Information for Reducing Risk in Nursing Homes, Prisons, Public Housing, and other densely spaced housing


1.   Personal Habits Documented to Reduce Risk of Coronavirus and other viruses (Regular Exercise, maintaining healthy level of Vitamin D, maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals (multi- vitamin & minerals), supporting good diet with immune boosters


2.    Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor for killing viruses - disinfecting and decontaminating hospital rooms, health facility rooms, nursing home rooms , etc.

[commonly and effectively used in hospitals and health facilities]


3.      Proven Effective Home or Clinic Treatment of mild virus cases- for diagnosed CV or symptoms of CV contact your doctor

(nebulized hydrogen peroxide plus maintaining healthy vit D, vit C levels and immune boost ers)


4.      Proven effective treatment of more serious CV cases - to reduce risk and reduce need of ventilators (which are not having a good record)




How we could Fix the COVID-19 Crisis in about 30 Days - analysis by Dr. Mercola

Optimizing your vitamin D could reduce your risk of severe COVID-19 by 90% and your risk of dying from it by 96% . (30ng/ml)-European Study) (good to also add vit K)

Quercetin and zinc may further lower your risk of COVID-19, as well as time-restricted eating and a cyclical ketogenic diet as they both decrease insulin resistance

Ketone esters and molecular hydrogen can be useful acutely. The MATH+ Protocol appears to also be effective for those with serious disease, especially implemented early in the hyperinflammatory phase of the disease (or other proven effective treatments-see previous)


(this assumes serious authorities are ready to follow these guidelines as well as general reopening guidelines- with treatments suggested here and by knowledgeable doctors-BW)