Effective Treatments of Coronavirus & other virus conditions 

(Multidrug therapy plus nutraceutical bundle, Oxidative therapy (HBOT, Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapies, Nebulized H2O2 home therapy), & high dose vitamin C IV, etc.)

These therapies have been long proven by clinical use and in the medial literature to be effective for treating the main types of symptoms caused by covid such as ARDS cytokine storm and blood clotting problems. The protocols listed here have been used by thousands of doctors to treat millions of patients effectively (1a,2,3, etc.). Clinical Trials & Medical Studies have proven these treatments are safe and more effective than the vaccines at preventing infection & preventing death or significant injury & curing Covid.

Anthony Fauci and the CDC/FDA have systematically and consistently censored and suppressed information or use of these proven effective treatments, and have failed to provide proper informed consent in promoting and administering the vaccines or in hospital treatment of the virus [1b, Introduction, p xiv-xxiv; (1)-p12-70 & endnotes] (see ref. 1-3)

If the effective treatments had been acknowledged the use of the EUA emergency process could not have been approved for the vaccines.  Tens of thousands of Doctors and Scientists signed the Rome Declaration protesting the fraudulent information and systematic suppression of science, effective treatments, and doctors’ ability to effectively treat their patients . They point out that hundreds of thousands of deaths and serious adverse effects have resulted due to this suppression and the dangerous drug choices & the dangerous authority- directed treatment policies.   


Proven Effective Protocols: 

1. I-MASK+ Prophylaxis & Early Outpatient Treatment - Protocol for COVID-19, FLCCC, very effective in many clinical trials and used to successfully treat many thousands of Covid patients- https://covid19criticalcare.com/i-mask-prophylaxis-treatment protocol/

Ivermectin is a well-known, FDA-approved anti-parasite drug that has been used successfully for more than four decades to treat onchocerciasis (river blindness) and other parasitic diseases. It is one of the safest drugs known. It is on the WHO list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the globe, and has won the Nobel prize for its global and historic impacts in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world. Our medical discovery of a rapidly growing published medical evidence base, demonstrating the ivermectin unique and highly potent ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication and to suppress inflammation, prompted our team to use ivermectin for prevention and treatment in all stages of COVID-19. Ivermectin has a favorable hazard ratio for both in hospital and out-patient treatments- at least 60 formal clinical trials and much more widespread informal treatment results. ( found safe and effective ) [(1)-p14 & endnotes]

  Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner.

Non-use of ivermectin was associated with a seven-fold increased risk of dying from COVID-19, compared to the regular use of ivermectin 2 days every 2 weeks.

Ivermectin is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19, but on Jan 14, 2021, the NIH changed their recommendation for the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 from “against” to “neutral”. (FDA and CDC have been actively suppressing use of all proven effective treatments for Covid and promoting the vaccines- which are proven not as effective as Ivermectin by clinical trials) 

2. MATH+ protocol- Highly Successful Coronavirus Treatment Protocol- hidden by CDC and Media from Public – (preferred treatment until Oct 2020 when the I Mask treatment became preferred treatment- some add Hydroxy Quinolone(see - treatment much more effective if started early- used successfully for thousands of patients-very few deaths and only in patients with significant comorbidities) 

Five critical care physicians have formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC). The group has developed a highly effective treatment protocol known as MATH+.  Of the more than 100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with the MATH+ protocol as of mid-April, only two died. Both were in their 80s and had advanced chronic medical conditions.

The MATH+ protocol 7  calls for the use of three medicines, all of which need to be started within six hours of hospital admission: 

·       Intravenous methylprednisolone, to suppress the immune system and prevent organ damage from cytokine storms — For mild hypoxia, 40 milligrams (mg) daily until off oxygen; moderate to severe illness, 80 mg bolus followed by 20 mg per day for seven days. On Day 8, switch to oral prednisone and taper down over the next six days. 

·       Intravenous  ascorbic acid (vitamin C) , to control inflammation and prevent the development of leaky blood vessels in the lungs — 3 grams/100 ml every six hours for up to seven days. 

·       Subcutaneous heparin (enoxaparin), to thin the blood and prevent blood clots — For mild to moderate illness, 40 mg to 60 mg daily until discharged.

Optional additions include thiamine, zinc and vitamin D. In addition to these medications, the protocol calls for high-flow nasal oxygen to avoid mechanical ventilation, "which itself damages the lungs and is associated with a mortality rate approaching nearly 90% in some centers". 8 -


3. Dr Peter McCollough protocol [Ref. (2)] - Internist and Cardiologist- Professor of Medicine- Texas A & M, (Top expert on prevention and treatment of Covid- most downloaded medical study on covid treatment for 2021- CDC)  ( nutraceutical bundle & multidrug therapy where needed ) [Vit C, Vit D , zinc (20-40 mg), Quercetin, Omega 6 fatty acids, NAC, broccoli sprouts or powder, Xlear nasal spray , etc.] [Ivermectin, HQC, antibody infusion, budesonide, colchicine, anticoagulants, corticosteroids, - protocol found extremely effective in clinical trials; used successfully by hundreds of doctors to treat many thousands of patients effectively.  [(1)-p13 & endnotes]

4. “ Brownstein Protocol” for COVID.       ( oral nutraceutical supplements & Xlear nasal spray & oxidative treatment of inflammation- prevention and treatment of covid) 

Clinical Trial: (107 symptomatic cases meeting CDC criteria, with 27 positive tests out of 34 tests performed. They were treated simply and inexpensively. All recovered. Only one short hospitalization was needed after treatment commenced, and no deaths-used to effectively prevent and treat covid for thousands of patients.).  Dr. David Brownstein et al, Science, Public Health Policy and The Law. July 2020; [also (1)-p 14  & endnotes]. 

Nutraceutical Bundle (Vit C & D3 & A, Zinc, Quercetin, Magnesium, NAC, melatonin, etc., Ivermectin as needed)- different dosages depending on disease severity- lower dose version used effectively to prevent Covid in doctors and staff treating Covid) Some Clinical trials have found this protocol to have resulted in virtually 100 % protection. Doctors using this protocol or in combination with other protocols listed here have had similar success, with few if any deaths or significant long- term effects. For example, 5 practitioners at 3 Tallahassee clinics report they have treated many hundreds of patients with no deaths or significant long- term injuries.  They all use forms of oxidative therapies where appropriate and needed, starting first with the nutraceutical bundle. See also: McCullough multidrug protocol 

5. Eastern Virginia Medical School CRITICAL CARE COVID-19 MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL  

Developed and updated August 1st, 2020, by Paul Marik , MD Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA (nutraceutical bundle, Ivermectin where needed, Vit C, etc., used by many doctors and highly effective treating thousands of patients)

Real-World Evidence:   Large Real-World Observational VA Patient Study: Vitamin D Associates with significantly Reduced COVID-19 Risks

Fluvoxamine Saves Lives & Reduces COVID-19 Hospitalization the authors conclude that fluvoxamine lowers the chances of mortality and hospitalization in those patients in the fluvoxamine cohort, versus the patients that opted not to take the SSRI off label. Also, the clinical investigators report the non-fluvoxamine group of patients had higher odds of oxygen requirement than the fluvoxamine group.

Twice-Daily Oral Zinc in the Treatment of Patients  With  Coronavirus Disease: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial;  Clinical Infectious Diseases 4 Nov 2022

Our results showed that, in COVID-19 patients, oral zinc can decrease 30-day death, ICU admission rate and can shorten symptom duration.


    CITRIS-ALI, a large double-blind placebo- controlled trial of high dose ascorbic acid (AA) in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) found that mortality decreased and ICU length-of-stay were markedly reduced in the treatment group, and when study methodology errors were corrected showed Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score was significantly decreased in the Vit C group.

  Vitamin D deficiency linked to most Coronavirus acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patients (and most deaths)- 

     (Vit D deficiency a significant factor in Coronavirus, Pneumonia, & Cancer Risk) &

Large Real-World Observational VA Patient Study: Vitamin D Associates with significantly Reduced COVID-19 Risks


6. Zalenko Protocols – different for low risk versus high risk patients- mostly nutraceuticals for low risk patient; includes Hydroxy Quinolone or Ivermectin for high risk patients – thousands of patients treated successfully - 99% survival rate

7. Dr Klinghardt COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment Protocol- Summary    --   View PDF    (you may need to scroll page & click on it)

( his protocols have been used to effectively treat thousands of patients- other standard testing, detox, and supplementation for deficiencies included on individual basis)

8.   Klinghardt Integrative Approach- Covid Protcol - Andrographis and High Dose Vitamin C, 

9. Chinese multi-drug, herbal, and high dose Vitamin C Protocols- (1a, etc.). 


II. Oxygen Treatments for Coronavirus- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapies (many options), Hydrogen Peroxide Therapies( IV or nebulized), Ozone water or hydrogen peroxide for disinfectant, etc. 

1.       Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT with adjunctive supplements and treatments) 

Opelousas General Hospital in Louisiana has deployed “off-label compassionate use” of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for all COVID-19 patients with oxygen-resistant hypoxemia- (100% success rate for 1 st 11 patients- no ventilator needed)- During HBOT, you’re breathing air or oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which allows your body to bypass your lungs and directly absorb oxygen into your tissues. There’s no airflow being forced directly into the lungs, thus avoiding lung damage associated with ventilation

HBOT helps treat COVID-19 by reversing hypoxia, reducing inflammation in the lungs, increasing viricidal reactive oxygen species, upregulating HIF-increasing host defense peptides and reducing proinflammatory cytokines such as IL-6

Chinese doctors report “promising results” after treating five COVID-19 patients with HBOT. Two were in critical condition and five were severe. Patients experienced rapid relief of hypoxic symptoms, rapid correction of hypoxemia, improved lung pathology and a general reversal of associated conditions, including gastrointestinal symptoms

NYU Langone Health is recruiting 40 COVID-19 patients for a study using HBOT


b. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in preventing mechanical ventilation in COVID-19 patients: a retrospective case series           Kerry Thibodeaux, MD et al; Opelousas General Health System 

Cases: COVID-19 positive patients (n=5) at a single institution received hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) between 13 and 20 April 2020. All the patients had tachypnoea and low oxygen saturation despite receiving high FiO2. HBOT was added to prevent the need for mechanical ventilation. A standard dive profile of 2.0ATA for 90 minutes was employed. Patients received between one and six treatments in one of two dedicated monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Results: All the patients recovered without the need for mechanical ventilation. Following HBOT, oxygen saturation increased, tachypnoea resolved and inflammatory markers fell. At the time of writing, three of the five patients have been discharged from the hospital and two remain in stable condition.
Conclusion: This small sample of patients exhibited dramatic improvement with HBOT. Most importantly, HBOT potentially prevented the need for mechanical ventilation. Larger studies are likely to define the role of HBOT in the treatment of this novel disease. Declaration of interest: The authors have no conflict of interest
to declare - https://aawconline.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/COVID-19/2020_Covid_Webinars/JoWC_2020_29_5_Serena_4pp%20Web_Lic.pdf



c.  HBOT in the Treatment of Severe Cases of Covid-19, Wuhan China, Dr. Zhong Mangling.  ( supplemental use of HBOT in 5 severe cases- all 5 reported dramatic relief)



2.      “ Brownstein Protocol” for COVID.       ( oral nutraceutical supplements & oxidative treatment of inflammation- prevention and treatment of covid )

Clinical Trial: (107 symptomatic cases meeting CDC criteria, with 27 positive tests out of 34 tests performed. They were treated simply and inexpensively. All recovered. Only one short hospitalization was needed after treatment commenced, and no deaths-used to effectively prevent and treat covid for thousands of patients.).  Dr. David Brownstein et al, Science, Public Health Policy and The Law. July 2020; other doctors including 5 doctors in Tallahassee, Fl used the protocol to treat hundreds of patients effectively with no serious injuries. 

Oral Vitamins A, C, D, and iodine were given to 107 subjects (99%). Intravenous solutions of hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin C were given to 32 (30%) and 37 (35%) subjects. Thirty-seven (35%) of the cohort was treated with intramuscular ozone. A dilute nebulized 0.04% hydrogen peroxide /saline mixture, with Lugol’s iodine, was used by 91 (85%).





3.     An At-Home Treatment That Can Cure Any Virus, Including Coronavirus Dr. Thomas Levy (cardiologist) & Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  (Hydrogen peroxide nebulized)

(Nebulizer with dilute .1% hydrogen peroxide saline solution- oxygen therapy)      https://www.janssendentalclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/H2O2-nebulization-therapy-3.19.2020.pdf

[nebulized hydrogen peroxide has also been used effectively by other doctors, my doctor prescribes this treatment with nutraceutical bundle- patients improved rapidly ]

( some including myself use food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 3 % topically for home treatment- foot bath or etc. for lesser infections or conditions making getting enough oxygen in system difficult)

Could Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide Treat Coronavirus? Dr. Joseph Mercola;  Has been successful for other similar viruses

Virucidal Efficacy of a Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization Against Murine Norovirus and Feline Calicivirus, Two Surrogates of Human Norovirus.  Zonta W , et al; Food Environ Virol .  2016 Dec;8(4):275-282. Epub 2016 Jul 6.

 The nebulization of hydrogen peroxide showed a clear virucidal effect on both HuNoV surrogates, MNV and FCV, on two different carriers and the use of nebulization should be promoted in complementarity with conventional disinfection methods in healthcare settings and food processing facilities to reduce viral load and spread of contamination.


More study reviews on PubMed- supporting use of hydrogen peroxide nebulization and H2O2 vapor in control or treatment of viruses:  


4.     Use of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor and Hydrogen Peroxide to Disinfect and Decontaminate Hospital & Health Facility Rooms and Equipment - one of most commonly and successfully used disinfectants for such purposes- has been used for dangerous viruses

5.     Use of Ozonated Water against viruses for hand washing, disinfecting surfaces and equipment, treating wounds by dentists and doctors; and ozonated olive-oil for home disinfectant use



A preliminary evaluation on the efficacy of ozone therapy in the treatment of COVID‐19

Zhishui Zheng MD  et al: 21 May 2020         ( supplemental Ozone Therapy in 2 coronavirus cases-  successful) 



Does Ozone Therapy Really Work for COVID-19? (several countries have used ozone therapy successfully in treating Coronavirus) https://www.drsozone.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Ozone-and-Viral-Infections-in-One-Page.pdf


Ozone therapy for patients with SARS-COV-2 pneumonia: a single- center prospective cohort study 

Hernández , A et al;  Department of Internal Medicine. Policlinica Ibiza Hospital, Ibiza, Spain. 

  Findings: In this single-center proof-of-concept prospective cohort study of 18 patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia, ozonated autohemotherapy was associated a 11-day reduction in mean time to clinical improvement compared to usual clinical care. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.03.20117994v2.full.pdf

Ozone Therapy for Coronavirus – Dr. Robert Rowan, who successfully used ozone to treat Ebola- analysis by Dr. J. Mercola

Healing with Ozone   - Dr. Robert Rowan.  - 

The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy-Kindle Edition,

Frank Shallenberger    


  Ozone The Miracle Therapy - by Dr. David Brownstein | Jan 1, 2017  ( hundreds of doctors throughout the U.S are effectively using ozone therapy to treat chronic diseases)

Ozone therapy: A clinical review;  A. M. Elvis  and   J. S. EktaJ Nat Sci Biol Med . 2011 Jan-Jun; 2(1): 66–70 . , Pub med –

Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects. Diseases treated are infected wounds, circulatory disorders, geriatric conditions, macular degeneration, viral diseases, rheumatism/arthritis, cancer, SARS and AIDS.




Thailand Medical News-Feb 5k 2020-- Ozone Can Be Used To Destroy The New Coronavirus And Disinfect Areas


Ozone's Effectiveness in Killing SARS Coronavirus Leads to Theory likely also on COVID-19

Use of Ozone Therapy against Coronavirus  


I.         Successful Treatment of Coronavirus with Vitamin C IV, Vitamin D3, and balancing deficiencies

1.   Vitamin C IV- successful treatment for Coronavirus being used by at least 4 countries (China, S Korea, Germany, U.S., etc.)

   2.  (a) New York hospitals successfully treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C IV

        (b) NY Hospitals Using Vitamin C for Seriously Sick Patients 

        (c ) Northwell Hospitals – New York’s largest chain- successfully using vitamin C IV & antibiotic treatment

3.    Important Update on COVID-19 and Vitamin C

(a) Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus Under Investigation in China - Feb 4 (early clinical trials show successful)

(b)                  China Hospital has 100% success rate treating Coronavirus with high-dose Vitamin C IV - Dr. Richard Cheng

(c) In an article published in the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases, the Shanghai Medical Association endorsed the use of high dose vitamin C as a treatment for hospitalized people with COVID-19 ( 10

(d)   A hospital in S Korea has had success treating coronavirus using vitamin C IV & high dose shot of vitamin D

(e)   IV vitamin C is effective treating Coronavirus)

Intravenous vitamin C for reduction of cytokines storm in acute respiratory distress syndrome, PharmaNutrition,Volume 12, June 2020, 100190 Alberto Boreti et al

It is believed that pulmonary failure (ARDS) is the principal cause of Covid19′s action on humans. Perhaps, the reduction of the cytokines storm in the late stages of the Covid19 infection is the most significant application of IV Vit-C. Covid19 pneumonia is a complex medical disorder with high morbidity and mortality rate. This causes severe lung injury that results in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening lung disorder. This process prevents the necessary oxygen to enter into the lungs and ultimately causes death. Coronaviruses increase oxidative stress that promotes cellular malfunction and ultimately results in organ failure. It is believed that pulmonary failure (ARDS) is the principal cause of Covid19′s action on humans. The administration of anti-oxidizing agents along with proven conventional supportive therapies is believed to have an important role in controlling these medical situations IV Vitamin C and other antioxidants are extremely good agents for ARDS. These can be applied clinically. Importantly, high dose IV Vit-C is safe and effective
Shanghai now utilizes IV Vit-C in the treatment for Covid-19. Many physicians in China have identified promising results using IV Vit-C against Covid19.


(f)    CITRIS-ALI, a large double-blind placebo- controlled trial of high dose ascorbic acid (AA) in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) found that mortality decreased and ICU length-of-stay were markedly reduced in the treatment group, and when study methodology errors were corrected showed Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score was significantly decreased in the Vit C group.

4.    Vitamin D deficiency linked to most Coronavirus acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patients (and most deaths)- 

        (Vit D deficiency a significant factor in Coronavirus, Pneumonia, & Cancer Risk) &

Large Real-World Observational VA Patient Study: Vitamin D Associates with significantly Reduced COVID-19 Risks

 (b) Association between pre-hospital vitamin D status and incident acute respiratory failure in critically ill patients: a retrospective cohort study. Thickett DR 1 , et al; BMJ Open Respir Res.  2015 Jun 13;2(1 ):e 000074. doi : 10.1136/bmjresp-2014-000074. eCollection 2015.       - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26113982


5.    American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)--   

Safe and Natural Approaches to Prevent & Treat COVID-19 & Other Viral Infections, Wednesday, April 8, 2020    ( clinic treatments – IV C, etc.)

6. Study: Exercise Proven to Help Avoid Serious COVID-19 Cases


7.   Other supporting documentation:  Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment , Dr, Joseph Mercola

(b) Successful COVID Therapy Exposed: IV Vitamin C - Dr. Richard Cheng

© Andrew W Saul’s Update on Coronavirus (Covid-19 )- (editor-in-chief of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service)- review by Dr. Joseph Mercola



(d) Vitamin C & Coronavirus- Nutrition and Natural Strategies Offer Hope Against COVID -19-Dr. Andrew Saul

(e)         More Studies on Use of IV Vitamin C and Oral Vitamin C to Treat Coronavirus or ARDS & Vitamin D3 & NAC for Coronavirus and ARDS PubMed Reviews Might Enzymes Help Blood Clotting Associated With COVID-19 Deaths?- Dr. Mercola

·       Aside from sepsis — which in one study was present in 59% of COVID-19 patients and 100% of those who died — blood clots also appear to be common in patients with severe COVID-19 disease

·       Abnormal coagulation is associated with poor prognosis in patients with COVID-19. According to one case report, 71.4% of patients who died of COVID-19 met the criteria for disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) while only 0.6% of patients who survived met that criteria

·       DIC refers to a systemic disorder that affects blood coagulation and can result in organ dysfunction and death. Prothrombotic DIC causes persistent blood clots. Sepsis is one of the most common causes of DIC

.  Prophylactic alternatives that might be beneficial against blood clots include proteolytic enzymes such as lumbrokinase, nattokinase and serrapeptase , all of which act as natural anticoagulants by breaking down the fibrin that forms the blood clot




II.           Simple- Low-Cost Method to Monitor Virus- most cases unreported

Stanford Study Indicates Virus Spread May Be 85 Times Higher Than Thought
More unreported mild cases than reported cases- consistent with sewage monitoring findings

Sewage testing- a simple low- cost method to monitor how much virus is in an area

The detection of the virus in sewage, even when the COVID-19 incidence is low, indicates that sewage surveillance would be  be a sensitive tool to monitor the circulation of the virus in the population.

New study looks at sewer water to determine COVID-19 spread- indicates appox . 5 times more virus cases in Boston area than reported .

COVID-19 is in Tacoma’s sewers-  


Paper Towels Better Than Air Dryers Against Virus


1.The Real Anthony Fauci, R F Kennedy, Nov 2021

1a. Doctors Treating Covid using protocols such as McCollough Protocol- (1) Acknowledgements (many)- pVIII -XI, 

      Dr. Peter McCollough -(1) p12, Chinese doctors-(1) p13 with endnotes

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COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? Dr Russell L. Blaylock