Indexp - Health Effects of Pesticides


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PestHEff -----Health Effects of Pesticides

Pesticid ------ Health Effects of Pesticides

PestHE ------- Health Effects of Pesticides

PestAI ------- Autoimmune effects of Pesticides

PestADHD ---ADHD effects of Pesticides

FoodPest ----Pesticides in Food

PyrethrE ----- Pyrethrin effects on People- Endocrine Disrupting

PyrethrR ----- Health Effects of Pyrethrin Pesticides on People, Animals, Fish, and Beneficial Insects

PyreFish ------Pyrethrin effects on Fish and Aquatic Animals

PyretBee -----Pyrethrin effects on Bees

PyretCat ------Pyrethrin effects on Cats

GMOCornE -- Health Effects of Glyposate , Roundup, GMO corn

GMFoods ---- Health Effects of GM Foods

GECrops ------Health Effects of GM Crops