Vitamin C Treatment of Chronic Conditions Index Page


Coronavirus - High Dose Vitamin C acts as viral drug - effective in treating, usually with adjuncts


CV ----- VitD & vitC in treating coronavirus


Adequate  Vitamin D Cuts SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rate by Half , and Reduces Hospitalizations and Deaths Significantly -  Review of clinical studies


Chronic Conditions - High Dose Vit C-- Oral, Liposomal, and IV-

Effective Treatments for Cardiovascular, Immune Conditions, Neurodegenerative Conditions, Bone Conditions, etc.


High Dose Vit C Effective for Treating Many Types of Chronic Conditions - documentation


Cancer - Direct Effect Treatment or as Effective Adjunct Treatment


Vit C -Brain Health - Adequate Vitamin C is essential to Brain Health and Preventing & Alleviating Chronic Neurological Conditions