipes that way roughly 50% of the time ), with his pancreas working splendidly now producing enzymes normally, our last bastian is his hypotonia ( he had a DTP recation as well as MMR ), auditory issues ( he still doesn't pronounce words acurately ) and lastly the newly acquired yeast after the phase two ALA came on board ( ugh ). Otherwise his social skills, appropriate behaviors and such are well on their way . His CNS is definitely reorganizing now as he requires loads more sleep than before .... but we are excited and watching his progress daily as he surprises us regularly with new skills. Overall, it has been the least expensive therapy we have ever tried and by far the most effective. Blessings, Jeannie


my sons chelation dose of DMSA is 50 mg daily with 75 mg ALA(split 3 times a day)
I have been using the DAN PROTOCOL for over 6 months. We test our child
regularly to make sure he is doing well on this protocol. He is on over 30
supplements daily to help support his system. From what I hear from parents,.it takes several years to rid mercury from the body and this is why I choose to be as aggressive as I can but yet not doing damage. I'm concerned that using such low doses as Andy's protocol slow down the

My son was diagnosed with autism at 23 three in Oct. He has made
incredible leaps. I cant even begin to paint a clear picture for you because
words dont do it justice. besides the fact it would take forever:-)
Yes we do experience the runs the first two days of chelation
as each day goes on the stemming increases but thats about it. after two days
off the DMSA there is always a very visible jump of progress. He is very
healthly and feels better that he ever has.
Yes there are several parents on this board that are having good results with
low doses, but there are also a ton of parents who are having good results
with the DAN PROTOCOL . Kimberly
I think what most of us are doing is low dose chelation, but more frequently
to keep the chelator even in the blood stream, and not to over tax the kidneys and liver, our son is 60pds, 8 years old. and we give it every 4 hours 3 days on 4 days off. The amount in a 24 hour period is 350mg, our son is doing well and we have seen progress since the beginning of chelation. Please others correct me if I am mistaken, I think the side affects are alittle worse on a higher doses so we have stayed at 50 and it has worked fine,
Leah %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

My daughter suffered from autism due to mercury poisoning from vaccines. Far Infared sauna removes mercury safely from the body. This is the prime method that I have used to successfully remove mercury from my 5 year old daughter who was effected by mercury exposure, today she is quite normal and happy, she suffered from extreme sensory integration disorder and developmental delay. Today she is a model student and has many friends and is doing great in school. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Theresa Hayes,


My son began displaying autism symptoms at the age of 5months. He received his first DPT vaccine at the age of 4 months. However; at the age of 8 months upon receiving his 2nd DPT the symptoms increased. For my son, 3 1/2 yo, chelation in combination with Houston enzymes works the best. Of course, lots of supplements too, which I'm sure helps a lot, but the thing that seems to make a huge difference are these enzymes. We started chelation 4 months ago, but things started to work really well and faster since we added the Houston enzymes. Now my son learns differently and at an accelerated rate, but I am convinced that he would have never been able to learn this way and do all the things he can do now, without chelation. My son was 3 y 3 ms. old when we started chelation and he is doing great now. Others have started with older kids and had even better results. I guess itdepends on each person. I started with ALA alone and added DMSA later, after about 6 months or so... Chelation seemed to work better and faster with both. Before chelation, he was definitely one of the not so fortunate ASD kids. He couldn't even remember one word for five minutes (and this is only one example of the things he couldn't do). I feel really proud of myself too when I look at my son now.
A year ago he could barely remember his name and he was in a really bad condition
and now... we can play together, we laugh a lot, he likes to play tricks on me...
Valentina Scharpf <>



Here are my four kids, pre-chelation:
#1 boy shadow-AS, ADD, CAPD, gifted in most areas
#2 boy low-functioning Kanner's autism, never developed, had no skills at age 4
#3 boy no language at age 4, lots of skin problems and oral behaviors, possibly PDD
#4 girl major food issues, I did not allow the MMR which I am sure would have made her regress

I am chelating all four of my kids with ALA, here is where they are now:
#1 much less severe symptoms, have completed maybe 25 rounds with him
#2 boy no longer qualifies as autistic, still severely language delayed, no behavior issues, food issues resolving, developmentally about age 3, chron age almost 7; My son must have been VERY metal toxic, because he is doing amazingly well with ALA chelation. I started with him when he was age 5-1/2.My son showed almost no improvement until I started chelating with ALA.
#3 boy has quite a bit of language now, more than #2, food issues resolving, no more skin problems or oral behaviors
#4 girl talks WAY TOO MUCH, no more food issues even without enzymes, except for artificials
She had one eye which wandered out. It also would get goopy green eye discharge. It was worse when she ate a food she did not tolerate, or when she had a yeast problem. ALA chelation has entirely removed this problem. You can read our story here, if you want
Dana <>


My 8yo developed vocal tics, like coughing and things like that. When
I treat him for yeast, his tics go away. I use GSE. So for him , it is yeast.

he appears to be shadow-AS and ADD, maybe some CAPD, but I am chelating him and his "issues" are disappearing. Dana <>
So far, we've done 16 rounds. The results have been out of this world! He is so
much calmer and more social than when we started. He still has problems with auditory processing but I believe that too will go away. It's definitely worth the sleepless nights. :)
Joan <>


My son who was autistic is much better after chelation. He does not have an official diagnosis anymore, but he still has some mild Sensory integration issues. He is very bright, very social with us at home, his grandparents, his therapists, and he does pretty well socially when it is one-on-one. It gets harder for him when he is buggy and larger groups are really tough. He looks and acts quite normally, just socially delayed. I think the noisiness of the preschools doesn't bother him nearly as much as it used to, he just has a harder time paying attention and staying on task. We have chelated for 26 rounds (we are on round 27 this weekend) and have
seen some tremendous gains, but I was hoping the social skills in a group setting would come in and the anxiety would diminish. He learns all the songs in preschool. Sits and pays attention in circle time, tells me what everybody did at school, tells me what he did at school. He just can't seem to feel comfortable enough to talk to the other children. He still parallel plays.

Elizabeth <>



Elijah 4 had major problems including ODD, OCD and was succumbing to the world of vaccination damage when he was 15 months old, and now after 10 rounds of chelation is almost fully recovered. Patti, "tiredmamma18042" <>


I am having success with combining EDTA oral and ALA. For those of you that don't know, Jon has been chelating since June of 2000. Started off with ALA only and everytime I added DMSA he would regress, develop something that looked like a bug bite with a ring around it and get very aggressive. Jon had lead in him in addition to mercury and I was concerned with leaving the lead in him. Jon had head banging, flapping his hands, Spinning and losing his words he had acquired. now he has some speech...ah, I remember the first time he called me "Mommy" after 3 years of not knowing who I was..sigh. He is not stimming like he used to and is not having a rough day after coming off the round. His language is improving and his vocabulary is getting larger. His understanding is increasing slowly and patience is needed. He has fewer meltdowns. We have not done every weekend like I'd like to but I have 2 other children, 14 and 12 and 2 jobs and this year I have been battling with the school to keep him off medication and change their teaching methods,so I do this as often as I can. I intend to be more diligent this year as I have seen progress with every chelation round. Let me remind everyone Jon was severely damaged (and you can refer to the photo section) this is a child that lost all speech just after 17 months (after 20+vaccines), screamed for 2 weeks straight and would spin, flap his hands, bang his head. His ears were red, his eyes were dialated and he didn't know who anyone was. Jon was Completely lost to the world.
> Although Jon is not fully recovered he understands all the basic language no longer spins, flaps, etc. but is OCD, and language impaired but not incapable of learning. I believe now we need to retrain the brain and continue with chelation. Jon gets Houston Enzymes, Natures Biotics, Allergy A, Oil of Oregano or GSE when needed. no sugar, preservatives, dyes or hydrogenated
oils. He doesn't tolerate B's but does well with magnesium. Jon is now 9 years old. It is music to my ears to hear him say "Thank you" and "Your Welcome" when he didn't even look at me or know who I was for more than 3 years Adrian, Jon Paul's mom, Determined Parent
"Prokofiew" <>

I reported last week about my son's tremendous speech progress (he caught up 6 months of speech in 2 weeks), but I have to post again. His speech therapist formally evaluated his language skills this morning. She did a preschool test. My son is 2y4m and he tested 2y5m for expressive language and 2y7m for receptive language!!! I cannot believe his receptive level... he was still non verbal in April, at approximately 12 months level 3 weeks ago and at approximately 18 months level last week!
I want to add that he has a severe apraxia and his articulation is terrible. So his speech is very difficult to understand but he does not qualify for language delay anymore, just articulation issues.
We have done 17 rounds so far: 12 with DMSA only and 5 with DMSA+ALA under Andy's protocol.
"ferdeson" <>


I started chelating a 16 yr old with ADHD/CAPD/LD who couldn't sleep, was sensitive to touch, sounds, light, reacted to almost every food, chemical out there, had bowel & stomach problems and had been labeled Bipolar. This kid will be 18 very soon and no longer has any signs of displays any signs of sensitivities, eats anything, communicates well, socializes, drives, sleeps well and is continuing to get better. So no 15 is not too late to start.

Michele "zookpr56" <>


Tyler was 4 weeks early weighing only 3 lbs.After his MMR shot, he was sick for 3 days, with a fever of a 103. He's not been well since. He just turned 4. His weight is 30 lbs. He is also behind in a lot of of things. He is on Luvox for his OCD, that he has really bad. He has alot of sensory issues too. "Michele" <>


We used homeopathic detox for my 5-year old autistic son. We did 10 rounds of DMSA/ALA first, at low dose, but switched. With the homeopathic detox he has similar detox reactions...gets spacier and stimmier, but his overall health and blood work improved significantly through the homeopathic process. We have been homeo now for more than 1-1/2 years, but also use DAN supports, such as minerals, transfer factor, EFA, B12 injections. We use Dr. Gregory Ellis at, but see him in person not through web. My son is in mainstreamed pre-k, goes to school, karate, roller-skating and camp with typical kids.

"mak4232001de" "<>


My son is 50 pounds, taking 10 mg. DMSA, and 12.5mg ALA, Andy's protocol. We are on our 13th round and he is doing wonderfully well - no ill side effects. We are seeing gains in social and language skills, the school is going to try discontinuing his LRC next week and putting him instead, into regular reading and math groups with his other classmates!!

"Kim Wolford"



My son was severely autistic. We were lucky to start chelation very soon after his diagnosis, just before he turned 2 yo. Today, after 45+ rounds, I do not think he meets the autism criteria anymore. He is more ADHD. > I have never done IV of anything, just oral chelation with DMSA and ALA per Andy Cutler's protocol. Natalie "ferdeson" "<>


My son is essentially recovered from autism doing chelation for mercury. I do dmsa and ala, sam-e , ala, dmsa, mtp . Those are 5 different protocols.With all of them I make sure I have filled him up enough B's, C,D.A,zinc, efa's,magnesium, calcium,dmae, dmg, omegazyme,coq10,. The dmsa/ala every 3-4 hours three days on 2 weeks off.Sam-e 2 200mgs a day for 3 days, ala every 3-4 hours three days on 2 weeks off,dmsa 3 days every 3-4 hours then 2 weeks off,mtp-fri, sat, sun once a day.I saw the most improvements with the dmsa/ala and the sam-E protocols. My son told me the sam-E made him feel the best of all of them.I think you have to do trial and error because of the children having different systems screwed up in their bodies. We always took 5 steps forward, 3 steps back.....but we always ended up ahead of the horror that was stealing my son .I always knew that when I first saw regression that he would soon make progress especially when he was a toddler.I was almost like a hurdle had to be jumped first.

Maria R "Maria & Jack Rawlings" "<>


more cases



" I had a 12 year old girl that went from a straight-A student to a D student in 2 years. We tested her and she was found to have very high mercury content. She was also diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, a mild form of Autism. After using one box of Detoxamin her mercury content decreased and her grades went back up to straight A's". , Dr. Robert Schwartz, The Dalles, Oregon 3- 7-03



I have now tested the first Austrian child with autism-8 years boy who never had any fillings.

He responded clearly positively to 2 metals:inorganic mercury and nickel. I do not know anything about her mother's health status.

Vera Vera Stejskal <>


" At the recent ACAM meeting, Ronald Hoffman, MD presented the case of an autistic

girl he had treated . Her hair mercury was extremely high, probably as a result of transplacental transfer of the metal or vaccinations. After DMSA treatment, Dr. Hoffman said the child was no more autistic than Bill Gates. The school psychologists re-evaluated the child and in their wisdom proclaimed that the original diagnosis of autism was a misdiagnosis and that the child could never have had autism! Dr. Hoffman can be found on the ACAM site, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Unlocking Autism:

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kids recovered from autism at



Certified by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

21800 Marylee St., #48

Woodland Hills, CA 91367


June 28, 2001

I am a physician certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and

Neurology, conducting clinical practice in Southern California. In the last

few years I have begun specializing in the treatment of developmentally

delayed children, primarily those in the autistic spectrum disorder group.

I was called into this work by one of my grandchildren being diagnosed with

autism, and have since been non-stop researching and trying to understand

and treat this disorder.

At this point I am treating as many children as I can handle in my practice,

and the stories are all so similar that I must corroborate from my clinical

experience what is becoming obvious to many throughout the world. The

vaccines as part of the toxic world we live in are contributing to the

weakening of the children's immune systems generally, borne out by the

incredible rise in asthma/allergic disorders, diabetes, and other autoimmune

diseases as well as autism. If there happens to be a genetic predisposition

in the family, the combination of the genetics and toxic insult particularly

during gestation or early childhood may lead to developmental delay from

mild learning disorders and ADD/ADHD to full-blown autism Statistics are

bearing this out; one in 150-250 children are receiving the autistic

diagnosis at this time, and literally millions of children are being treated

for learning delay disorders with the numbers increasing every year.

Though the general feeling among clinicians such as I is that the injury

most often starts with the injection at birth of the toxin thimerosal in the

Hep B, (which has recently finally been removed from the newborn's vaccine)

the cumulative effect of the vaccines injure the child's immune system

starting a familiar chain of events. That is, multiple

infections/antibiotics, gut disorders, food intolerances etc. with the MMR

often being the final blow before their descent into autism.

My current recommendation is that any child and particularly one with a

developmental disorder or with a family member with an autoimmune or

developmental delay disorder be given special care by the physician ordering

the vaccines. Several caveats are that the child should be in good health

before receiving vaccines, all vaccines be thimerosal free, and all

vaccines be given as separate components, e.g. M & M & R each being six

months apart and boosters only for those testing negative for immunity.

Hepatitis B should be given to a newborn only if the mother tests positive,

otherwise the child can wait until 4-5 years of age. Pediatricians are

recommended to read the July 2001 issue of Pediatrics for more

recommendations; their report on Mercury in the Environment states that all

recommended childhood immunizations are available in thimerosal-free forms

now, and parents must insist on these for their children. Parents must be

willing to be advocates for their children and help educate their doctors

during this period of intense research and reform that is taking place

regarding childhood immunizations.

Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D. E-mail


Excellent success treating autism using TD DMPS chelation;

Dr. R. Buttar, Autism, the Misdiagnosis of Our Future Generations, Congressional Testimony: Government Reform and Oversight Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, May 2004,