The Mercury Connection to Common Chronic Health Conditions


MS, ALS, Lupus, CFS, FM, PD, RA, Alzheimer’s, Depression, ADD, Periodontal Disease

(common exposures, mechanisms of causality, treatment, clinical results of treatment)


There has been a huge increase in the incidence of degenerative neurological conditions in virtually all Western countries over the last 2 decades. The increase in Alzheimer’s has been over 300% while the increase in Parkinson’s and other motor neuron disease has been over 50%.   The primary cause appears to be increased exposures to toxic pollutants.  (10)   


      Mercury is documented by thousands of peer-reviewed medical studies and clinical experience to be a common cause of many chronic systemic health conditions such as MS, LupusALSCFS, FibromyalgiaParkinson’s DiseaseRheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, PsoriasisAlzheimer’sAutismADHDDepression and Mood Disorders, Periodontal Disease, etc.(1,6-9)    Clinics treating many thousands of such patients have documented that the majority recover or significantly improve after proper, timely, treatment of these conditions, as documented below.   


Amalgam dental fillings are the largest mercury exposure for most people, and daily exposure often exceeds government health guidelines (5).  The above conditions have been found to be caused by synergistic exposure to mercury and other toxics, along with related effects of opportunistic pathogens that those with weakened immune systems are susceptible to such as viruses, mycoplasma, parasites, bacterial infections, Candida, etc.(1,4,11).

         Amalgam fillings of mothers are the largest prenatal source of mercury exposure in the fetus and infants of mothers with amalgam fillings, and prenatal exposures are documented to have significant effects(1).  The largest source of mercury exposure in infants prior to recent restrictions, and which have commonly exceeded government health guidelines is from mercury thimerosal in vaccines(3).  The National Academy of Sciences reports that approximately 50% of U.S. children are affected by significant developmental conditions, with a large portion of these due to exposure to prenatal and neonatal exposure to mercury and other toxics(3,4,1). 

       According to the EPA, CDC, and FDA a significant number of mothers also have enough mercury exposure from mercury in fish to cause developmental effects(2).  The main sources of mercury in fish are coal power plants, incinerators, and amalgam dental fillings.  Municipal sewer agencies have found all sewer systems in the U.S. to have high levels of mercury, with the largest source being mercury flushed down toilets daily from human excretion at  home or business sewers of those with amalgam dental fillings(2),along with dental offices.  Over 20% of U.S. lakes have warnings to limit fish consumption due to  mercury, along with large numbers of rivers and bays(2).  Over 50% of Florida rivers and lakes have warnings.

     Review papers with hundreds of peer-reviewed medical study references are available that document the common mercury exposure levels, mechanisms of causality, treatment, and treatment results of thousands of clinical cases for the following:   


Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus, etc.


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS)


CFS, FM, RA, Lupus






Periodontal Conditions


Autism, PDD      


ADD, dyslexia, LD


Oral galvanism,EMF 


Immune Conditions 


Cardiovascular Conditions


Neurological Conditions


Other chronic conditions




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(Note: the majority of medical studies summarized here can be found in the National Institute of Health Library of Medicine Medline:      )