The Economy was M uch B etter under Obama /Biden & D ems than under Trump and the Economy under Trump had serious problems- even before the President’s virus response failure made everything much worse-

( Under Obama/Biden : better economic growth, better stock market growth, more job growth, 7 straight years of growth after reversing major recession, lower annual debt, lower gap between rich & poor, -- U nder Trump : the top 1% earn ed n e arly twice as much as the bottom 50%,  retail store closings increased to 9300 in 2019–a 320% increase over the last year under Obama ( 2016 ) , farm bankruptcies increased by 24% in 2019 with record farm debt of $416 billion)


The Disastrous Trump Farm Policy Adding to Farm Debt & National Debt & Depressing Rural Economy

A report from the American  Farm  Bureau Federation in Nov 2019 sa id the number of  farms  filing for  bankruptcy  is up 24% from the previous year. It's the steepest rise the  farming  industry has seen in years, and the total  farm  debt for 2019 is expected to hit $416 billion, a record high. In addition, nearly 40% of that income –some $33 billion in total -- is related to trade assistance, disaster assistance, the farm bill and insurance indemnities and has yet to be fully received by farmers and ranchers. This is increasing the already huge Trump deficits and National Debt.  Millions of farm family members were harmed, along with farm-related businesses, rural hospitals, clinics, etc. – Now with the CV response failure, it will be much worse .

The rural economy is in serious decline (2019) with many problems in many areas-closing hospitals & clinics, struggling schools, more alcohol & drug problems. Saddled with near-record debt, unpredictable climate change and a trade war, Midwest farmers find themselves in a pressure cooker- isolated, and with limited access to mental-health care, large numbers are dying by suicide.

Seeds of Despair ;

Farm debt and bankruptcies were rising before the president’s response failure to the coronavirus pandemic made things even worse . What we had seen is over the last 12 months ending March 2020 is Chapter 12 bankruptcies in the United States were up 23 percent.   Farmers are going to face struggles with high unemployment, loss of off-farm income due to the virus , and with farm debt already at a record $425 billion, that could increase farm loan delinquencies even more.

Rural/Farm Issues-

Already struggling rural hospitals face horrifying future in coronavirus epidemic


Trump’s repeated claims of “best economy ever” before virus is a misleading “lie”. He is basing his claim on looking only at unemployment at end of 10 years of job growth- most of the job growth under Obama/Biden; and most of improvement in unemployment rate was under Obama/Biden (all ethnic groups)- but lower unemployment does not mean the economy was “better”. All aspects of economic growth were better under Obama/Biden, with huge problems under Trump: deficits, debt, bankruptcies, depressed rural economy, record transfers of wealth from Middle Class to top 5%, record gap between rich & poor. The Economy clearly much better under Obama/Biden than under Trump.

Obama’s Last Three Years Of Job Growth All Beat Trump’s Best Year

Trump Economy Far from being the Best E conomy E ver - economic growth clearly better under Obama/Biden & “unemployment lower under Trump” only due to continued but slower job growth under Trump tied to end of Obama term.

Increased Gap in Wealth Distribution between Rich & Poor under Trump Admin.

The gap between the rich and the poor in the US has widened to a record high, and it mirrors the growth of 'dynastic wealth' . U.S. Census Bureau, Sept 2019.

In 2019 Income inequality in U.S. is at a five-decade high, Census ...

Trump’s Deficits Are Racing Past Obama’s – which were declining after soaring during Great Recession he inherited from Bush.

Fact Checking Trump’s 2020 State of Union Speech -

Trump lied about the comparison of Economy under Obama  vs Trump (which is why Pelosi shredded the speech copy) - as seen here the Economy was much better under Obama /Biden than Trump- all kinds of growth including jobs; & also more job growth & balance budget under Clinton; huge debt under Trump & majority of economist predict major recession & economic problems within 1.5 years-likely sooner; under Trump increase in gap between rich & poor; top 1% have 1.5 times as much wealth as bottom 50%, most of benefits & gains to the wealthiest people & big corporations.


Unions  Were the Biggest Factor in Creating the large middle class in the U.S. and improving working conditions-

Unions aren't perfect, but they were the biggest factor in creating the large middle class in the U.S . and improving working conditions and health conditions and health insurance coverage of workers  - offsetting the huge power of big corporations and power hungry multibillionaires, which is again a huge problem under the Trump Admin. with the support of your opponent . Republicans have demonized Unions like they've demonized social democracy, medicare for all, etc. There has been an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the middle class to the ultrarich under this Admin.   


Trump Economy  was Bad   before the virus problem   & Income and Wealth Inequality getting much worse                       

Under Trump, a t least half of workers live d paycheck to paycheck , 44% of Americans skip ed medically necessary prescriptions because of the cost , 500,000 Americans we re homeless .


The number of super-rich growing : another 31,000 people join the ultra-wealthy elite

Ranks of those worth over $30m swell to 513,000 despite globalgrowth slowdown

Rural Economy Depressed and Struggling : Seeds of Despair 

Saddled with near-record debt, unpredictable climate change and a trade war, Midwest farmers find themselves in a pressure cooker- isolated, and with limited access to mental-health care, large numbers are dying by suicide. Deaths from alcohol, drugs,& suicide among white adults were increasing.

Rural/Farm Issues-





'Promises kept'? just another lie . Here are five pocketbook pledges Trump broke.

Candidate Trump's promises included universal health care, tax hikes for the rich, infrastructure spending and six weeks paid leave for all moms. President Trump hasn't delivered. Along with a Wall paid for by Mexico.