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Chronic Health Conditions Related to Dental Health and Dental Procedures


Medical studies and clinical results have found that many chronic, degenerative, health conditions are dental related (there are also other causes and effects are cumulative and synergistic).  The main causes include mercury (from amalgam fillings) and infections from root-canaled teeth (most are infected) and from cavitations (chronically infected tooth extractions sites or root-canal sites), as well as gingivitis and periodontitis(infected gums).   Oral infections have been found to be factors in cardiovascular disease, heart conditions, stroke, arthritis, etc. Extremely high levels of mercury have been found to accumulate in the gums, oral mucosa, and saliva of those with amalgam fillings or metal crowns over amalgam- causing chronic oral conditions and distribution of mercury to all organs of the body through the blood.   Mercury, root-canaled teeth, and cavitations are  common causes of chronic conditions (documentation below), and most with many chronic conditions like CFS, FibromyalgiaMSdepression , oral conditions, etc. recover when they deal with which ever of these is affecting them.   The majority (over 50%) of wisdom tooth extraction sites have cavitations- which can be extremely toxic systemically and cause disabling conditions like cancer, CFS, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, Rheumatoid Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, etc.   The majority of root canaled teeth likewise accumulate bacteria and become toxic over time, causing the same kinds of conditions. Dental amalgam is the largest source of mercury in most people with mercury amalgam fillings, and some of the mercury is organic since oral bacteria methylate the inorganic mercury. Exposure to EMF or Wi-fi increases exposure from amalgams and increase chronic damage.  Most with several amalgam dental fillings or metal crowns over amalgam get mercury exposure above the government health guidelines and are affected over time, which commonly causes or is a major factor in such conditions.  Some are more susceptible than others and are more seriously affected or sooner affected, but all who have them are affected to some measurable degree by these over time.  Tests are now available for measuring exposure and effects such as immune reactivitymetabolic effectsenzymatic blockagesimproperly functioning detox pathways, etc. that are factors in these conditions. 


In surgical clinical trials of FDA and medical school, approximately 80% of wisdom tooth extraction sites were found to have cavitations(the population tested may not be exactly the same as the general population but was a large population).  Likewise, FDA clinical trials by the Cavitat found similar numbers, with follow-up surgical treatment. Most such sites have cavitations- which can cause serious health effects not commonly diagnosed as to the real cause. The sites are locally relatively pain-free in many cases, but there are major systemic effects from bacterial toxins and infection. They can also cause major pain(NICO). Treatment options include surgery, sanum therapy via stabadent, photon lumen(LED) or low level laser treatment ( )

Bioassay tests at the dental labs of Dr. Haley( and Dr. Bouquet find similar high toxicity and effects in root canaled teeth, which also are commonly found to have cavitations by methods above. Years of research by Dr. Westin Price(dental association researcher) and prominent doctors documented the same thing. Thousands of people who have had cavitation surgery or proper extraction of root canaled teeth have recovered from disabling chronic conditions such as the above. 

DAMS, a national patients support organization with coordinators in most states,  works with thousands of disabled and chronically ill people each year and have compiled many thousands of cases of recovery from over 40 major chronic conditions after proper diagnosis and treatment for mercury toxicity, root canal toxicity, or cavitation toxicity. 

Over 50,000 clinical cases of recovery are documented in the first web site paper, and we and the other sources have many hundreds of cases of documented recoveries from disabling conditions after dealing with root canaled teeth and cavitations. Any of the several oral surgeons we interact with dealing with cavitations or root canaled teeth have had large numbers of cases of recovery from chronic or disabling conditions after treatment. Bob Jones, who invented the cavitat, recovered from ALS after cavitation surgery, and we know of many other cases of recovery from such conditions in people DAMS has worked with.  

This is all well documented in the medical and dental literature- thousands of peer reviewed studies and tens of thousands of clinical cases document the case.  For those interested in documentation see:

DAMS, Inc. Scientific Documentation Webpage: 

Mechanisms by which mercury causes over 40 chronic health conditions:  (mercury, root canals, cavitations

(over 4000 medical studies or Government studies referenced)

Over 60,000 cases of recovery from chronic health conditions after treating dental related toxicity (mercury, other toxic metals, root-canaled teeth, cavitations):

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These hidden areas can be dangerous breeding grounds for bacteria. But, with laser disinfection, calcified dentin tubules, cavitational microsurgery, and restoring the bone's lymphatic and circulatory health they can sometimes be resolved without more drastic extraction or surgery.  


Dental Clinic Website       D.L. Cook, Suring Wisconsin     

   Dentistry has far reaching health effects on most people.  I have repeatedly seen this experience in symptoms of my patients; with root canals, cavitationstoxins from gingivalcervicular fluidmetal and metal oxide in composites, and dental restorations.


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