FDA Amalgam Docket(03N-0169) Review Page

DAMS, Inc. submitted over 2000 peer-reviewed studies to the FDA Amalgam Review Panel for their reviewwhich document common high levels of mercury exposure from dental amalgam and the mechanisms by which mercury(from amalgam) causes over 30 chronic health conditions. The Submission also includes peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies documenting thousands of cases of recovery from all of these conditions after proper amalgam replacement and detoxification

DAMS has also completed a review of the 14 pages of articles submitted by the American Dental Association(ADA), and concluded that on balance the science in each of the 2 sets of submissions overwhelmingly support the case for warnings and limits on amalgam use, and phasing out of amalgam use in dentistry- as mercury is being phased out in all other uses. The use in amalgam appears to be adversely affecting more people than any other commercial product use of mercuryas well as having huge impacts on the environment, fish, and wildlife. 

A summary of all submissions to the FDA docket is available at: 


A listing of all submissions to the FDA docket is available at: http://www.myflcv.com/fdarevl.html

DAMS has also reviewed 2 other well publicized articles submitted to the Docket, one a review article by Clarkson, Myers, Magos published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the other a study of children eating large amounts of fish in the Seychelles Islands. These poorly done studies apparently were given special consideration by the FDA/LSRO panel. The articles were found to have numerous inaccurate assumptions and inaccurate statements, not supported by the majority of peer-reviewed evidence on the topics covered.