Alternative Energy & Conservation Have a Big Economic & Jobs Payback

Portland now generates electricity from turbines installed in city water pipes.


Federal Government  first full-scale, utility grid-connected wave energy testing site in the U.S .

Houston- turning old landfills into community solar sites

Solar street lighting with hybrid solar as needed is a unique opportunity for sustainable recovery 

Green Agriculture for Energy & Resource Conservation and Toxics Reduction

  A big solution for farmers and gardeners to reduce global warming that also has huge benefits for the environment is Cover Cropping & Regenerative Farming. (  )

This Vertical Hydroponics Farming System Fits Urban Spaces and Upgrades Communities


Semi-Transparent Solar Panels Can Power Greenhouses Without Obstructing Sunlight

Got methane? BMW's dairy-assisted EV charging scheme 

Taco Bell Trying Out Vegan Alternative to Meat


Energy Conservation and Resource Conservation through Recycling offers big Dividends

   How Recycling waste materials conserves energy

Recycling saves energy because the products being recycled usually require much less processing to turn them into usable materials.

Using recycled aluminum cans to make new aluminum cans uses 95% less energy than using bauxite ore .


Waste Robotics HyperVision system allows precise sorting (99%) of
plastic containers


Canadian Scientist Makes Plastic Recycling Easier and Cost Effective With Microwaves

(Pyrowave technology funded by Michelin)

New Hydrocracking Technology Is Being Used for Plastic Recycling

Plastics Recycling-   Liter of Light’s low-tech, “daylighting” lamps made from water bottles have  provide light to low-income households with no access to electricity since 2013.


Reusable cups, whatever the material, beat single-use recyclable cups in fighting climate change

Major UK food brands launch fund for plastic bag, pouch recycling


Scientists Develop Clever Ways To Recycle Gaint Wind Turbines  as Footbridge s over Streams

Making Houses From Soil Using 3D Printers

California Recycling Operations Receive Large Boosts in Grants

Water Conservation-  Las Vegas To Become the First City to Ban Ornamental Grass


Coffee Waste Creates Breakthrough for Costa Rican Reforestation Project

(use of coffee pulp as a form of fertilizer increases reforestation growth 400%)

Lowering Electronic Waste With Right to Repair

LG Electronics Leads the Way in Responsible Electronics Waste Recycling

Protecting Coral Reefs from Anti-biotics Dumped by Sewers & Ships Increases Fishery Productivity

CO2 Sequestation and CO2 Capture & Utilization in Products Fight Climate Change

Nature Conservancy and NCX demonstrate how   trees can be a major weapon to fight climate change

Green technology oyster farm also sequesters CO2 out of ocean

Growing Saguaro cactuses is a powerful way to sequester CO2

(protecting some National Parks has a payback-carbon credits?) is an example of an online marketplace that offers verifiable and tradeable industrial carbon removal services to corporations and government agencies


The rise of CO2 as a feedstock  - The combination — known as carbon capture and utilization — could take up  billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions   if the technologies were adopted across a range of sectors worldwide. There are technologies that use this carbon dioxide to make products such as plastics,  concrete , carbona ted drinks and even  fuel for aircraft and automobiles .

Apple Sets New Milestone in Renewable Energy Solutions With Over 110 Carbon-neutral Suppliers


Online E-Commerce Giant Leads the Way in Eco Restoration Funding

  (reforestation projects in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest area)

   A big solution for farmers and gardeners to reduce global warming that also has huge benefits for the environment is Cover Cropping & Regenerative Farming. (  )

Energy Conservation Solutions: 

Bronya Climate Shield . Eco Depot hopes to accelerate the world towards a more sustainable future through the distribution of its highly capable and versatile energy saving coating. Bronya Climate Shield™, a multi-purpose liquid insulation that can be applied on any surface, both indoors and outdoors, is a cost-effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product with thermal conductivity of 0,03 W/m Celsius, proven to reduce energy costs by up to 42% and labour costs by 70%. Moreover, this excellent quality product provides insulation lasting from 10 to 30 years, depending on the application. Bronya’s product line also includes a thermal waterproof, fire-retardant and anti-corrosion liquid Thermal paint coating

   A big solution for farmers and gardeners to reduce global warming that also has huge benefits for the environment is Cover Cropping & Regenerative Farming. (  )