Index on Coronavirus Information


The virus can be safely treated by known proven effective treatments. Very few children or healthy people who get proper treatment die or are significantly harmed by the virus. The vaccines have not been proven safe or effective as the clinical trials were fraudulent and the truth about the virus and vaccines is being covered up by fraud by Fauci/CDC/FDA to promote the vaccines. For information on how to improve chronic conditions or acute conditions like Covid contact us. Likewise for doctors with proven experience at treating your condition.


Information on Safe and Effective Proven Treatments for CV (many millions have used these treatments effectively to avoid serious effects in many countries.)


Information and Documentation on Source of Covid-19 (Covid is known to be a man-made biological weapon created with Fauci funding)


Information on Reducing Personal Risk of CV


Information on Reducing Risk of CV in Nursing Homes, Prisons, Public Housing



Information on CV Vaccine Adverse Effects


Few healthy people who received proper treatment have been seriously harmed directly by the virus, but many have been harmed by the vaccines or improper treatment or dangerous drugs. The current virus strains infect and affect vaccinated people more than unvaccinated people.  Most Covid deaths are to vaccinated people. The vaccines are much more dangerous than Covid and have killed a lot more people than . The vaccinated have a much higher death rate than covid.


Treatment for Vaccination Spike Protein Damage


Documentation that milliona hAave been killed or seriously injured by the vaccines and most people adversely affected.