DAMS Fact Sheets on Mercury Exposure from Amalgam and Adverse Health Effects DAMS Intl.

DAMS(Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a patient support group providing information to mercury toxic individuals on testing, treatment options, list of specially trained dentists and doctors, etc. (www.dams.cc ph:651-644-4572; dams@usfamily.net ) We have provided information to many thousands of poisoned people, most of whose health improves significantly with proper treatment after reducing mercury exposure. We have documentation on thousands of such patients.

The information on this Florida Dams Chapter web page contains over 3000 peer-reviewed medical study references documenting high exposures from amalgam and mechanisms of causality for 30 chronic conditions. It has been summarized into 23 DAMS Fact Sheets for documenting the high exposures and adverse effects due to mercury from amalgam (and other mercury sources). They are available to anyone for use in educating the public, Media, Legislators, Officials, Dental Staff, etc. They can be downloaded or copied from the web site.(www.myflcv.com/dams.html )

FS1 Mercury Exposure Levels from Amalgam (click on FS number)

Documents that amalgam is the number one source of mercury (both inorganic and methyl)in most people with mercury amalgam fillings, and that daily exposures commonly exceed federal Gov't guidelines for mercury exposure. It also documents the reasons for the high exposure from amalgam- the high volatility of mercury which vaporizes constantly to gas at room temperature and oral galvanism of mixed metals in the mouth.

FS2 Environmental Effects of Mercury from Amalgam

Documents that the environmental effects of amalgam are affecting everyone since those with amalgam fillings have high levels of daily excretion(as much as 100 ug/day) that are going into sewers and causing high levels of mercury in municipal sewer plants and into rivers and lakes, resulting in enough mercury in waterways to cause levels in fish to be over Gov't health standards for mercury in fish. Over 33% of all U.S. lakes have fish consumption warnings, 15% of all U.S. river miles, 90% of Atlantic coastal miles, and 100% of all Gulf coastal miles. Over 50% of Florida's rivers and lakes have fish consumption warnings. Gulf Coast salt water fish are even more heavily affected and many species have warnings. Dental amalgam is the largest source of mercury in sewer plants and the largest source of mercury in sewer sludge, most of which has dangerous levels of mercury responsible for mercury in plants and crops in landspread areas and high levels in the atmosphere after soil bacteria methylate the mercury to methyl mercury which is outgased mostly when the sun shines.

FS3 Chronic Health Problems caused by Mercury from Amalgam

Documents that mercury from amalgam is a cause or major factor in over 30 chronic health conditions, and summarizes the mechanisms of causality, as well as documenting 60,000 clinical cases of recovery or significant improvement after amalgam replacement.

FS4 Childhood Neurological and Behavior Problems related to Mercury

Documents that mercury and other toxic metals are the most common cause of childhood neurological conditions such as autism, ADD, learning disabilities, etc. and that toxic metal exposures are also a primary cause or factor in behavioral problems, juvenile delinquency, violence, criminality, and serial killers. A National Academy of Sciences Report indicates 50% of U.S. pregnancies in the 1990s resulted in birth defects or significant developmental conditions, and studies document that the majority were due to prenatal and neonatal toxic exposures.

FS5 State Bills involving Amalgam

Several states have recently passed legislation restricting use of amalgam or providing that dentists who use amalgam must warn the patients that amalgam contains mercury which is known to have harmful health effects.

FS6 Amalgam Effects on Dentists and Dental Staff

Documents that dentists and dental staff in offices that use amalgam get high levels of occupational exposure to mercury, and significant adverse health effects are common. Adverse effects include neurological effects, depression and mood problems, high incidence of allergies, reproductive effects. (over 100 medical study references)

FS7 Oral Effects of Dental Amalgam

Medical Studies Document Widespread Common Adverse Oral Effects of Dental Amalgam Fillings and High Levels of Accumulation of Mercury in Gums, Oral Mucosa, Jaw Bone, Brain, and Central Nervous System. Oral effects include gingivitis, halitosis, oral lichen planus, amalgam tattoos, oral cancers, inflamation of gums and oral mucosa, sinusitis, oral galvanism, pain, TMJ, metal mouth, etc., plus systemic effects on brain and CNS.

(Over 100 medical study references and thousands of documented case histories)

FS8 Endocrine Effects of Mercury from Amalgam

Widespread Adverse Health, Cognitive, and Fertility Effects from Mercury's Endocrine Disrupting Hormonal Effects Found to Be Affecting Millions. Some of the endocrine related conditions/symptoms found to be commonly caused by these hormonal effects in infants and children include widespread neuropsychiatric conditions and developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, mood disorders, mental retardation, spontaneous abortions, eczema, asthma, systemic allergies, behavioral problems, and juvenile delinquency.

The endocrine related conditions/symptoms found to be commonly caused by mercury in adults include hypothyroidism, chills, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression and mood disorders, anxiety, anger, memory loss, balance problems, infertility, endometriitis, menstrual disorders, low sperm counts, diabetes, etc. (over 1000 medical study references reviewed)

FS9 Mercury connection to chronic neurological and autoimmune conditions

Documents the mercury connection to chronic health conditions- MS, ALS, Lupus, CFS, FM, RA, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, Depression, Periodontal Conditions, ADD, Autism, Eczema, Psoriasis, etc. Papers documenting the common exposures and mechanism of causality of mercury to these conditions. Over 1000 peer-reviewed medical studies referenced and thousands of clinical cases of recovery or significant improvement after mercury detox, as documented by doctors.

FS10 Susceptibility factors in mercury toxicity effects

Susceptibility factors in mercury toxicity: immune reactivity, detoxification system function, enzymatic blockages, synergistic exposures.

FS11 Health Effects related to Root Canal Teeth and Cavitations

In addition to mercury, other oral or dental related conditions have been found to be major factors in chronic degenerative health conditions- including root-canaled teeth, cavitations, and gingivitis. Oral infections such as these have been found to have common systemic effects on the cardiovascular and immune systems, as well as major neurological effects. Conditions that these are commonly a factor in include Rheumatoid arthritis, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, CFS, Fybromyalgia, cancer, etc. Many have recovered or significantly improved from these conditions after treatment. New tests are available to diagnose infections in root canaled teeth and cavitations, which are mostly improperly done or improperly healed tooth extraction sites.

Over 50% of root canaled teeth and wisdom tooth extraction sites have been found to have infection or necrosis of the jaw bone.

FS12 Autoimmune conditions for which mercury is cause or factor

Most autoimmune conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus (SLE), Thyroiditis, etc. are primarily caused by mercury from dental amalgam, and replacement of dental amalgam brings about cure or significant improvement in the majority of cases. Results of lymphocyte reactivity measured with MELISA indicate that in vitro reactivity after the replacement of dental amalgam commonly decreases significantly to inorganic mercury, silver, organic mercury and lead.

FS13 Mercury Vapor Effects at lower levels of exposure than other mercury forms

Mercury Vapor Causes Neurological Developmental and Behavioral Effects at Lower Levels than Other Forms of Mercury.

FS14 Mercury connection to Allergies and Immune Reactive Conditions

The Mercury Connection to Allergies and Immune Reactive Conditions: allergies, asthma, eczema, diabetes, autism, etc. in children and chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriasis, oral lichen planus, multiple sclerosis in adults. Millions are immune reactive to mercury and very high percentages of people with chronic conditions such as those listed.

FS15 EMF Effects: the Amalgam Connection

Health Effects of EMF(Electromagnetic Fields): the Mercury Connection

Evidence for Adverse Health Effects from electromagnetic fields including

Cancer, other immune and chronic neurological conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer's,

Depresssion,etc. Evidence that a significant mechanism of causality is EMF causing significant increases in mercury release and exposure from amalgam dental fillings.

FS16 Cardiovascular and Neurological conditions affected by mercury from amalgam

Large numbers of peer-reviewed medical studies and clinical tests document common high mercury exposures from dental amalgam fillings and fish, and common significant adverse neurological and cardiovascular effects caused by such mercury exposure. ***************************************************************

FS17. Blood tests are not reliable measure of mercury body burden or toxicity

Blood tests not reliable indicator of mercury body burden or mercury toxicity. Better tests are available.


FS18. The Metabolic Effects of Mercury Exposure


FS19. Epilepsy: the mercury connection and nutritional treatment


FS20. Amalgam is the largest source of exposure of both inorganic and organic mercury in most people.

FS21 Review: Children’s Amalgam Studies

B. Windham, Research Director and President, DAMS International,

Comments on Children’s Amalgam Study one:

"Neurological and Renal Effects of Dental Amalgam in Children", D.C. Bellinger et al, JAMA, April 10, 2006

and Preliminary Comments on “Neurobehavioral Effects of Dental Amalgam in Children”, T. A. De Rouen, et al, JAMA, April 19, 2006

FS22 Oral Effects of Dental Amalgam

Adverse Health Effects from Accumulation of High Levels of Mercury from Dental Amalgam Fillings in the Gums, Oral Mucosa, and other parts of the body. The high levels of mercury that accumulates in the mouth and other parts of the body of those with amalgam fillings commonly cause gum inflammation, metallic taste, tender teeth, mouth sores and pre-cancers, bad breath, bleeding gums, throat irritation, and serious autoimmune conditions such as oral lichen planus, stomatitis, eczema, multiple sclerosis(MS), lupus, thyroiditis, etc., caused by proliferation of inflammatory cytokines.

FS23. Mercury : One of the most common causes of chronic health problems and a major worldwide environmental and health problem

FS24. Mercury and food intolerances/leaky gut/etc.

Mercury and food intolerances: common causes of chronic conditions related to leaky gut and intestinal dysfunction such as ulcerative colitis, IBS, Chron’s, eczema, psoriasis, food allergies, arthritis, ADHD, and autoimmune disease; and treatments that improve these conditions.

FS25. Documentation of the unstable nature of mercury and amalgam, which causes high mercury exposure levels. www.myflcv.com/AmalgamP.html


To Sign International Petition that calls for an IMMEDIATE WORLDWIDE BAN on the use of Amalgam Dental Fillings (50% Mercury) in Human Beings go to:



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Medical Test Discussion:

Hair element test is a good general test but not as good as some others for some specific purposes. Hair is a more reliable indicator of organic mercury than inorganic and is not accurate for those with blood allele types that don’t excrete mercury well, so if you are interested in documenting daily exposure level from fillings its not the best. But the distribution of essential minerals gives a good indication of mercury toxicity, since mercury affects cell membrane permeability and causes common essential mineral imbalance patterns. The test also gives indication of exposure levels to other toxic metals that many are exposed to- lead, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, nickel, etc. It also provides important information on essential mineral deficiencies and imbalances.


Stool test(Doctors Data Lab, inquiries@doctorsdata.com) and saliva test better for daily exposure IMO. Hair level is also affected by your free thiol level and blood allele type.

If you have several amalgam fillings or gold crowns(likely over amalgam) you almost surely get more daily exposure than gov't guidelines and enough to make your problems worse. So testing in this case is just documentation to convince someone else you have a problem. A challenge test using a chelator such as DMSA (obtainable through www.vrp.com) is a better test for body burden than other available tests but nutritional support and safe protocols need to be followed. Urine mercury tests are more reliable than blood, due to mercury extremely short half life in blood. But urine mostly measures short term exposure also- not body burden unless a chelator is used. www.doctorsdata.com www.bodybalance.com www.vrp.com www.gdx.net/

fractionated porphyrin test is a good general test for diagnosis and treatment benefits. Gives indication of whether you have toxics causing metabolic damage, what level, and likely cause based on pattern of which porphyrins are high- test is sensitive to light, temp, shaking so care with sample needed by you and lab. Most major labs do the test but not all have accurate protocols and results. Perhaps the most accurate U.S. lab test is MetaMetrix in Atlanta.

For many common problems, the Genova Lab comprehensive liver detox test is extremely useful for diagnosis and treatment, whatever the cause of your toxicity problems. Gives indication of level of exposure to free radicals (which toxics cause) and how well your detox system is working and info on whether some of your basic enzymatic metabolic processes might be blocked or damaged.

www.gdx.net/ site also a source of good general information on causes and cures of common health problems


Tests for mercury and other toxic exposures

A hair element test is a good screening test for level of toxic metal exposures people

have, along with essential mineral imbalances and deficiencies- which have significant effects on health. Hair tests are inexpensive and easy, providing useful information and should be done at least every 2 or 3 years. Hair tests can be obtained through your doctor from Doctors Data Lab (www.doctorsdata.com ) or Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab(www.gdx.net ); or Great Plains Laboratory, www.greatplainslaboratory.com/test19.html

or without a doctor from Vitamin Research Products(www.vrp.com ) or

an affiliate of Genova Lab (www.bodybalance.com ). 888-891-3061 Body Balance 63 Zillicoa Street Asheville, N.C. 28801

Address for Genova Lab is 18-A Regent Park Blvd. Asheville NC 28806.

Phone is 704-253-0621 & 1-800-522-4762

For those with chronic conditions, Genova has a very useful compilation of research on causality and treatment of most chronic conditions at their web site www.gdx.net

look for (by condition) and search site news. Other functional tests such as comprehensive liver detox test are available through your doctor,


Doctors Data Lab 800-323-2784 Inquiries@doctorsdata.com www.doctorsdata.com

for hair toxic metals screen or stool toxic metals screen(through your doctor)

(they send kit) stool test is good test of daily exposure levels to toxic metals


The Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment provides a thorough analysis of thyroid secretion and metabolism, including peripheral thyroid conversion and thyroid autoimmunity. By measuring hypersensitive thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free serum thyroxine (fT4), free triiodothyroine (fT3), Reverse T3 (rT3), anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (anti-TG), and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies (anti-TPO), this test may provide important clinical clues for better treating patients with chroinic fatigue, treatment-resistant fibromyalgia or treatment-resistant depression.. Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab www.gdx.net


Scientific Nutrition for Autism and PDD Info on autism causes



Brainchild Nutritionals www.brainchildnutritionals.com Liquid vitamin/supplements


Advanced Metallothionein (MT) Profile (AMP) Test with direct measurement of metallothionein. Great Plains Laboratory www.greatplainslaboratory.com/test19.html


MetaMetrix Labs(http:// www.metametrix.com ) has useful hair test,

Amino acid panel, organic acid panel, etc.


For testing for major sources of immune reactivity causing immune and autoimmune conditions like CFS, FM, ALS, MS, Lupus, rheumetoid arthritis, etc.

MELISA LABS (blood immune reactivity tests) www.melisa.org (and King James Laboratory)


test for causes of immune condtions:

Immunosciences Lab (immune reactivity,allergies, mycoplasma- see research pages), http://www.immuno-sci-lab.com/test_alp.html


Perlmutter Clinic, Naples, Fl has a lot of success dealing with chronic degenerative

neurological conditions like MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. The past Pres. Of AMA says it's the best in the country.

BrainRecovery.com, the book, by David Perlmutter MD; Perlmutter Health Center, Naples, Florida, http://www.perlhealth.com/about.htm


Many or most chronic autoimmune conditions such as CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, ALS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's, etc. are related to immune reactivity. It is possible to determine what those with these conditions are immune reactive to through a standard blood lymphocyte immune reactivity test such as www.melisa.org

After determining cause and reducing exposure and treatment, most with these conditions show significant improvement.


Those with chronic conditions also usually have other infections such as mycoplasma, bacterial, viral, or parasites. Toxic exposures weaken the immune system and facilitate

infectious conditions. These should be tested for and treated. A clinic and lab with experience at testing and treating mycoplasma is Dr. Garth Nicholson www.immed.org

another California clinic is M.M. Van Benschoten and Associates, Reseda, Calif. Clinic; http://www.mmvbs.com/


There is a way to order just about any test you want without your doctor's order. Go to www.healthchoice.net The company is called Direct Laboratory Services and they make it possible for anyone to get just about any test they want. www.directlabs.com/

Direct Labratory Services will do urine or blood tests for you
. 1-800-908-0000

The urine test would be processed through DDI, and costs $149 (I think this is called a "toxic elements test" but my notes are incomplete.) When this came up before, people said they thought the price throught Direct Lab Svcs was quite inflated. For anyone interested, the way they do this is they have a doctor who requests the tests for you.

They can also do a fecal test for heavy metals for $155, or a urine test for mercury ONLY for $86.


Home Saliva test for mercury (not as accurate as test through a doctor) http://heavymetalstest.com/mercurytest.php


Bremen Lab in Germany will test saliva and spinal fluid:



A good test for non-metal toxins is done by Accu-Chem Labs in Texas (at least the best test I've been able to find for the least amount of money). The panels that seem most appropriate for our children are Panels 1, 4A, and 6.

AAL does some very useful tests in other areas with applications to our children, for example, the urinary polypeptides with IAG. (Amy (Md) )


Treatment options:

the most important thing is to determine toxic exposures and eliminate or reduce the exposure. If mercury from amalgam is a problem, it is extremely important to get work done by a specially trained dentist who uses protective equipment to reduce exposure to patient and staff. It is documented that the equipment and training of the dentist makes as much as 90% difference in your mercury exposure when amalgam is being dealt with. See the lists below for dentists with special training and call and ask questions.

It is important to provide proper nutrition and supplements since those with

toxicity have high free radical activity and essential mineral imbalances, deficiencies.

People should take a good multivit/min, extra vit C, antioxidants like CoQ10,

most need extra magnesium, zinc, etc. and many are deficient in iodine, lithium, etc.

Some options for those with high exposures who need chelation include DMSA(www.vrp.com), N acetyl cysteine(NAC)- available from health food store but start with low doses to assess adverse effects and build up if ok, DMPS(by prescription- oral or IV- start low level, especially if weakened system- and lots of nutritional support, Vit C),

(Porphrazyme and cilantro- cilantro opens cell membranes to allow passage of mercury, chelators chelate)

new options Biocleanse or Ioncleanse footbath with ionizer ( biocleanse.com or ioncleanse.com )

The text above and my papers mention some clinics with good experience at treating the various conditions.


Dentists and Doctors with special training in working with amalgam, root canals, cavitations- contact and ask for list


IAOMT (Dental Association) www.iaomt.org

www.amalgam.org ; ph:800-311-6265; dams@usfamily.net

Mercury Free Dentist list and Detox MDs www.flcv.com/FlMFD&MD.html

GSDL Medical Lab MD list & info(www.gdx.net )

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine(www.aaem.com )

BioProbe Faq Sheet:

Protocols for Replacing Amalgam

DAMS Intl (651-644-4572) & IAOMT (Dental Association) www.iaomt.org

Dr. Richard Hansen, Protocols www.mercuryfilling.com/

Malmstrom High Fibre Amalgam Replacement Protocol


Root Canals & Cavitations



Cavitat Medical Technologies www.cavitat.com E-mail: cavitat@cavitat.com

The information on this web site is for information purposes only and not intended as advice for treating any specific condition.

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