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Adverse Health Effects from Accumulation of High Levels of Mercury from Dental Amalgam Fillings in the Gums, Oral Mucosa, and other parts of the body.


Peer-reviewed studies in the medical literature document that:

  1. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in existence and is known to bioaccumulate in the body of people and animals that have chronic exposure.
  2. Mercury has a high vapor pressure at room or mouth temperature so that mercury in dental amalgam is continuously vaporized and released into the oral air and saliva and accumulates in the body to high levels.
  3. High levels of mercury are released from dental fillings into the teeth, tooth roots, gums, jawbone, oral tissue, and blood vessels by galvanic currents due to dissimilar metals in amalgam and metal crowns.
  4. For those with large amalgam fillings or metal crowns over amalgam,  mercury and other dental metals accumulate in the gums at the base of the teeth and may be seen in the mirror as dark grey or blue “amalgam tattoos”.
  5. Mouth bacteria convert mercury released by amalgam into the highly toxic methyl mercury form.
  6. The high levels of mercury that accumulates in the mouth and other parts of the body of those with amalgam fillings commonly cause gum inflammation, metallic taste, tender teeth, mouth sores and pre-cancers, bad breath, bleeding gums, throat irritation,  and serious autoimmune conditions such as oral lichen planus, stomatitis, eczema, multiple sclerosis(MS), lupus, thyroiditis,etc.,caused by proliferation of inflammatory cytokines.
  7. Due to the high mercury exposure of those with amalgam fillings, high levels of mercury are excreted into sewers by those with amalgam, so that dental amalgam has been found by municipal sewer agencies to be the largest source of high levels of mercury found in sewers and released into water bodies.


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