IndexVax- Documentation of Harm Caused by Vaccines & That Unvaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated Children


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Vaxalum____Adverse Health Effects of Aluminum in Vaccines

VaxHarm___(Documentation of Serious Harm from Vaccines, Questionable history of vaccine benefit claims, Corruption or Special Interest Connections of Federal Agencies, and that Unvaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated Children)

 VaxHarmF___same as above

CVaxHarm___Documentation of Serious Harm from CV Vaccines

CVC________Some countries chose to use past successful test and treatment methods to control CV

VaxHg_______Adverse Health Effects of Mercury in Vaccines- Autism, Disability, Mood & Behavioral, etc.

VaxInfla______Mood and Neurological Effects of Vaccines

Vaxrisk_______Documentation that Risk from Vaccines is usually more than potential benefits

VaxDang______non-mercury toxicity and effects of vaccines

VaxUnvax_____Documentation that unvaccinated children are more healthy than vaccinated children

VirusVax______(Index to Documentation on Coronavirus origins, effective risk reduction and treatment methods for CV, and comparison of success of options for treatment)