Eye problems related to mercury.

From my experience I know of 5 eye problems related to mercury. There are probably

more. One eye problem mercury causes is chronic iritisits documented in the medical literature and someone else I know had it. Another is color vision; thats also documented in the medical literature and several I know have had color vision improve after amalgam removal, including me.

I have Fuch's disease(clouding of cornea caused by deterioration/glumping

of endothelial cells in the cornea. Aggressive form of cataracts. Animal studies and in vitro studies have shown mercury causes similar damage to endothelial cells in various

parts of the body due to deterioration and free radical effects. Since having my amalgams removed over the last 2 years, my ophthalmologist says that the deterioration of the endothelial layer of my corneas has slowed considerably compared to 2 years ago. My vision has also improved so much that I cannot see at all through my glasses that I got 4 years ago. My optometrist who did the glasses and reexamined me was really surprised, said my vision had improved almost 50%. I no longer wear glasses.

Another eye problem related to mercury is dry eyes. Several clinics have had success with improvements after amalgam replacement. The other eye problem known to sometimes be related to mercury is macula degeneration. The buildup of mercury in the eye is similar to in Fuchs, etc. and causes clouding and degeneration. Someone I know says a relative got better after amalgam replacement. The following are a few abstracts or references Im aware of.

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I have had the opportunity to do a vision exam on Andy Cutler in April 1999 and again in December 1999. During this time period, Andy's visual acuity improved, astigmatism dramatically reduced, crystalline lenses became clearer, sensory fusion improved and convergence improved. There was no direct treatment of any visual disorders during this time. None of these things are expected to improve with time or age. Andy had his amalgams removed in the spring of 1998 and has since been chelating

based on calculations that he did from some of the Russian literature among other sources.

I have seen a couple of other kids with mercury whose convergence and focusing became much better after detox than we could achieve with other treatment. The mercury people have

convergence insufficiency, accommodative insufficiency, mydriatic

pupils, and brunescence of the crystalline lens. They frequently miss appointments or are late.

I've also seen some kids with arsenic. Everyone with arsenic that I have seen has been very sensitive to small refractive changes and has difficulty with visual spatial relations.

Amy L. Riskedahl, OD

optometric physician





Same was reported in a Finn lady's 1989 published book of her

amalgam removal experiences, where she had her

amalgams removed, and she did no chelation, just Vitamin C 5

grams a day, the lens clearing happened a bit faster even than with

Andy, and as said, no chelation, just vitamin C, so the stopped

mercury caused oxidation of the eye proteins and increased antioxidant

intake are responsible for the improvements.


Similarly, Sam Queens Chronic Mercury toxicity book has references

of Ascorbate improvements of eye parameters in relation to mercury.


Regards, Ray S.




My experience is the same as yours.

In a week following the complete amalgam replacement my long-sightness

reversed and I could read newspapers in the morning again.

The glasses, already ordered, were never needed.


This happened 8 years ago-and no need for glassed yet!


If your doctor would be interested to ship the blood for testing by MELISA, it could be arranged.


Dr. Vera Stejskal, vera.melisa@swipnet.se




after my 2nd quadrant of amalgams was replaced, my eyes no longer crossed for the first half hour each day. I was able to read comfortably again. On the day of the 4th and final removals, I could see a normal visual horizon again.

If you'd like me to send you an article I wrote on my case history

which was published in a health magazine, I'd be glad to do so.

Carol Ward, DAMS Coordinator Carolward@erols.com



It seems that this is all related to lens clearing while Dr. Riskedahl observed quite a bit more interesting areas of improvement in my eye exam. Most specifically the improvement in vergence which is due to improvement in the health of the third cranial nerve presumably due to mercury levels in the brain being reduced. Improved sensory fusion is likely due to a general reduction of mercury in the entire brain.


Also note that during the first exam I was taking 2 grams of vitamin C 4 times a day, while during the second exam I was taking 1 gram of vitamin C 4 times a day. Apparently Vit C alone

is not the answer.


Andy Cutler PhD Chemist




You might want to contact Doty Murphy, M.D., who informed Hal Huggins

that people with amalgams tend to get black streaks on the retina, and

absent in people without amalgam. Further, the black streaks begin to

disappear after removal of amalgams. See p.122, "It's All In Your Head".


My own vision bothered me quite a bit just prior to amalgam removal. I

could not get glasses that gave me vision free of distortion annoyance.

Several weeks after amalgam removal, my color vision improved, which was

a real surprise, as color acuity had disappeared so slowly that I did not

know it had decreased. The colors became so brilliant, I was amazed.


That was in 1990. Now, I have recently begun driving comfortably without

glasses, for the first time in twenty years. I can also read standard

newsprint at six feet from my eyes, which I could not have done in 1990,

with or without glasses.


As an opthamologist, you might also be interested in knowing that some

people who reach mercury intolerance reveal it by becoming intolerant to

eye preperations containing thimerosal.


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> Subject: Re: post removal experience


> Yes, Bernie, in some ways I am better. Some of the joint pain has subsided but >mostly my eyesight has improved very much. My head is really clearing and ***** >especially better if I take small amounts of Vitamin C everyday.



> My neck and hands are a bit shacky still at times but I have lots more strength in my >muscles. I've had more initiative to do things even though I'm still taking it one day at >a time. AND SWEAT!!! I'VE SWEATED A RIVER!!!


> My metal glasses break out my face more than ever ‑ I have two red rings on my >face ‑ and I don't dare put in pierced earings yet. My glasses make little tiny water >blisters that burst with a sticky fluid inside but I have to still wear my glasses to read >and type so I just grin and bear it.

>. Did I mention relaxed? I am much more relaxed which relieves my neck muscles >and my hands don't want to curl up like they did when I walk. And my balance is >better ‑ I don't feel as spastic when I walk.



> Thanks for asking; Jackie




From: talevich <talevich@worldaccessnet.com>

Subject: Re: Something kind of neat!


My sister had a distractingly beautiful day of seeing brilliant colors

after having a gold bridge replaced opposite amalgam fillings. She also

had difficulty in concentrating on the tasks at hand, needing to get used

to being able to see colors again.



I'm showing remarkable progress as I'm going through mercury detox. (With

LA/DMSA/DMPS‑all orally) My chronic inflammation has decreased

amazingly....is like a miracle, really. Years of nightmarish atypical edema

are going away. Severe fibrocystic breast disease has virtually vanished. My

eyeglass prescription has improved 50%. And I'm an optician! Still have alot

of the "overt" signs of mercury poisoning, the weird skin flushing, odd

lesions, and the list goes on....temperature changes are still dramatic...very

little tolerance for heat or sun right now. But my auto‑immune problems are

so much better that it's truly like seeing a light at the end of a tunnel.


I'm actually able to sleep through the night..without getting up literally ten

times to hit the bathroom.....and the quality of sleep is so much

improved...what a difference that makes in how one feels. I've been plagued

with severe problems (chronic fatique, environmental illness‑allergic to

virtually anything, Myasthania Gravis, Polyglandular Auto‑Immune failure (lost

my ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, part of my thymus, and so on)for

over twenty years.......so this improvement is particularly amazing to me.


Vanessa Strange <CASBAHP@aol.com>


My girlfriend had her amalgams removed and took the info on Parkinsons to her amalgam using dentist. I sent her to my new merc‑free dentist for the removal. Imagine... she also has occulogyric crisis (eyes roll up into her head occassionally and she cant see... she was dx with parkinson's at age 23y and is now 37. Well, after removal was half done her eyes quit going "out" when she went to Sam's club where they have strong hallogen lighting. Prior to that she always had to be accompanied.. Now she goes whenever she wishes and does not have to worry about going blind in

Sam's Club!!! Im awaiting other improvements. Marie mgreen@xmission.com


jumar@CLARA.net / better after amalgam replacement


Recently had all (8) amalgams removed completely along with six

extractions under general anaesthetic last week ‑ took nearly four hours aparently,

and I sure didn't feel too good last week ...


but now, WHAT A DIFFERENCE already. My vision is improving, morning ******

migraines have vanished, much less muscular pain, clarity of thought is returning

long way to go and I did promise myself to be patient and cautious but I

really can tell a big differance already (less than ten days!).

The whole thing was done under Hal Huggin's "protocol" ‑ I was very

impressed with the equipment (very high tech stuff), knowledge and care, EVEN MORE

impressed with the sudden relief of some symptoms. I have even noticed my left

nostril is easing (after nearly five years of being blocked) and my sense of smell

is also returning. Generally feeling stronger and "sharper".


At least, my hearing in my left ear has improved and my right ear which which when tested had a middle ear infection tested worse, but I am to be retested there after the infection clears up and hopefully that too will improve. Also there was some improvement in my eye test back in Oct. 1999.

Paul T. Culley [culleypt@infoblvd.net]






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Conjunctivitis sicca or dry eye study

_ Conjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes) is a major health problem for about 4 million people in Germany.

The dry eye study with 36 patients has shown that people with heavy metals like amalgam or palladium used in their goldcrowns often have fungi in the large intestine and also food allergies. Patients which have been treated had very good results. Over 63 percent proclaimed full recovery. Other visual problems (spectacles) have shown to be highly correlated with the number of amalgam fillings as well. (done in association with Univ. of Marburg)

Marburg Amalgam Study. (there also is a published version)

From: "Dr.B. Weber, Amalgaminformation Marburg,



Subject: Information about treatment of 3000 patients with amalgam‑problems in german and englisch



i used to have the strobe light effect all of the time. in fact

that was one of my first symptoms over 12 years ago! my eyes then became

so light sensitive that i avoid bright sunshine as often as possible and

wore dark glasses unless the lighting was especially dim. this went on

for years until i started detoxing. i was diagnosed with optic neuritis

but have had fewer and fewer problems with my eyes in the last year, i

am sure due to dmps detox, though i do not recommend dmps to anyone. mlgates



My eyesight stopped regressing after amalgam replacement. I started the Upper Cervical chiro therapy, and my eyes have improved dramatically.

Jack + MaryEllen Johnson" <jmejohnson@fuse.net>


I have had a lazy eye since I was about 14. I have been having some alternative therapy done and find that my eyesight is actually improving. I have had all the mercury fillings removed as of about 6 months ago.

Patricia Staehler "<patstaehler@yahoo.com>


The first symptom I had of mercury toxicity was double vision, then drooping eyelids. I also had floaters for years and bright lights blinded me. When I was 42 my keen eyesight started to go and I had to wear glasses to sew or read. By the time 1998 rolled around I was wearing 250 magnifying glasses. Within a short period of time after amalgam removal I no longer needed reading glasses, and today I do not wear glasses and am able to read any size print.

However, I still have very slight double vision to the extreme right and left, I don't have floaters any longer but still have some sensitivity to bright lights.

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Subject: Re: [AMALGAM] Flashing Lights in Eyes and Hallucinations


I am another person who had visual difficulties associated with mercury toxicity. I had double vision, and sometimes things in a room would appear to overlap with "missing pieces" in the middle. The double vision is almost completely resolved. In the rare instances when it does happen now it is only for a few seconds. Much better!

When I was under going amalgam removal and chelation my visual acuity varied quite a bit, usually to the better. It is fairly stable now, (though I have had to add reading glasses). Astigmatism I had since childhood resolved this year (4+ years after amalgam). Eye changes improving with age?

I'd note that Alfred Stock discusses this: "I had strong vertigo, which

was occasionally connected with visual disturbances (unclear and double vision)," in his article on the The Dangerousness of Mercury Vapor as translated by Brigit Calhoun. http://www.stanfordedu/~bcalhoun/AStock.htm.

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Astaxanthin, a natural supplement has been documented to relieve eye fatigue and improve visual acuity and accommodative amplitude. Reduces inflammation. Life Extension Foundation Life Extension Jan 2009