Pesticides: The Big Picture

Huge amounts of pesticides and herbicides are used each year in the U.S. and throughout the world. Pesticides are found at significant levels in most non-organic foods, especially in processed foods and also in most children and people. Pesticides are known to be a significant factor in cancer and many chronic health conditions.


Human Health Harm- Pesticides , Herbicides, Fungicides

Every infant born today carries a chemical body burden passed from mother to child during pregnancy. This burden will grow throughout a lifetime due to exposure to pesticides and other chemicals in our food, air, water and everyday products. Toxics such as organic chemicals and pesticides have been proven to be a major factor in cancer and other chronic health conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measure pesticides and other chemicals in the bodies of Americans every few years. In the most recent study, they tested for 212 chemicals,   including 44 pesticides   — and found most of them. Scientists tell us that even in tiny doses, many pesticides can derail the delicate systems that control our development, health and reproduction, and the evidence continues to mount.   Pesticides and Herbicides are documented to cause cancer, autoimmune conditions , neurological conditions and developmental conditions of children.


We're experiencing a cancer epidemic, and evidence is growing ever stronger that pesticide exposure is a key contributor to this disturbing trend. Documentation of cancer caused by pesticides and herbicides can be found in “ Causes of Cancer and Natural Treatments for Cancer


Children’s Health Problems

From learning disabilities to autism, diabetes and cancer, a startling number of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise.

Pesticide exposure and the increase in exposure are documented to be a major factor in this rise.

Reproduction Health

Human reproduction is a delicate biological process, involving everything from the physical ability to reproduce to many aspects of development and behavior. It is guided at every step by powerful hormones, and this finely tuned system is under threat. Pesticides and herbicides are documented to cause ADHD, seizures, birth defects, and developmental conditions in children.


Pesticides in Food are Pervasive and a Major Problem & Pesticides & Autoimmune Conditions & FoodPest


THE PESTICIDE TREADMILL -- For decades, conventional farmers have been trapped on a “pesticide treadmill.” History has proven time and again that herbicide-based weed management will inevitably fail.   — ( Iowa State University, 2012 Herbicide Guide for Iowa Corn and Soybean Production )



Monsanto continues to deny and hide glyphosate’s potential for harm. In 2017, unsealed court documents revealed Monsanto’s efforts to collude with the EPA to cover up glyphosate’s carcinogenic risks. 

Documentation of the huge harm caused by GMOs and glyphosate are found in GMOcornE & GMOHarm