Many are not aware that mercury the only stable form of mercury at room temperature is as a gas, and that when mixed with metals(amalgam) is subject to both vaporization and galvanic/EMF induced currents that pump mercury into the oral cavity at high levels, then is carried throughout the body to the major organs and hormone glands, etc. (

Dental amalgam has been documented to commonly cause oral problems of many types including gingivitis, oral lichen planus, burning mouth, oral cancer, etc. (

But when Barbara Koenig's doctor chose to treat her oral discomfort with diathermy heat, they didn't realize that the heat would cause high mercury vapor loss and also result in the fillings pumping high levels of mercury, etc. into her oral cavity. She became aware that her mouth gradually felt very warm, with the feeling reaching the state of feeling like she had a “blowtorch in her mouth”. By the time the device was shut off, she had suffered acute mercury poisoning and had large volumes of toxic metals deposited in her oral cavity, called “amalgam tattoos”. She said that she had so much mercury released that over a considerable period of time it was “bubbling up in her saliva” virtually continuously. She suffered immediate major health problems, that grew over time until they reached partial paralysis as well as having throat and stomach/digestive problems and a constant intense pain, diagnosed by Mayo Clinic as being permanent damage to her trigeminal nerve, caused by the use of Diathermy in an area with dental amalgam. She also consulted the FDA, who agreed with the Mayo Clinic findings and listed oral diathermy as contraindicated in an area with amalgam fillings in the Diathermy use manual.

But the FDA does not appear to have gone far enough, since many electrical and heat devices, including sauna, electric tooth brushes, dental tooth cleaning and polishing equipment, hair dryers, and other appliances that have EMF are documented to cause significant increases in vaporization of mercury from dental amalgam. Due to all of these reasons, people get very high exposures of mercury from dental fillings, with thousands of medical lab tests and Government agency confirmation that amalgam is the largest source of mercury in most people with amalgam fillings or metal crowns over amalgam. ( ) Due to the high exposures and the highly toxic forms of mercury resulting from dental amalgam(mercury vapor and methyl mercury converted by oral bacteria), there is medical documentation of the mechanisms by which mercury from amalgam commonly causes over 30 chronic health conditions (